Once upon a time, there lived two best friends named Liana and Alexa.

They loved to sing. One day, they found two magical stones. They made necklaces. Then, they said a wish “Best friend today, tomorrow, and always’. Later the day, they met a poor old woman. The girls gave her their lunch. And the old woman gave them an old enchanted mirror. At home, the girls sang. A third voices joined in. It’s coming from the mirror! A girl named Melody trapped inside. Melody tells the story of the Diamond Castle. Three muse lived there. But evil Lydia wanted to be one and only muse. The two good muses hid the Diamond Castle and gave melody the key. Then Lydia turned the good muses to stone. But, Melody was succeeded to runaway and hid in the mirror. Now Lydia wanted the key to the Diamond Castle. Lydia’s dragon, Slyder, must find Melody. Slyder flew to the girls cottage. But, the girls all escape. Melody still had the key. She can saved the muses. Alexa and Liana set out for the Castle with the mirror. On the way, they found two puppies. They named them Lily and Sparkles. Soon the girls met twin brothers. Their names were Jeremy and Ian. They wanted to help Liana and Alexa. When Liana and passed a forest, Lydia and Slyder blocked them and asked for the mirror. But, the girls refuse it. Lydia was surprised and asked Slyder to chase them. Fortunately, Ian and Jeremy rescued them just in time! Soon they met a troll. He gave them a question, “What instrument can you hear, but can’t see and can’t touch?”. The girls answered “The voice. You can’t see or touch it, but when you sing, people can hear it” Then, a rainbow bridge appear. Later, the girls found a mansion and rest on it. But the girls argue. Alexa wanted to stay. Liana thought they should keep going on. But, Alexa kept stay. Then , Lydia appeared. The house was a trap! Without her necklace, Alexa spelled by Lydia. She told her that her friends going to the Seven Stones. Slyder went to the Seven Stones. He catched Liana, Melody, and Sparkles, then he brought them to Lydia’s cave. “Melody, show me where the Diamond Castle, or your friends will die”. To save her friends, Melody forced agree. But, after Lydia left, Slyder pulled Liana and Alexa to chater. Fortunately, they were save. Liana asked Lily to drop Alexa’s necklace. “Best friend today, tomorrow, and always” said Liana while she wore the necklace to Alexa. Now Lydia had the mirror. Melody still inside. Lydia created a whirlpool. She used a spell to make the girls walked into it. But they tricked her! Alexa took Lydia’s flute and throw it into water. Lydia tried to take her flute, but, she got into the whirlpool. After that, Liana and Alexa used Melody’s sang to find the Diamond Castle. The key is a song! When the girls finished sing, the Diamond Castle appear. And, Melody finally free. But, Lydia came back. She played her flute, but the girls took the good muse’s instruments and played it together with perfect harmony. Finally, Lydia and Slyder turned to stone. All Lydia’s spell were lost. The good muses were free. Liana and Alexa became Princess of Music. The muses asked the girls to stay, but the girls chose to back to their home. They went home with sparkling carriage. But, for them, friendship more valuable than diamond. They were best friends forever.

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