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Comrisk Hk
Comrisk Hk

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Commodities Trading & Risk Management

by trueventus

25 - 26 July 2013 | Hong Kong
“The growth in commodity demand, market volatility and complexity, and an increase in regulatory and legislative controls have resulted in a need from increasingly correlated markets to deploy a multi-commodity, enterprise platform solution.” - Peter Maier, Senior Vice President of ISM Process Industries, SAP AG INDUSTRY OVERVIEW
Large and sustained commodity price swings are quickly reshaping industries and the businesses that exist within them. In this environment, commodity risk management must be rmly integrated into the strategy of the company and structured under a commodity risk management framework. Fluctuations in commodity prices and currency movements can make it di cult to plan and budget for businesses. Commodity Risk Management o ers businesses protection from the negative impact of uctuating prices. This course provides guidance for companies to better understand the commodity markets and to quantify the impact of commodity risks on earnings in order to improve an organization’s commodity risk management.

Peter Wais is the owner of Wais Consulting. He focuses on international consulting services, training & courses and IT services. He serves sectors like nance, commodities, energy, oil & gas, trading & supply, shipping and industrial procurement. His commodity and risk management background spans some 25 years and he is an international presenter and consultant on all aspects of commodities, market risk, credit risk, operational risk, corporate treasury, best practices, compliance framework, ETRM, CTRM, TRM, software selection and implementation.

This two-day, hands-on workshop provides a solid understanding of major commodity markets with an emphasis on practical risk measurement and management techniques. Multiple examples and business cases are used and you will learn how to build and model spread sheet applications for analysis and management of risks across commodities and nance.

In order to clarify your learning objectives and ensure you get the most out of this training, you will need to complete a Pre-Course Questionnaire stating your knowledge of the subject, level of experience and other relevant issues. The course leader will analyse your form to ensure that the course covers your needs accordingly.

• Understand the economics and function of commodity markets and their trading patterns • Learn how risk management techniques have evolved for commodity trading and commodity procurement • Utilise Excel modeling to cope with risk management issues from a practical view • Network and benchmark with di erent commodity traders and risk professionals

• Credit, Risk and Portfolio Manager • Procurement and Purchasing Manager • Sales Personnel • Commodity Trader • Finance Professionals, Auditors, Controller • Business Analysts • Vendor Account Manager

Typical hedging examples are presented for some industries. Contracts for Difference Session Seven: Organizational structures for commodity trading Best practices are presented for how commodity trading operations should be organized and how commodity trading and risk management processes should be implemented. manage .Netting o Commodity risks .Financial balance sheet .Duration and modified duration .Modeling of stress tests with Excel Session Two: Introduction to physical and paper markets Get familiar with the key factors of the physical markets and its logistical patterns.Hedging examples . Options.Agriculture . hedger. • Definition of risk and exposure .Contango . • Risk metrics calculations with Excel . Swaps. Futures. Option structures.Forward markets . intermediary. • Stress testing and what if analysis .Risk reduction techniques . • Physical markets .Liquidity risk . • Hedging and hedging techniques .com DAY 1 & DAY 2 Session One: Main commodity markets and pricing mechanisms This session provides an overview of the world’s main commodity markets together with an introduction to pricing mechanisms and price economics.Backwardation Session Four: Introduction and computation of value at risk This session provides the foundations to risk metrics calculations and guides participants how to build-up and model Value at Risk calculations with Excel. • Introduction and overview of main commodity markets.Interest rate risk o Credit risks .Supply chain considerations Session Three: Overview of risks and classi cation of risks This session provides an overview of risks and its classi cation together with examples of how they are treated in a trading environment.Metals .Exchanges and OTC trades .Forwards.Defining stress levels . correlation and regression calculations with Excel .Register Now T: +603 2781 1567 F: +603 2781 1505 E: ryanw@trueventus.Portfolio diversi cation . monitor.Re nery Session Four: Risk and exposure calculations In this session you learn how to calculate risks for various asset classes. • Types of risk o Financial risks .and Back-Office .Exchange rate risk .Market participants .Freight • Commodity prices .Energy .g.Parametric VaR . examples and case studies Learn how to hedge e ciently and how to comply with regulations. consumer. e.Spread risks .Spot markets .Best practices • Risk pro le analysis of a rm’s procurement and trading activities . • Organizational framework of risk evaluation and risk measurement .Airline .Outright risks . FAS 133 • Hedging examples and cases studies . All example calculations are done with real price histories and spreadsheet models created during the course.Market price vendors • Commodity economics . .Measure.Global demand and supply patterns • Forward price term structures .Basis risks o Operational risks SessionEight: Hedging of commodity exposures.Regression and correlation analysis with Excel .Volatility.Counterparty risk .Car producer .Front-.Convexity .Historical VaR .Selected examples • Paper markets and instruments .Monte Carlo VaR Session Six: Value at risk continued and analytical framework for stress testing This session extends the “standard” Value at Risk calculations and presents stress testing techniques and scenario analysis with Excel. how to calculate risk ratios and how to compute exposures on corporate level.Organizational prerequisites .Gross and net exposure • Risk ratio calculations with Excel .Gross and net credit risks .Credit risk mitigation techniques .Logistics .Hedge efficiency. Mid. Introduction to paper markets with an overview of basic instruments and their relationship to the physical markets.Producer.Greeks PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 0830 0900 1030 1300 1400 1530 1730 Registration and co ee Morning session begins Morning networking break Networking luncheon A fternoon session begins A fternoon networking break Course concludes 2 . speculator .

3 . Please debit my: Card Number CVC/CVV2 Card Issuing Bank: Cardholders Name Cardholders Signature □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□ Card Issuing Country: Expiry Date Cardholder Email: / / □ VISA □ MasterCard This three-digit CVC/CVV2 number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card’s account number. you the client herby consent to Trueventus to keep your details for the use of future marketing activities carried out by Trueventus and third party organisations & partners. A 100% of cancellation fee will be charged under the terms outlined below: Due to limited event seats. Client hereby agrees that he/she exclusively authorizes Trueventus charged the credit card with detials listed above for the amount provided herein. refreshments and service charge. Trueventus agrees to reserve the seat for the client upon issuance of invoice. alteration. Only delegates that have made full payment will be admitted to event. Full payment must be received prior to the event. Substitution & cancellations policy. Non payment does not constitute cancellation. materials. or any adverse weather conditions. fire flood. 2. The course fee is inclusive of the event proceedings. client agrees that in case of dispute or cancellation of this contract Trueventus will not be able to mitigate its losses for any less than 50% of the total contract value. If a client does not attend the event without written notification at least 5 working days prior to the event date. Upon signing of this contract. When any cancellations are notified in writing to Trueventus 5 working days prior to the event. Name Email Tel Authorising Signature Fax Job Title COURSE FEES USD2395 per delegate □ Hong Kong □ Documentation Package USD 495 All options inclusive of course papers. civil unrest. 4. Trueventus does not provide refunds for cancellations. Trueventus is not liable for any losses or damages as a result of substitution. Should the registered delegate is unable to attend.Commodities Trading & Risk Management by trueventus 25 . 6. By Signing and returning this form. refreshment and lunch.26 July 2013 | Hong Kong COMPANY DETAILS Name Address Postcode Tel Country Fax Industry REGISTER NOW Ryan Wong T: +603 2781 1567 F: +603 2781 1505 E: ryanw@trueventus. luncheon. 2 Name Tel 3 Name Tel 4 Name Tel 5 Name Tel APPROVAL NB: Signatory must be authorised on behalf of contracting organisation. Upon receipt of the complete registration form. but not restricted to strikes. improper. including. All credit card transaction will be charged in PHP. Written notifications of all substitutions is required 5 working days prior to the event. invoice will be issue. war. 8. disputed or in any way. He/she at any time will have no basis to claim that the payments required under this Contract are unauthorized. Upon receiving this signed booking form. Trueventus will at all times seek to ensure that all efforts are made to adhere to meet the advertised package. however we reserve the right to postpone. If force majuere were to occur Trueventus accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused by events beyond their control. BF45 PAYMENT DETAILS Payment is due in 5 working days. Please note that payment with credit card will be done via trueventus online credit card merchant which will appear in the cardholder's statement. cancel or move a venue without penalty or refunds. a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. you are accepting our terms and conditions. a credit voucher will be issued for use in future Trueventus events. he/she will deemed as no show. 7. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form in connection to this event is prohibited without prior written consent by Trueventus. Copyright and Intellectual Property. Trueventus contracts carry 100% full liability upon receipt of registration. Trueventus request that all payments be made within 5 working days of the invoice being issued. postponement or cancellation of speakers and / or topics and / or venue and / or the event dates. this registration form serves as a contract that is valid. 5. 3. binding and enforceable.com ATTENDEE DETAILS 1 Name Tel Job Title Email Job Title Email Job Title Email Job Title Email Job Title Email TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. flight delays.

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