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Engleski Chicago

Engleski Chicago

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Published by: Mirjana Tomic on Jun 07, 2013
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Slobomir P University

Faculty of Philology

Native Speaking English Class Prof.Elizabeth Miljuš


Ljiljana Nešković

b) Chicago has numerous nicknames. state of Illinois. referring to its numerous skyscrapers (whose steel frame designs were largely pioneered in Chicago).8 million people. d) Chicago earned the title of "City of the Year" in 2008 from GQ for contributions in architecture and literature. described as being husky and brawling. and the "City of Big Shoulders". and the downtown's starring role in the Batman movie The Dark Knight. Find out five things about the city of Chicago.000 fee due him and donated it to the people of Chicago. its world of politics. the city attracted 32.S. . the "Windy City" with reference to Chicago politicians and residents boasting about their city.S. c) In 2007. the third largest city in the United States..5 million people across three states." due to the city generally being the second most prestigious in the nation in terms of culture.Homework 1. e) Picasso sculpture in Chicago. "Second City. 1. and with more than 2. and anchor to the world's 26th largest metropolitan area with over 9.8 million domestic visitors and about 1. entertainment. and finance. Located on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago is the third-most densely populated major city in the U. the best known include: "Chitown". a) Chicago is the largest city in the U.the sculptor refused to be paid the $100.15 million foreign visitors. Illinois .

however. The Pharaonic Period is dated from around 3150 BC. which were constructed at this time as pharaonic burial places. The History of ancient Egypt spans the period from the early predynastic settlements of the northern Nile Valley to the Roman conquest in 30 BC. Three questions from me… 2. The royal capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom was located at Memphis. What country I would like to visit? 3. come here and teach us? b) Have you heard anything special about our country and you would like to visit it. in what sorts of projects are you interested in? 3. until the country fell under Greek rule in 332 BC. The Old Kingdom is perhaps best known.The country I would like to visit is Egypt. for the large number of pyramids. the Old Kingdom is frequently referred to as "the Age of the Pyramids. Egypt's history is split into several different periods according to the dynasty of the ruling of each pharaoh. . For this reason. Saqqara. The Old Kingdom is most commonly regarded as spanning the period of time when Egypt was ruled by the Third Dynasty through to the Sixth Dynasty (2686 BC – 2134 BC). or people you would like to meet? c) What are you planning to do while you are here. when Lower and Upper Egypt became a unified state. who ordered the construction of a pyramid (the Step Pyramid) in Memphis' necropolis. customs you would like to explore.2. where Djoser established his court." The first notable pharaoh of the Old Kingdom was Djoser (2630–2611 BC) of the Third Dynasty. a) What was the main reason for you to leave the grat city of Chicago.

Storms. Re. . The moon was Thoth and Khonsu. such as strong. His counterpart was Ma'at. priests. that enemy would either be afflicted. Bat. one of the pharohs. Ptah. not everyone believes in the same way. using a name could be beneficial. Names in ancient Egypt were very mystic and powerful. Golden mask from the mummy of Tutankhamen. with celestial bodies. Individual kings worshipped their own gods. If you knew a name you had power. as did their names. the sun god. or possibly die. and transcended most of the borders that contained the other gods. aten). the myths changed with the location of the gods. Osiris was an earth god as was Ptah. and Horus. the disk (or. and each was associated with an element. Religion in ancient Egypt was not unlike modern times. took on many forms. In the same respect. It was thought that if you inscribed your enemies' name on something. as did the workers. merchants and peasants. Egypt was no different. depending on which version of the myth was currently in use. The creator of all things was either Re. Likewise. virile or majestic. The actual shape of the sun. Amun. such as air. The heavens were represented by Hathor. Each god had five names. or were a descriptive statement about the god. justice and truth. Aten. then broke it. evil and confusion were Seth. Khnum or Aten. or of the same god.Many books have been written on religion in ancient Egypt. Today. The annual flooding of the Nile was Hapi. who represented balance. was deified into another god.

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