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Ks Class

Math: Unit 8 Fractions and Ratios



MAY 6-10, 2013

Over the past few weeks Ms. Mariana has been working with our class on Internet Safety. Students have created presentations about Internet Safety in Google docs to share with their peers.

Upcoming Assessments
Friday 5/7: Unit 8 Math Test

On Tuesday students will take their Unit 8 Wednesday 5/8: Spelling Test test. Students will review on Monday to Friday 5/10, Poetry Vocabulary Quiz prepare for the test. Please make sure your child completes the review packet. On Wednesday we will begin Unit 9, Coordinates, Area, Volume, and Capacity. In this unit students will practice plotting points May 20-22: MAP Testing 12:12-1:15 on coordinate grids and will be introduced to May 22: Poetry Slam *NEW DATE transformations of figures in a plane. We will May 30: No School review and extend knowledge of area, volume, and capacity as well.

Important Dates

Weekly Words

Poetry Vocabulary: simile, metaphor, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, hyperbole, rhyme, slant rhyme, repetition, imagery, stanza, line break, rhythm Math (Unit 8): area model, discount, horizontal, Quick Common Denominator, unit fraction, unit percent, vertical

Mystery Skype Call On Friday morning we will be participating in a Mystery Skype call with another class somewhere in the world. Students will be asking yes and no questions to the other class to try and figure out where their class is located. The other class will also be asking our class questions. It is a great opportunity for students to apply 21st century skills and use their deductive reasoning skills. Look for updates next week!

Reading and Writing: Poetry

Last week students used EBSCO to research the poet they chose. This week students will work on putting their information into writing. Their paper will be due on Friday. Students also worked in poetry stations to analyze poems, write poems, find examples of poetry vocabulary in poems, and publish their poems to their Weebly sites. This week students will continue in stations to work on their Weebly sites, write poems, and translate poems from their mother tongue to English. When translating the poems between languages students will be looking at word choice and comparing meaning between translations. Students are continuing with the Poetry Race. Leticia and Alicia and are in the lead for reciting poems with accuracy, rate, and expression to the most amount of people. Keep improving your fluency!

Science/Social Studies : Mystery Skype Call

This week we will be preparing for our Mystery Skype Call on Friday. Students will be brainstorming questions, preparing for their roles, and reviewing the procedure. Our call will be on Friday and students need to be prepared so things go smoothly and we use our time efficiently.


On Thursday, May 9th, students in the Brazilian Program will be taking CespeUnB Test first thing in the morning. Please make sure your child is at school on time. Students will be taking the MAP Tests to track their growth this year. Check the dates below for your our class times. Monday, May 20 Reading Tuesday, May 21 Math Wednesday, May 22 Language Please make sure your child is in school on those days as scheduling retakes get complicated.