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“Judo” Kodenkan Danzan Ryu

Joe Holke - Happiness “Kenpo” Kosho Shorei / Escrima

“JuJitsu” Sekeino Ryu Adriano Emperado - Fist
Frank Ordonez - Happiness “Chinese Boxing” Kung Fu
Northern and Southern Sil-lum styles
Also, Ch’uan Fa, and Choy Li Fut
“Karate” Korean Tang Soo Do Clarence Chang - Style
Peter Choo - Long Life

Leaves: Mind, Body, & Spirit Flat on top: Defense before offense
Stem: Prof. Emperado
White: Pureness of the art

Kung Fu
A skill gained
Ch’uan Fa Kung Fu through hard work
Fist Way

Gold Octotgon Ying Yang

8 sides of defense & offense Constant Flowing Motion
Gold color: Richness in the art & Opposites
no one can take it from you

Reeds Red Circle: Blood Line

Internal / External Strength Brother & Sisterhood
Growth in all schools
16 leaves: original schools
c Royer Academy of Kung Fu
Cross at bottom: Stick fighting (Escrima & Arnis)