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Season 3, Episode 11 Blinded by the Whitelighter

Season 3, Episode 11 Blinded by the Whitelighter

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3, Episode 11

by the Whitelighter
and Prue prepare a
potion for Phoebe to use on Inspector Reece
Davidson, who is investigating Cole's
disappearance. One of the ingredients is bat guano; the odor fills
the kitchen. The potion will strangle Davidson from the inside if
he's a demon. Leo has
been out late helping charges, and Piper isn't happy that he can't
talk about it.

A warlock, Eames,
pursues a witch, Vivian,
through an alley. He throws a fireball at her, and and she deflects
it into a crate. Eames throws another fireball, and Vivian deflects
it, seemingly vanquishing him. Just as Vivian is sighing in relief,
the original Eames blinks in from behind; it turns out Vivian only
vanquished a clone.
He kills her with an athame and takes her powers. Her Whitelighter,
Natalie, orbs in
too late, but gets a good look at Eames.

Piper is trying to get
Leo to talk more about what he's doing, but Leo isn't willing to take
any chances while they're on probation. Just as they kiss, Natalie
orbs into the manor, holding the athame Eames used to kill Vivian.
Prue walks in. Seeing the athame, she thinks Natalie is a demon and
is about to leap over the table to attack her. However, Leo assures
her that's unnecessary. Natalie and Leo have known each other for
some time; she was a medic in Leo's unit during World War II and they
became Whitelighters around the same time. Natalie is here to warn
the sisters that a warlock killed Vivian and took her powers; Vivian
was her most powerful charge and ignored her advice to lay low.
Natalie is a stickler for the rules, and is also scandalized over the
"special attention" that Leo gives to the sisters,
especially Piper. They argue about Piper in their special
Whitelighter clicking language. Prue goes to identify the warlock in
the Book of
Shadows, but Natalie doesn't like that they keep the Book in the
attic. According to the rules, they're supposed to keep it in a
specially protected altar room. Leo tries to grab a strawberry, but
puts it back after Natalie disapprovingly clicks at him;
Whitelighters aren't allowed to eat on the job.

Meanwhile, at a diner
with Davidson, Phoebe spikes his coffee with the potion. He coughs a
bit, but it turns out to be allergies. He points out the numerous
occult items in Cole's apartment, and tells Phoebe that Cole has a
dark side. Phoebe feigns ignorance.

Prue, Piper, Leo and
Natalie find the Book's entry on deflection. Prue and Piper can't
understand how a warlock could get that close to Vivian, especially
since she's almost as powerful as they are. Natalie and Leo figure
out almost at the same time that it could have been a warlock who can
clone himself. Prue telekinetically leafs through the Book's pages
and lands on Eames' page. He killed a witch in 1989 and took her
ability of shapeshifting.
Two years later, he killed another witch and took her cloning power.
Prue realizes Eames is planning something big, but can't figure out
what it is. Natalie tries to shoo Prue and Piper out of the room so
she and Leo can talk in private. Piper will have none of it, and
freezes Natalie, much to Prue's delight. She thinks Natalie is trying
to muscle in on them, even though they already have a Whitelighter.
Leo, however, thinks Natalie is merely being cautious because she
lost a charge. He talks Piper into unfreezing Natalie and they head
for the kitchen. Piper tells Leo that she isn't jealous, but doesn't
like that Natalie knows things aboaut him that she doesn't. Phoebe
comes in, and Leo tells her about Natalie.

Prue scries for Eames.
Natalie doesn't think it's possible to scry for a warlock, but Prue
is focusing her crystal on Vivian's power, which is technically still
alive. She finds Eames in the Industrial District just as Phoebe
walks in. Prue calls for Piper and Leo. Phoebe has a vision of Eames
apparently killing a male witch. Natalie wants to consult the Elders
before attacking Eames. She thinks he might be taking a run at the
sisters; as their powers would be an incomparable prize for any
warlock. Natalie suggests that they consult the Elders
before making a move. Prue seems to agree, but it's only to shut
Natalie up. Natalie orbs away.

The sisters and Leo
find Eames chanting in an alley. Piper tries to freeze him, but Eames
deflects it and disappears; it was really a clone. The "witch"
appears, but he's actually a Darklighter.
Recognizing Leo as a Whitelighter, he conjures his crossbow and
shoots, but Leo orbs out. Phoebe kicks the Darklighter down and Piper
freezes him. Before they can vanquish him, the real Eames appears. He
sends the Darklighter up in flames and takes his crossbow.

The sisters and Leo
can't figure out why a warlock would want to kill a Darklighter. They
also can't figure out why Eames didn't even try to fight them.
Natalie orbs back in, and isn't happy that the sisters went after
Eames without advice from the Elders. She thinks the sisters are
being far too reckless, especially considering they have a higher
calling than most other witches. The Elders call Natalie and Leo and
they orb out holding hands, much to Piper's frustration. The sisters
try to get a fix on what Eames is planning.

In the
Heavens, Natalie isn't happy that Leo hasn't put on his
Whitelighter robe, but Leo says he's more comfortable in his jeans.
Natalie is concerned about the sisters, but Leo tells her their
impulsive nature is what makes them so great. Natalie, however,
thinks Leo's closeness to the sisters, especially with Piper, is
clouding his judgment. For instance, she doesn't think they should
have ever allowed Belthazor to get as close to them as he did. She
then admits she has another agenda; to tell the Elders whether she
thinks his love for Piper is getting in the way of his duties. Just
then, Phoebe calls for Leo, and he orbs back down.

Phoebe confesses to Leo
that Cole is alive. She said she had every intention of vanquishing
him, but couldn't bring herself to throw the potion. She assures him
that Cole is good and is no longer a threat to them. Leo is upset,
and thinks his guidance may have led Phoebe to let Cole go. As Leo
walks away, he feels the pain of a witch being tortured. The witch is
not his charge, but he wants to go to her. Prue, however, suspects a
trap; Eames wanted a Darklighter's crossbow so he could kill a
Whitelighter. Natalie orbs in and agrees with Prue; she thinks Eames
wants to orb to the Heavens and massacre the Whitelighters. Phoebe
realizes what this means-- without Whitelighters to protect them,
Eames would be free to massacre all witches as well. Natalie says the
Elders have recalled all Whitelighters except for Leo and her. Eames
at last kills the witch because he realizes he has no use for her.

The sisters aren't
happy that Natalie didn't let them save the witch. They also think
vanquishing Eames will be difficult due to the numerous powers he now
has. They come back to the living room, where Leo tells them he
believes his feelings for them are clouding his responsibility to
guide them. He has asked Natalie to temporarily take his place as
their Whitelighter, and wants them to do as she asks until he

Natalie trains the
sisters in a strict military style. They are to attack Eames and take
the crossbow, and vanquish him only if they get the chance. The
sisters offer up numerous ideas for how they want to get the
crossbow, but Natalie shoots them all down. Natalie is determined to
rein in the sisters' impulsive nature. Afterward, the sisters prepare
a spell. They have to run it by Natalie, much to their frustration.
However, to their surprise, Natalie approves. Prue wants to scry for
him, but Natalie plans to use herself as bait and draw Eames out
where the sisters can ambush him and take his crossbow. She thinks
that by drawing Eames to their turf, they'll have the advantage.
Piper doesn't like this idea; if Eames kills Natalie, he can take her
powers, opening the door for his long-planned rampage in the Heavens.
Natalie, however, is certain their plan will work.

Natalie orbs to the
slain witch. Eames blinks in and shoots at her, but Natalie orbs
away. Prue flings the crossbow from Eames's hands and he shimmers
out, a clone. The sisters take the crossbow and head back to the
manor, but think this was too easy; Eames didn't even try to fight
them. Natalie is initially overjoyed that they got the crossbow, but
starts to get as suspicious as the sisters while she's holding it.
The crossbow morphs into the real Eames, who grabs Natalie. Prue
tries to fling him away, but Eames deflects it and sends her flying
over the couch. Piper tries to freeze him, but Eames deflects it and
flings her over the couch as well. Before Phoebe can react, Eames
stabs Natalie with an arrow and blinks away.

The sisters are
disgusted at what happened; they feel if they'd just operated like
they usually did Natalie would still be alive. They call for Leo, who
has been watching. He thinks they have only one chance to stop him,
but it entails breaking a lot of rules. The sisters realize what this
means--going to the Heavens.

Eames glowers over
Natalie while she writhes in agony from the poison. Finally, he jams
the arrow all the way into her, killing her. Eames takes Natalie's
powers and orbs to the Heavens. He spots two Whitelighters and shoots
an arrow at them, but one of them deflects it away. The arrow freezes
in midair. The "Whitelighters" reveal themselves to be Prue
and Piper. Before Eames can figure out what is happening, another
"Whitelighter" rushes in from behind and kicks him into the
arrow. The third "Whitelighter" turns out to be Phoebe.
Although Eames is mortally wounded, the sisters think the poison
isn't working fast enough. They vanquish Eames with the spell they
wrote earlier. Leo joins them and tells them they have to leave
before the Elders find out.

The Box plays at P3.
Leo has been gone a long time and Piper worries that the Elders are
angry with him. Leo joins the sisters, though, and tells them that
the Elders have lifted his probation and he can be officially engaged
to Piper.

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