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Student Teachers Name: Richard Rice Date:2.25.2013 Grade Level 11 Topic/Unit: Section 6.

1: Exponents School: Detroit International Academy District: Detroit Public Schools GLCE/HSCE L2.1.2 Calculate fluently with numerical expressions involving exponents; use the rules of exponents; evaluate numerical expressions involving rational and negative exponents; transition easily between roots and exponents. Objectives Students will be able to: 1. Use properties of exponents to evaluate and simplify expressions involving powers. Learning Resources and Materials Microsoft Powerpoint Large Whiteboard Projector Computer TI-Nspire handhelds Miniature White-boards Development of Lesson Introduction Bellwork: Evaluate the expressions: Sqrt(9) Sqrt(16) Sqrt(25) Now evaluate these expressions: 9^(1/2) 16^(1/2) 25^(1/2) Explain what you notice about the results of the two sections. (i.e. similarities, differences.) What can you conclude about the two notations? Students will then turn-in their bell-work and we will have a discussion about what they wrote and discovered. This will then segue into the lesson located on the PowerPoint. Methods/Procedures Outline of the procedures:

Bell Work Bell Work Discussion Lecture Sequence Guided Practice Group Practice Exit Ticket

~10 Minutes ~ 5 Minutes ~15 Minutes ~10 minutes ~25 minutes ~5 minutes

When students first walk in, they will get a calculator from the calculator cart, a textbook from another cart located in the rear of the room, take out a loose piece of paper, and begin working on the bell work assignment that is located in the front of the room. Once students are done with the bell-work and we have discussed their answers, I will then ask all students to take out their notes and we will begin with a short lecture on exponents and their properties. Within this PowerPoint, there are a variety of different guided practice problems for students to complete. For this guided practice, I will have each of the students complete them on their own. Once the lecture is done, I will have students break into small groups and using miniature white-boards, they will answer a variety of other problems located also in the PowerPoint. For each problem, I will give a set amount of time, one or two minutes, and will circulate around the room checking students work, answering any questions they might have, and making sure they are on task. I will then call the class back to order, show the answer, and answer any additional questions they might have. Accommodations/Adaptations Ms. Brown or Ms. T will be in the room working with students who have special needs. Within the class, there are a variety of special needs including hearing impaired, emotionally impaired, and other impairments that hinder learning. Most work can be done using the TI-Nspire handheld calculator. I want each student to be proficient on the calculator in order for them to be ready for the ACT. Students will be able to use their books, notes, and calculators for any homework or assessment they have. I will be circulating around the room as much as possible throughout practice so that I can answer any questions they may have and provide extra scaffolding. Practice Guided: See Powerpoint entitled 6.1 Laws of Exponents part 2. Independent: Pg. 326 #16-23, 32-39, 48-49 Check for Understanding/Closure EXIT TICKET:

Simplify the following expressions: x^(2)*x^(-5)/x^(-3) x^(3/2)*x^(-5) cuberoot(x^-4)/x^(-4/3) Teacher Reflection

Overall, I believe the lesson went very well. The students seemed to enjoy the activity of breaking into groups and solving problems one-by-one using the whiteboards. were The results from this exit ticket will show me ifminiature students were ableStudents to grasp the engaged throughout the course oflesson. the lesson and seemed to grasp the concepts. The problem came concepts taught within this when I gave students the exit ticket assessment. I realized after I gave the assessment that I had not given them any problems within the lecture that looked like the problems I gave within the exit ticket. There were problems like the problems in the exit ticket located on the final slide of Outcomes/Assessment/Evaluation the PowerPoint slideshow, which we did not get to that class period. I did not take into account that we may not finish the entire slideshow when I created the questions for the exit ticket, therefore believewill the problems I one gave assessment to them were a for little unfair. Once I realized the problems The Exit I Ticket serve as whether students were able to were unfair, I immediately voiced this thought to the class and began to give them a few grasp the information given in todays lecture. Within the exit ticket, therehints are as to what they need to do. Because the exit ticket was a little harder than the problems I had three problems that will show that they understand the concepts within the given them earlier in use the lecture, it did not serve the purpose I originally for the exit ticket, lecture. I will this as a formative assessment to see intended what students are namely an accurate formative assessment. The exit ticket more served as a challenging understanding and I will be able to find the areas I need to go over more the assignment that forced them to think deeper about how to apply the concepts to other problems, following day. I will go over this work the following day, giving feedback and which was a skill they had not necessarily developed yet since it was only the first day of teaching reviewing material from this day. the last slide, the exit ticket may have been able to this section. the If I were able to make it through be used as a beneficial formative assessment where I would be able to see exactly what they As another formative assessment, I will circulate around the room watching understood from the lesson.

students perform the given problems in their small groups and assessing how their If students do not understand the problem well, I will help Threeunderstanding. things that went well: 1) students The group activity went very well because every student in the material and those arrive at the correct answer and try towas fill engaged in any holes that exist in seemed to be able to answer the problems effectively. their understanding. If I find many students do not understand a particular 2) Chunking time by giving a setover amount of problem time for each problem and regaining problem, I will spend time going that with the whole class. their
attention after each problem. I believe this worked well because it kept students engaged in the problems, not giving them much room to begin to socialize if they finished early. 3) The amount of material covered was a good amount I believe because the students did not feel overwhelmed by it and were able to grasp the material that was given. The smaller amount of material allowed me to have a shorter lecture, which left more time for the group practice, which the students seemed to enjoy a lot.

Possible Improvements: - Spend more time figuring out a plan B for the exit ticket in case I do not get through all of the material I intended to get through in a given session. - One of the qualms I encountered was that I was raising my voice a little too much in order to regain the attention of the students after they solved the problem. A possible fix to this issue might be to have a timer with an alarm and set a rule that once the alarm sounds, they are to shift their attention to the front in order to see if they did the problem correctly and so that we can have a discussion as a whole class. - At the end of this lesson, I failed to hand out homework. It might be a good idea to send them home with a few practice problems that night so they would be able to come back to school the next day having worked through those problems and we would have a discussion regarding any questions they might have. It turned out that we did not have school the day after this lesson was taught, so it would have been even more helpful to send them home with practice problems so they would have been able to retain the information a little better.