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LULAC - Virginia Tena - El Paso LULAC

LULAC - Virginia Tena - El Paso LULAC

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Published by: Editor on Jun 09, 2013
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Virginia Tena vbtena@yahoo.

com LULAC – El Paso LULAC Offers Support to Lind, Bea and Joey
Fellow LULACERS, Glad that the issue will soon be resolved in court. Linda, Bea and Joey, please advise if you have to come to El Paso for the hearing. Members of District IV will be glad to attend the hearing with you and support your attendance. Virginia B. Tena, MPA El Paso District IV Director 915.346.6740 cell
-------------Subject: RE: Back to court

Thank you Joey, So well written.
Mary L. Ramos Direct # (281) 639-4346

-----------From: joey_cardenas@hotmail.com Subject: Back to court Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2013 07:08:09 -0500 Friends, Thank you for your continued support in our efforts to restore Texas LULAC as an effective instrument of change and progress for the Latino community; sometimes people forget that this

is not about individuals or who is on what side, it is about the community and its right to selfdetermination, i.e. democracy. Granted, democracy may appear messy at times, but so long as it is the will of the people, then so be it. I do not always agree with what the people may want, but so long as the process was fair and equal opportunities exist for all, I am content with being a conscientious minority within our organization working to bring about change! I would like to remind all of you that at one time we were all united on the same side, working for the same goals, all in the name of the people and for the people, and to this end, we have been met with success. Don't forget that all this started because Texas LULAC had the best interest of the Latino community in mind in the Texas redistricting case with MALDEF; then national through its pawns, accepted rediculous charges against the Texas state director for which he was removed; but they weren't finished there, and national would go on to remove their own appointed state director. And in a move to protect Texas LULAC, the name was incorporated with full support of the Texas board, but national not only sued myself, Mrs. Chavez, and Mrs. Martinez, it sued Texas LULAC itself! In this email you have an attachment which reopens that law-suit which was the grounds for the fiasco that occured in San Antonio last weekend. As I am writing this, I am preparing to go to Houston to testify before a senate committee on redistricting, and I am reminded of a phrase that I often use in the legislature, "only in the courts have we ever found relief". I believe that this statement rings true to our Texas LULAC as well, "only in the courts will we find relief" from this nightmare which is not National LULAC, but rather the people that control it. Please distribute the attachment widely to all concerned persons as proof that Texas LULAC still has leaders, and that the members still have a voice, and that the best years of Texas LULAC are not behind us, but yet to be discovered in a glorious future! -joey cardenas iii

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