C0NE }0IN 0S F0R A BAY 0F F0N, F00B & N0SIC

All pioceeus will go to suppoit Nusic in 0ui Schools

Wben: Satuiuay, }une 22 12:uu pm to 4:uu pm (iain uate Sunuay }une 2S)

Wbere: South Poitlanu Bigh School Tiack

Wbat is it: uiab youi shoes, anu uo-si-uo; Run the tiack, enjoy the show,
Sing a song oi catch a tune; We'll keep you enteitaineu - all afteinoon.

Tbis is o fun wolk,stroll,run wbile you listen to qreot entertoinment. Tbose wbo prefer to
sit bock, relox, listen onJ enjoy tbe sbow ore olso welcome.

Wbat music: 0pening peifoimance by StonJorJ lssue. Live peifoimances by South Poitlanu stuuents,
The Rat Pack Tiibute gioup, uuns 'n Boses Pipes & Biums of Naine, anu many otheis.

Concessions: Light lunch faie, watei & snacks available foi puichase.

Registration: $2u Inuiviuual walkei¡joggei¡iunnei (incluues 1 t-shiit)
$4u Family Registiation (incluues 2 t-shiits)
$S to listen to the music anu watch the fun. (pay at the gate) 1u & unuei Fiee
A limiteu numbei of shiits will be available the uay of the event foi puichase.

How do I register. Fill out the foim below anu senu it with youi iegistiation fee to:
SPNB Tieasuiei, P0 Box 2SS6, South Poitlanu, NE u4116

Registration forms received by )une 3
will be guaranteed a t-sbirt and tbe first 100 to register
will bave a cbance to win a Bull Moose Cift Card.

Any questions can be emaileu to tieasuieiÇsouthpoitlanumusicboosteis.oig

Name of Participant(s): ___________________________________________________________________

_____$20 single registration (1 t-shirt) _____$40 family registration (2 t-shirts)

Shirt Sizes: #____ S #____M #____L #____XL #____XXL (All shirts are adult men sizes)

0ffice use: Receiveu ______________. Fiist 1uu Y¡N # of shiits _____

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