A Student Colloquium Report on Consumer Behavior for Deodorant


The Report is submitted as a partial fulfillment of the requirement program of MBA program of STEVENS BUSINESS SCHOOL, AHMEDABAD.

By working together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary works; they can push things that come in their hands higher up a little further on towards the height of excellence. We have accepted the above statement especially after the completion of our field work that we undertook regarding pens as a part of our curriculum. We are very glad to present our market report that has all efforts knowledge & hard work involved in its completion. We are experiencing some of the problems during our field work, but we individually think that it is very difficult to accommodate such a wide area in one single report & this is a humble effort towards it by us to work on the report using our knowledge.

We are very thankful to all the consumers that gave us the necessary information and help us to fill questionnaire to make this report a complete one. We would like to thank our honorable director Dr. AIM & OBJECTIVE: Our main objective was to focus on the consumer behavior of deodorant among Ahmedabad people in market to check the potential customers and to check brand loyalty among existing users. Thank you to all of them. . Ravi Gor & Academic coordinator Dr.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Field work is very essential for any MBA student during study time. We got good knowledge of consumerǯs behavior at the time of our field work. Himani Joshi & Respectable faculty members for giving knowledge to prepare this report. None of the MBA student can get a glimpse of outer world without field work. First of all we would like to thank STEVENS BUSINESS SCHOOL for allotting us an opportunity for doing field work.

Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Methodology 3 Pricing & range 4. Analysis 5 recommendation 6.refreances . conclusion 7.

and society in general.PREVENT ODOR & REDUCE SWEAT PRODUCED BY PARTS OF THE BODY. personalization. friends.A SUBGROUP OF DEODRANTS ANTIPERSPIRANTS OF . PERFUME= to make you smell nice . . customization and one-to-one marketing. both individually and in groups. and where people do or do not buy products or services. payer and buyer. A greater importance is also placed on consumer retention.dz Difference between deodorant and perfume. with the customer playing the three distinct roles of user. reference groups. sociology. DEODRANT = to keep you from smelling nasty. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process. It blends elements from psychology. social anthropology and economics.INTRODUCTION Consumer Behavior: Consumer behavior is the study of when. customer relationship management. It also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family. Relationship marketing is an influential asset for customer behavior analysis as it has a keen interest in the re-discovery of the true meaning of marketing through the re-affirmation of the importance of the customer or buyer. how. why. DEODRANT: DzDEDODRANTS ARE SUBSTANCE APPLIED TO THE BODY MAINLY TO REDUCE BODY ODOR CAUSED BY THE BACTERIAL GREATDOWN OF PERSPIRATION . Customer behavior study is based on consumer buying behavior. Social functions can be categorized into social choice and welfare functions. It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics and behavioral variables in an attempt to understand people's wants.

Being given by the consumers.GROAD VASTRAPUR MANINAGR . (1) SAMPLE SIZE: 200 (2) SAMPLING FRAMEWORK: BIG MALLS OF AǯBAD.our team members filled the questionnaire themselves as per the information. (3) AREA COVERED: SATELLITE NAVARANGPURA C. A schedule contained a set of questions that were being asked to consumers.Methodology The questionnaire was designed by our team & we want to all consumers individually & got the questionnaire filled .

brands AXE LEE FA NIKE ADIDAS AMWAY REXONA BLUELADY TOMMY Prices (MAX-MIN) 240 to 300 150 to 200 160 to 200 140 to 240 150 to 180 150 to 250 155 to 250 180 100 to 225 .

.Analysis Usage of deodorant Use of Deodorant Yes NO 18% 82%  this pie graph shows 82%people use deodorants & 18%peopleuse perfumes .roll on and other fragrance giving things.

12%more compared to females. .Age gr up Below 15 15-20 21-25 0% 17% 13% 8% 26-30 31-35 36-40 33% 29%  People of age group from 21yrs to 30 yrs prefer deodorant the most. Ge Male er Female 44% 56%  Males prefer deodrant much more approx.

pr fessi Student Employee Business any other 4% 32% 42% 22%  College students like to be more trendy so the majority is much higher compared with other sections of society. .

Purpose: Sales antyperspirant 4% body odor sensitive skin roll on body spray 4% 8% 28% 56%  The people are using deodrants for antiperspirant purpose much more that is more than half compared to other purposes. .

Brand use Male AXE Lee Fa Nike Adidas Amway Tommy Others 3% 10% 12% 8% 12% 15% 38% 2% Males prefer the axe brand compared to other brands because of the effective advertisements .

fa and tommy girl the most as they are mild in fragrance where .Female Fa She Spinz Rexona Amway 1% 17% 28% 3% Tommy Girl Blue lady Others 14% 6% 23% 8% Female prefer blue lady.

wholesale market Others 53% Most of the customer purchase the deodorant from the super market .Place of deodorant Place Pharmacy Shop Super market 2% 22% 23% Retail.

Purchase (Quantity) Purchase patter Single Twin Bulk 8% 18% 74% Consumer prefer the to purchase the single packing than twin or bulk packing because they also purchase deodorant for gift also .

Budget u jet Below 75 76-100 101-125 126-150 1% 11% 23% 13% 1151-175 176 or above 20% 32% Half of the customer purchase the deodorant which has price range of above hundred .

Frequent Use Freque cy Storng Mild Natural Others 13% 20% 24% 43% 43% of the customers use the mild fragrance deodorant .

Fragrance that you like Fra ra ce y u like Odor Packing 5% 10% Price Offers Quantity Other thing 7% 32% 23% 23% Price is most effecting factor that influence the purchase of deodorant .

Advertisement Window posters k 3% wle ge Radio Friends/relative Others Paper media 12% 20% 0% 33% 32% Paper media and window poster are main factors that make awareness to the consumers .V.Knowledge about brand ra T.

Frequency of use Freque cy Weekly Monthly 2% 24% 31% Quarterly Yearly 43% Nearly half of the customers purchase the deodorant monthly .

Conclusion From the survey that we have undertaken. we conclude the following points people tend to use deodorants more than perfume because of the hot climatic culture in india from the ration of the males and females using the deodorants we conclude that male customers are more using the deodorant than the women consumer price is the most affecting factor for the consumer for purchasing the deodorants Indian brands are less active compared to foreign brand in the market .

RECOMMENDATION Now a days foreign brand capture the deodorant market so Indian players should come up with the effective product of the brand Mostly middle class family can not prefer the high price deodorant so it is advisable to every company that provide cheapest product for the customers There are still some customers are brand loyal and they stick to the one brand only price factor doesn¶t influence that purchase so it is advisable the for the company that they should create effective advertise for the perfect brand image .

com MARKETING RESEACH .References www.redifpurchase.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR QUESTIONNAIRE PURCHASING BEHAVIOUR OF DEODORANT Dear Sir/Madam. Age Group: o Below 15 o 15-20 o 21-25 o 26-30 o 31-35 o 36-40 o 41-45 o Above 45 2. are conducting a survey on purchasing behavior of deodorant. What is the frequency that you purchase deodorant? o Weekly Monthly o Quarterly Yearly 5. What is your profession? o Student o Employee o Business o Any other 3. Your cooperation will be highly obliged. We are the students of Stevens Business School. Kindly help us in filling the Questionnaire given below. Name: Gender: Area of residence: _____________________ 1. If ³YES´ 4. Do you use deodorant? Yes__ No__ If NO then End Of questionnaire. Kalol. For what purpose you like to use deodorant? o Antiperspirant agent .

7. From where do you purchase deodorant? o Pharmacy shop o Super market o Retail shop. How do you like to purchase it? o Single pack o Twin pack o Bulk 11. Which type of deodorant do you use? o Domestic Imported If answer is imported go to question number 8. Which fragrance of deodorant you preference? . What is the budget that you can spend on deodorant per unit? (Price in Rupees) o Below 75 o 76-100 o 101-125 o 126-150 o 151-175 o More than 175 12. Which Brand of deodorant do you use? For men For Women o AXE () Fa () o Lee () SHE () o Fa () spinz () o Nike () Rexona () o Adidas () Amway () o Amway () Tommy girl() o Tommy () Blue lady () o Others () Others () 8. Would you like to trade off in your choice of perfume if your regular brand is not available? Yes____ No_____ 9.o Body odor regulator o Sensitive skin o Roll on o Body spray 6. wholesale market o Others 10.

Strong Mild Natural Others 13.V. Which are the features that influence you to purchase deodorant? Rank 1 as Most and 5 as least o Packing o Odor o Price o Quantity o Offers 16. advertisement o Window posters o Paper Media o Radio o Friends / relative o Others. From where do you come to know about the brand that you use? o T. What is the main key feature that you see while purchase deodorant? o Odor o Packing o Price o Offers o Quantity o Other thing 14. hording 15. Any suggestions do you like to give to the deodorant company? o o o o .

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