Fishbowl Small Group Debriefing :( Let’s talk after class today about setting up a date) 1.

What do you like about the fishbowl? How does the structure work for you? Do they changes we have made continue to be beneficial? 2. Compare the fishbowl to the way we would normally approach a novel, how does this work for you? How doesn’t it work for you? 3. Do you look at the content differently than a normal classroom setting? 4. Has the group/classroom dynamics changed? a. Do you know people differently as a result of this? Examples? b. Hear their opinions? Hear how they think? c. Do you appreciate their points of view? Appreciate them as people differently? Examples. d. Do you think your classmates respect your view/ honor your view as a result of the fishbowl? Maybe more than a typical classroom setting? 5. What would your recommendations be for this being used in other English classes? Or for other classes i.e. History, Science, etc… 6. How well do you think it would work at other grade levels? What would be the cutoff? 7. Would this format have helped you earlier in your high school experience? OTHER: (come with any insight and questions you might have)

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