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Information Services Department

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PowerPoint is one of the easiest and most powerful
 Create a presentation based presentation programs available. With PowerPoint, you
on a design template can quickly create a basic presentation. In this lesson,
 Create and modify drawn that’s what you’ll do.
objects on slides You have some information you want to deliver. Why
 Create charts, tables, and take the time to create a PowerPoint presentation? If
graphs for your PowerPoint your information is important enough that you want to
presentation deliver it, then it’s important enough that you want your
 Apply formatting to text audience to remember it. Using a PowerPoint
slides in a presentation
presentation can help ensure that your audience will be
 Prepare a presentation for
fully engaged in your presentation and more likely to

Ge tting Hel p
It is not expected that you will remember everything
from this workshop. If you need further assistance using Save
Microsoft PowerPoint™ please remember to use your
Schooldude for your technology requests. Please work
remember to use the following link:
If you do not have access to the internet you may call
the Helpdesk Voicemail at extension 1956 and someone
Pre sent ati on De sig n Tip s

Design Element Design Guidelines

Text Limit text to approximately six lines with six
words per line.
Font Size Use 44-point font size for titles
Use 32-point font size for text
Use 28-point font size for subtext
Don’t use a font size smaller than 18 points
Font Type Limit your presentation to less than three
font types per slide
Background For on-screen presentations, use dark
backgrounds with contrasting text
Templates Use simple templates and limit the number of
lines, texture, and other effects
Use clip art or graphics to enhance the
Text slides Avoid using more than three text slides in a
Use tables or charts instead of text when
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REVISED 2/9/2008
Information Services Department

REVISED 2/9/2008