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Supreme commandor of Indian Armed force?
• President Pratibha Patil

Which country produced first atom bomb?
• USA.

Who invented telephone?
• Graham bell

Minimum age for becoming president of India?
• 35

World red cross day?
• 8 May.

ISRO headquarter?
• Bangalore

Capital of Chhatisgarh
• Raipur

• General agreement of Tariff and Trade?

Chairman of constitution drafting committee?
• B.R. Ambedkar

The heighest nonmilitary award of India
• Bharat Ratna

First cencus of India?
• 1872

Kisan Ghat is for whom?
• Charan Singh’s

First olympic took place in ?
• Athenes in Greece.

Writer of Hamlet?
• Shakespeare

Myamar was separated from India in ?
• 1935

Who discovered radioactivity?
• Madam Curie

BBC stands for ?
• British Broadcasing corporation.

Arjuna Sengupta Panel 2006 was about?
• It gave recommendations on unorganised sector labour.

Who is convenor of National security advisory board?
• M.K. Rasgotra (former foreign secretary).

Who is chairman of national commission on farmers?
• M.S. Swaminathan

What is SIMI?
• Students Islamic Movements of India (it has been declared unlawful in India by Justice B.N. Chaturvedi Tribunal under unlawful activites prevention act 1967

What is rank of India in HDI?
• India has 126th rank in Human Develoment Index developed by United Nations (out of 177 countries) in 2006. the top rank holders are Norway, Iceland, Australia, Ireland and Sweden.

What is the rank of India in Economic Freedom Index?
• 53 rank. • Top ranks are by Hongkong and Singapore.

What is the rank of India in corruption perception Index?
• 88 rank. • The world’s cleanest countries are iceland, Finland, newzealand. • India has a score of 2.9 out of 10 and shares the same rank as Armenia, Benin, Moldova, Tanzania.

What is full form of FMC?
• Forward markets commission

What is the share of India in world exports?
• .9%

Justice Patkak committee is about?
• Iraqi oil for food scam.

Who was founder of Enron?
• Kenneth Lay (he died of heart attack on 5 July 2006) Enron became bankrupt in 2001.

What is JACIK?
• Japan, ASEAN, China, India and Korea (they are forming a free trade agreement).

What is GAS in fashion apparel?
• Grotto S.P.A. (which is also called GAS) is Italian fashion wear company. It is in collaboration with Raymond of India.

What is ZAPP in garments?
• It is the brand relating to children wear – launched by Raymond Ltd.

What is PUMA in fashion wear?
• It is sports wear including shoes making company. It has opened offices in India also – starting from Chennai.

Who have launched these models?
• Verna, Aveo, Pleasure, gallardo, murcielago, civic, cedia, gladiator, blaze, zeus,x-treme, platina,shine.

These comapnyies have launched these models of automibilies
• Hyundai -Verna,chevrolet- Aveo, hero honda -Pleasure, Lamborghini -gallardo, Lamborghini - murcielago, Honda - civic, Lancer - cedia, Yamaha - gladiator, Kinetic -blaze, Suziki zeus,Hero honda- x-treme, Bajaj platina,Honda - shine.

After kolkata and delhi, which other cities will also have Metro trains?
• Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Mumbai. • Kolkata Metro will be expanded soon.

Which is the train on roof – recently started?
• Lhasa to Shimud (China) started in 2006.

When did Gandhi ji used Satyagrah first time?
• 11 Sept. 1906 in South Afrika against registration law.

First movement of Gandhi ji in India?
• Champaran Andolan in 1917 for protecting indigo workers.

Who is CEO of Ford?
• Allen Mulailee

Who is CEO of news corp.
• Rupord Murdoch

Who is CEO of american media co. Viycom
• Philip Doman

Who is chancellor of Germany?
• Angela Merkel (she is also considered world’s most powerful lady as per different surveys)

Who is foreign secretary of USA?
• Condoleezza Rice.

Who is chief of Afghanistan Human Rights Commission?
• Seema Samar

Who is the Deputy Prime Minister of China?
• Wu Yi.

What is RAM and ROM?
• Random Access Memory and Read Only Memory.

What is IMAP?
• Internet Message Access Protocal.

What is LCD?
• Liquid Crystal Display.

What is 1mb?
• 1024 Kilobytes.

What is WAP?
• Wireless application protocal.

What is TFT?

What is FTP?
• File transfer Protocol

What is EDGE?
• Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. (a digital mobile phone technology)

What is AWARE?
• Advertising that is part of softwares is called aware.

Fastest supercomputer in India?
• Kabru (made in India) • Integrity Superdome (imported) • Fastest supercomputer in the world is Blue Gene /L (70.72 teraflops) made by IBM.

What is next to internet?
• Internet 2 – is the project which has been started by 34 US research firms. Internet 2 will offer speed of over 155mbps. (3000 times faster than dial up modem) It will use fibre optics etc.

What is IP telephony?
• Inernet protocol telephony.

When was windows started?
• 1985 by microsoft.

How did internet start?
• It was started by pentagon as ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECT AGENCY in 1969, as ARPANET.

What is TCP/IP?
• Transmission control Protocol internet protocol

What is scintific name of Indian National bird?
• Pavo Cristatus (linnaeus) is the name of Peacock.

What is the scintific name of Indian national animal?
• Panthera Tigris (linnaeus) is the name of Tiger.

When was national song sung for the first time?
• 1896 at INC. • The song is composed in Sanskrit. • National song, written by Bankimchandra Chatterji was translated into English by Aurobindo.

Who is MD of Prudential ICICI?
• Shikha Sharma

Who is chairman of Trent Ltd.
• Simone Tata

Who will set up 12 million tonne greenfield steel plant in Orissa?
• Arcelor-Mittal – LN Mittal group.

What is the share of LN Mittal in Arcelor?
• 49% • 51% is being held by Joseph Kinsch • Mittal will be vice president of this company.

What is administered price?
• The prices which are set by government are called administered price or APM.

What is disinvestment?
• Sale of stake in PSUs by Govt. is called disinvestment.

What is Keynes Model?
• It is based on depression of 1930 and states that govt. should spend money to create employement possiblities.

What is tobin tax?
• It is tax on financial sector – with the help of this tax third world countries can be supported. • It is named after nobel laureate James Tobin (1981) who said that there should be tax on global capital transfers.

What is CRR and SLR?
• • • • Cash reserve ratio And Statutory liquidity ratio (these are fixed by RBI as per monetary policy announced twice in a year – once in April and once in October).

Where is definition of Money bill?
• It is given in article 110 of constituton of India.

What is 100 amendment to constitution?

• It included Bodo, Santhili, Maithili, and Dogri into constititon as official languages in eighth schedule of constitution.

What is 99 amendment to constitution?

• It created Bodo territorial council.

What is 12 schedule about?

• It is about municipal commissions and nagar parishads.

What is Asian Highway Network?
• India along with neighbouring countries have signed an agreement to form this network by 2010 – which will create a network of 1.4 lakh km.

Biggest port of India?
• Mumbai.

River port in India?
• Haldia (kolkatta, west bengal).

Tidal port in India?
• Kandla

Deepest port in India?
• Vishakhapattnam

Oldest port of East Coast (artificial port)?
• Chennai.

First corporated port of India
• Ennore

First fully mechanised port of India?
• Nhava Shewa

Which state has biggest road network in India?
• Maharastra.

How many major ports does India have?
• 12 major ports, 184 other ports on a coast line spread over 5600 Km.

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