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Mercury Sign House Aspect

Mercury Sign House Aspect

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Published by: Monica Roua on Jun 07, 2013
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(Robert Pelletier)

The conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter shows that you have excellent reasoning
ability and the enthusiasm to remain interested in whatever gains your attention. You
have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and your mind is a treasure chest of
information. Communication is your greatest talent, and you express your opinions
positively. Because you insist on always finding out the truth, you are sure of yourself
and of what you know. You develop your creative ideas cleverly and with
extraordinary ingenuity. You have much inspiration to draw on as you exploit your
creative potentials.

Early in life, you began asking questions and would not be silenced until you had the
answers. This curiosity has continued and will be active as long as you live. Each
answer you get opens broad vistas of still more unanswered questions. Suffice it to
say that your whole life is a process of learning about everything, old and new. You
are flexible enough to revise your thinking when new evidence suggests that you
should. Although you study the past for whatever knowledge can be gained from it,

your primary interest lies in the future.

Your incredible mental capacity can be appled to such fields as education,
philosophy, history (modern and ancient), public relations requiring direct
communication with people, writing (journalistic and independent), and travel.
Eventually, you will be recognized as an authority in your field and respected for your
contributions to society.

You must understand the necessity of getting a higher education, if you don't already
have it. Education will enable you to make a real contribution; the world will be
poorer if deprived of your enormous creative potential.

You may experience some difficulty in focusing on one subject to the exclusion of all
others, but don't be too alarmed at this. With self-discipline you can take up several
interests at once and pay exclusive attention to any one of them when you choose.
Such unique abilities give you the potential for greatness.

You may have some nervous ailment that will require you to detach yourself from
your ambitions while you recuperate. Rest is extremely important to you, and this
cannot be overemphasized.

(Karen Hamaker-Zondag)

The way of talking and communicating (Mercury) is usually rendered jovial, warm
and cordial by a conjunction with Jupiter - but often long-winded, too. We pass on
information with enthusiasm and optimism, but make no bones about expressing our
own views on it. By and large, we make a favorable impression, so the aspect helps
social life.

In the conjunction, Jupiter as the planet of expansion has every opportunity to be
expansive. In each of its aspects with Mercury, it broadens the thinking and the
faculties of assimilation and imagination; in the case of the conjunction, this carries
the risk that we shall read into things more than they contain. Our fantasies can
deceive us or, what is more likely, can lead us to exaggerate, and to paint much too
rosy a picture of the future whenever we lay plans. What is more, we may rather
enjoy telling tall tales.

Jupiter also has to do with vision and judgement-forming. When it is conjunct
Mercury, this can make thought and speech fairly opinionated - can make us
something of a wiseacre or moralizer.

The need to broaden horizons may express itself literally in travel or metaphorically
in study or mental improvement. Often, however, we may simply be satisfied by
understanding something; preferably in connection with other things. Our ideas are
broadly based but our thinking is a bit slapdash.

The placement is a favorable one for learning ability and powers of assimilation. We
need to curb the tendency to be opinionated, but often display great tolerance and
friendliness in both contacts and mental approach.

(Betty Lundsted)

If the Jupiter placement is the bridge to higher consciousness, and if Mercury is the
messenger of the gods, once this person gets past the overindulgence in words, he
will be able to indulge sensibly in ideas. He relates to words and ideas, and he enjoys
communicating. The kinds of ideas he's involved with are indicated by the sign

involved in the conjunction. If the energy is not being used well, this may indicate a
person who talks profusely.

(Charles Carter)

This is a powerful position, and one that usually causes the native to be considerably
above the average of intelligence. Yet I have found it difficult to collect examples of
it. perhaps because the people whose nativities are published, who are for the most
part either famous or notorious, are unlikely to have this conjunction, for, like the
harmonious aspects, it often leads to a quiet and uneventful life - perhaps that of a
'learned recluse'. Probably the native is more original and investigatory than those
with the good aspects usually are. There is the same good-nature and kindliness, and
often there is a definite propensity to philanthropic pursuits.

It brings success of a quiet kind, in all matters coming under the planets, such as
religion, law, literature, art, or music. It is said sometimes to be conceited, and not
infrequently there is a spice of self-will and stubbornness. It is not favourable for
exact thought or patient, detailed work, unless Saturn is also strong.

Mercury trine Jupiter (Robert Pelletier)

Mercury trine Jupiter shows that you have a high level of comprehension, and your
inspiration actively provides you with ideas for fulfilling your creative potentials. You
have an optimistic and fresh outlook on life, and an explicit belief in your capacity to
succeed. You are already a veritable encyclopaedia of information, and merely need
some direction for applying it. You are indulgent and sometimes pompous about your
knowledge, but you will be criticized if you do nothing with it. There is so much you
can accomplish with a minimum of effort that it would be sad indeed if you did not
distinguish yourself in some achievement.

Education is especially suited to your talents; but journalism, foreign
correspondence, law, or counselling young people and children, are all avenues
through which your creative abilities could be expressed. In any of these fields of
endeavor, you would rise to prominence quickly. You learn rapidly and retain what
you learn, so you would be a valuable asset to any company that hires you.

You are a person of integrity, with high standards of behavior. Because of this, you
can win the esteem of persons in high places, who could safely delegate you to
represent them. You would handle the opportunity well, for your manners are good,
and you can fit in easily with any level of society. Your polish and sophistication do
not alienate you from the average person because you never lose the 'common touch'.
You are probably sought after to grace important local and state functions, and you
are on a first-name basis with important political personalities.

Your breezy manner endears you to a wide circle of friends. You are tolerant of other
people's weak moments, knowing that times will eventually straighten things out. You
stimulate the best in people, and they are impressed with your kind and affable

You are an enjoyable partner to the one you love because you have a good sense of
humour and enjoy a variety of interests. Life is never boring when you are around,
and everyone who knows you delights in your company. Children love you and are
comfortable with you, for they know that you don't expect them to behave as adults.
You are like a big brother or sister to them.

This combination of planets does not have any negative physical effects. Your general

feeling of well-being comes from being optimistic and not allowing problems to fester
in your imagination.

Mercury sextile Jupiter (Robert Pelletier)

Your Mercury sextile to Jupiter indicates that your mind is never at rest. You have a
limitless thirst for knowledge and an awesome capacity to accumulate
information. But you aren't satisfied with simply being informed; applying your
knowledge constructively is as important to you as acquiring it in the first place. You
have excellent reasoning ability and keen judgement. Because of your masterful
commnad of language, you can speak and write convincingly. Truth is very important
to you, and you will challenge anyone who makes a suspicious-sounding statement.
Leaving nothing to chance, you will persist until you discover whether the statements
is correct. It truly bothers you when public speakers make irresponsible remarks on a
subject about which they are totally misinformed.

Knowledge can be a weapon in the wrong hands, and you are quick to respond when
you observe it being used to gain control of people's minds. Temperamentally unable
to stand such abuse, you will challenge the right of anyone to take such liberties with
the public.

Education, public speaking, public relations, journalism, and writing novels with
historical and timely themes - these are some ways you could use your creative
resources and inspiration. Even in fields not mentioned above, you could succeed if
the essential function were communication of classical knowledge or current
information for practical application.

Your desire for knowledge and search for truth will never end. As a teacher, you
would inspire your students to seek the heights of their own development.

Travel would be especially broadening for you, for it would help you to understand
the differences among national and ethnic origins. You could translate your reactions
into a thoughtful essay that would be illuminating to the reader.

While you may not be a fervent member of any organized religious organization, you
recognize the importance of believing in something. You allow everyone the liberty of
his own beliefs, and you certainly would not try to force your ideology on others.

Mercury trine or sextile Jupiter (Karen Hamaker-Zondag)

Jupiter and Mercury in harmonious aspect widen the interests just as much as they
do when conjunct, and make us just as cordial, jovial and enthusiastic when talking to
others. With these aspects, we often strike others as being very likeable. What is
more, we have a very encouraging style of speaking, because we habitually look on
the bright side. With these aspects, we like to be well-informed and to make a
synthesis of all the facts and figures we collect. Arriving at a coherent view of things
is very important. But, as in all of Jupiter's aspects, there is a measure of self-conceit.

We are naturally rather pedantic, and can become outstanding teachers who are able
to impart knowledge with enthusiasm and authority; in everday intercourse this is not
always appreciated, however. Through the lack of resistance from the environment
(characteristic of the harmonious aspects) we have less feedback about when we are
going too far, and so, not knowing when to hold ourselves in check, we run the risk of
appearing unpleasantly cocksure. On the other hand, we can give way generously if
need be. That is to say, we are prepared to show tolerance and understanding.

Whatever widens the mental horizons is found here in all its forms: study, travel,
multifarious interests - an eye on the future. But because we assimilate facts so
effortlessly and because the harmonious aspects are not as energy-packed as they
might be, we may be lazy or take things easy because they are going so well.
Therefore the full potential of these aspects is not always realized, even though they
are very promising.

Mercury trine Jupiter (Betty Lundsted)

This aspect bestows natural talents. THe childhood environment of this person is
open, progressive, and supportive of him as far as relating is concerned. He feels
encouraged by his parents; his mind develops. This person is willing to share
knowledge with others. As an adult, sharing thoughts in a relationship will be
relatively easy. He enjoys communication and listening to the other person. The most
profitable kinds of communication can be diagnosed from the houses and signs
involved in the trine.

Because the trine is considered an easy aspect, it may not be noticed since we tend to
give more attention to those aspects with which we are forced to struggle. The aspect
can be wasted on prolific conversations, procrastination, etc..

Mercury sextile Jupiter (Betty Lundsted)

This indicates a person who is well-born, for the communication in his childhood
environment is positive and uplifting. The ability to relate through the power of
words (the various media, writing, film) grows with the years and with proper
training. A sextile indicates talent that must be developed. This individual has the
capacity for being open; he can expand his consciousness using the energy of the
sign qualities involved in the aspect.
Mercury square Jupiter (Robert Pelletier)

The square from Mercury to Jupiter shows that there is some discrepancy between
your beliefs and the truth. You are eager and enthusiastic to know as much as
possible, but you lose interest before you have acquired all the necessary information
for practical use. You are impulsive in judgement, and your decisions are often based
on insufficient information. You always want to find the easy way out of a dilemma,
never wanting to accept responsibility for your actions. The greatest obstacle
between you and success is that you expect to start at the top. You lack the self-
discipline to apply yourself to your goals and to plan each step along the way.
Although you visualize yourself as an informed person at the height of
accomplishment, when it is time to plan for that goal you become lazy and sluggish.
You've always asked questions in your quest to become a knowledgeable person, but
if you don't like the answers, you alter them to suit yourself. You could be called a
pathological liar becuse you don't realize how you have distorted the facts.

Your intentions are not bad; you are only misinformed and lacking incentive. You are
sloppy in managing your affairs and unforgivably naive in your dealings with people.
You have very little sales resistance, which makes you easy prey for the wily

Getting an education is your highest priority, and it is your only chance to avoid a
lusterless life with endless detours that lead nowhere. When you are trained, you can
achieve success in public relations, education, travel, or even writing. Education will
help sharpen your judgement and teach you to plan your climb to achievement. You
have no other alternative available. However, it might be advisable to postpone your
education until you've had an opportunity to feel the abrasive competition of the open

market. It might prove to be the most constructive lesson you ever receive, and could
convince you that without training you belong to the masses who have no advantages.

You are likely to suffer from nervous disorders caused by mental anxieties over your
life direction and the pain of competition. Frequent rest and avocational pursuits are
recommended. You cannot be forced to change your attitude, but it is hoped that you
will, for your own benefit.

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