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Mercury Sign House Aspect

Mercury Sign House Aspect

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Published by: Monica Roua on Jun 07, 2013
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Mercury square Saturn (Robert Pelletier)

The square from Mercury to Saturn indicates that your early conditioning has
inhibited you from using your imagination in exploiting your potentials. Somewhat
traditional in your thinking, you find it difficult to stay in the mainstream of current
ideas or develop new ideas. You may be narrow-minded in your opinions because you
fear change and the insecurity it represents to you.

In school, you were slow to learn because it required so much effort. You felt you
were bting punished because you were expected to maintain your grades. It's not that
you are incapable, but rather indolent and mentally lazy. When you don't succeed
with a minimum of effort, you quickly become depressed. The result is a lack of

enthusiasm in developing your creative potentials. Your conservative attitude is a
liability, because today's society demands personal assertion in order to succeed.
Your fear of competition means you cannot prove to yourself that you are capable of
meeting challenges. Unless you adjust your thinking to the rapid changes taking
place in the world, you will greatly limit your progress.

Once you get over feeling negative about everything, you can make plans to see that
your ideas are acted on. This planetary combination gives many advantages. Instead
of fear, have courage to accept the obvious. Replace negative thinking with plans
which allow you to face your obligations with optimism. Look to the past, of which
you are so fond, for the lessons you need to adequately cope with problems of the
present and future. You don't really have any alternative if you want to achieve your
objectives in life.

You could achieve success in education, science, politics, conservation of natural
resources, government science, industrial management, or architecture. As you can
see, some of these fields, especially science amd education, require that you be
willing to accept change. You need only the determination to succeed and the ability
to capitalize on your creative potentials in order to rise to prominence in any of these

Be careful not to sign legal documents without reading the fine print, and avail
yourself of legal counsel. You can be vindictive if someone tries to take advantage of
you. In your job, you are resentful of authority and complain bitterly when someone
else gets the promotion you feel you deserve. You must demonstrate your superiority
in order to attract attention. You may just have to try harder than others to succeed
or gain recognition.

Try to look at the bright side of life and admit that, if you are having difficulty,
perhaps you haven't made as much of a contribution as you could have.

Mercury opposition Saturn (Robert Pelletier)

The opposition from Mercury to Saturn shows that you are strongly opinionated and
defensive. You have considerable intellectual ability and can accomplish any goal you
set for yourself. You may be inclined to bend the truth in order to get your way with
people, but people are more discerning than you realize and often are aware of your
deceptions. In this way you will lose friends, which can make you depressed when
you are alone. An isolationist to begin with, you alienate your few associates with
your criticism and scheming. All this adds up to the fact that you must learn to mind
your own business and have respect for the privacy of others. Don't assume that
other people think a certain way and then complain because they don't think that

Your professional life will be strained unless you can become engrossed in your own
affairs and forget what the competition is doing. Becoming skilled and competent in
your job will give you the security you need. Some professions to which you can
certainly make a significant contribution are: architecture, drafting, science,
research, education, politics, government service, conservation of natural resources,
and accounting. Many of these are challenging occupations that should command all
of your attention and make sufficient demands on your talents. If you apply yourself,
you will gain the recognition you deserve as a specialist and expert in your field.
Then you will have no fear that anyone can upstage you or exploit your knowledge for
their benefit. Don't isolate yourself so much that you don't see other opportunities
that may come your way. Stop looking for recognition from your colleagues - your
effectiveness should be all the proof you need of your own worth.

If you can occupy yourself with your own affairs, you will not be angered when
associates are promoted. You must understand that when you've proved yourself, you
too will be considered for promotion.

You should maintain high moral and ethical standards to eliminate possible attacks
on your reputation, which could seriously damage your prospects for growth and
prosperity. This kind of recognition you can do without.

Always read contracts carefully, or, better still, get the advice of counsel. You can
easily miss an important detail that may have serious repercussions later. Don't say
yes when you mean no just because your schemes will be more successful if you
agree. In general, if you keep all your affairs in order, you will reduce the chances of
having troublesome complications that only divert you from your objectives.

Mercury square or opposition Saturn (Karen Hamaker-Zondag)

The tense aspects between these two planets give a fairly gloomy cast to the mind.
When we start considering anything (mercury), we come into conflict with the need
to qualify, limit and define. In the worst case, this can mean narrow-mindedness, and
mistrust of everything we meet. But there are other possibilities. Anxiety, caution,
careful verification and even timidity are almost bound to play a part in ordinary
contacts and also in our thinking. Once thing is certain: we are never going to rush
things. We are serious, prudent, calm and collected, and will often reflect on what
others say - not to be guided by it, but in order to work out what lies behind it. We
want to know every detail so that we do not have to reveal how uncertain we are over
relationships and contacts. Others do not find us easy to get on with. We are not
spontaneous but rather inhibited and, sometimes by way of overcompensation,
argumentative and domineering in our talk. Sometimes we seem like an immovable
block of concrete and seem determined to look on the dark side of everything.

Although these two planets are at cross-purposes here, the confrontations they cause
can be instructive to us. The energy of the square or opposition helps us to come to
terms with them, and, even though the aspects are hard, we can develop many
valuable characteristics associated with the combination of Mercury and Saturn:
willingness to work hard, a serious and studious nature, practicality, economy,
sobriety, and good powers of concentration.

Mercury square Saturn (Betty Lundsted)

This aspect is similar to the conjunction, but with the square the quality of
excessiveness is added. The psychological influence of the father (Saturn) impedes
the abilty to communicate and, therefore, produces adults who find words difficult.
They have problems communicating what they want to those around them. During
childhood, somehow the father created some block or fear that the child responded
to. It brings apprehension regarding self-expression. In order to overcome the aspect,
this person will have to work through the block set up years ago because of the
relationship with the father. Once that has been accomplished, this person can teach
himself to communicate in a sturdy and diplomatic manner. Until the aspect is
understood, however, the words may come harshly, or in some authoritarian manner
that seems designed to offend the very people he wants to talk with.

This aspect can restrict relationships, for the core of any relationship is the sharing of
one's thoughts and feelings. Mercury rules the mind, the thoughts, the ability to
express one's thoughts to others, the ability to hear what is being said. When a father
feels that a child should be seen and not heard, he may have no idea of the limitations

to creative expression that he places on the child born with this aspect. He may have
other children whom he raises the same way, but, without this aspect, the other
children will not react in the same manner.

Along with turning this energy into constructive expression, this person will have to
develop a sense of self-worth. If other aspects in the chart also indicate self-worth
problems, he may need to seek therapy in order to transform the energy. Before one
can confront authority figures in life, the inner self has to decide it is worth

Mercury opposition Saturn (Betty Lundsted)

This person is born into an environment where communication is restricted. The
father's influence keeps family members and others from saying what they want;
comunicating is done carefully. The child will be inhibited by attitudes of coldness or
disapproval. Every time he reaches out to talk about how he feels, he is shut off, so
he assumes that people always will reject his communications. The father may have
difficulty handling the child's teething problems, or one of the childhood illnesses
may cause a fretfulness that Dad can't cope with. Perhaps the father can't contend
with the child's 'why' stage. At any rate, the child becomes apprehensive about
speech, so the grammar school years are difficult; he may avoid recitation, answering
questions, or any verbal communication with teachers or authority figures.

As an adult, he may have to learn how to communicate with others; he may have to
teach himself no longer to assume that he will be disapproved of by those in
authority. If a sense of self-worth hasn't been establihed, it becomes even more
difficult to express feelings. His words are uttered harshly; they seem to offend
people. Others feel he is officious, pompous or power-hungry, when in reality he's
merely uncomfortable and unsure of himself.

Some compromise must be made so the planetary energies involved in the opposition
can be expressed. Once the energy is transformed, the aspect indicates a thorough
worker, one who handles details well, one who has a great deal of perseverance.

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