Analysis of Ascorbic Acid by DCPIP Titration

(from Richard Walding)

Another method that has been trialled extensively appears in “The Laboratory - A Science Reference and Preparation Manual for Schools” by Barbara Dungey – available from Southern Biological: This is an adaptation. Extraction solution (stabilising agent): Mix 15 g phosphoric acid, 40 mL glacial acetic acid and 200mL distilled water. Make up to 500mL. Standard ascorbic acid solution: Weigh accurately 0.100 g ascorbic acid and add to in 90mL of the extraction solution. Shake to dissolve and make up to 100mL in a volumetric flask with distilled water. Calculate the concentration of ascorbic acid. Sample calculation: mass of ascorbic acid = 0.100 g C (ascorbic acid) = m/M/V = 0.100/176.12/0.100 = 0.00567 M Indophenol solution: Dissolve 0.04 g of sodium hydrogen carbonate in 200 mL of distilled water, add 0.05 g DCPIP and dissolve with shaking. This is very hard to dissolve. Leave overnight and check for undissolved powder before continuing. Decant into storage bottle (filter if necessary). Calculate the approximate concentration of DCPIP. Sample calculation: mass DCPIP = 0.050 g Approximate C (DCPIP) = 0.050/268.1/0.200 = 0.000932 M. Standardising DCPIP: Pipette 2.00 mL standard ascorbic acid solution in to a conical flask and add approximately 50 mL of extraction solution. This solution contains 0.001 g ascorbic acid. Place DCPIP in burette. Slowly add the DCPIP until solution is pink. Swirl but do not shake and continue adding drop by drop until solution just remains blue. Calculate the exact concentration of DCPIP Sample calculation: Titre of DCPIP = 7.25 mL CV (ascorbic) 0.00567 x 1.00 C (DCPIP) = CV (DCPIP) = C x 7.25 = 0.000782 M

Note 1: In field work, a chemist may not use these equations. They would have found that 0.001 g ascorbic acid is equivalent to 7.25 mL of DCPIP solution. When a fruit juice sample, for example, is titrated with DCPIP the titre of DCPIP (in mL) gives the mass of ascorbic acid in the sample. For example, if the titre was 8.55 mL DCPIP, then the amount of ascorbic acid in the sample would be (0.100/7.25) x 8.55 = 0.118 g. Note 2: You can get DCPIP in tablet form equivalent to 1mg and this eliminates the need to standardise. Suggested by Karen Marchant Home Hill State High School, Queensland

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