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hr job

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Published by Sameer Mirani
shows the basic jobs and roles of an HR
shows the basic jobs and roles of an HR

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Published by: Sameer Mirani on Jun 09, 2013
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Human and Resource makes this Human Resource and in this Humans are an organization's greatest assets; without

them, everyday business functions such as managing cash flow, making business transactions, communicating through all forms of media, and dealing with customers could not be completed. Humans and the potential they possess drive an organization. Today's organizations are continuously changing. Organizational change impacts not only the business but also its employees. In order to maximize organizational effectiveness, human potential—individuals' capabilities, time, and talents—must be managed. Human resource management works to ensure that employees are able to meet the organization's goals. "Human resource management is responsible for how people are treated in organizations. It is responsible for bringing people into the organization, helping them perform their work, compensating them for their labors, and solving problems that arise". There are seven management functions of a human resources (HR) department which I have named "My 7 Stars of HR" that will be specifically addressed: Staffing, Pperformance Appraisals, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Employee and Labor Relations, Safety and Health, and Human Resource Research. Roles & Responsibilities:Induction & Joining Formalities: 1) Plan, organize, and conduct induction programmed, devise the orientation plan for the new joiners. 2) Complete the joining formalities i.e. Collect the required documents, creation of login id for attendance / introduce and set the KRA for new joiners, design reporting system & assign mentor as per the respective department wise. Performance Appraisal: - Involved in Performance Review process, defined all roles and developed role descriptions which are mapped against KRAs through daily reporting tracker system. - Managing Appraisal process across the levels and establishing framework for substantiating Performance Appraisal system linked to Reward Management

Attendance, Payroll & Salary Administration: - Maintain the employee attendance in Time Management System and generate the attendance report by online system for the salary process. - To coordinate with the finance for monthly payroll system, make necessary entries for new joinees, separation cases, unpaid leave. - Follow-up with Bank for timely credit of salary & Issuing salary slips. HR Policies, Procedures, & Processes: - Implement, review, redesign and introduce HR policies.

exit interviews. Full & Final Settlement and Exit Process: . quit / terminated employees .Organizing customized training programmes based on the training need analysis to enhance the manpower skills & efficiency Activities: . unable to reach assigned targets. Training & Development : . Employee of the month announcement. over all Satisfaction of Employment. Behavior with Collogues.Coordinate & manage the Full & Final Settlement with the help of finance division and sending circular to other departments at the time of relieving of an employee. designing reward and recognition scheme. sending details to the support staff. transfers & redeployments as per staffing projections.Maintain the notice board with the information about “Thought of the Day” message.Verification of documents and employment screening/background verification of new joined employees i.Identifying training needs and development of action plans for imparting training including measurement of effectiveness. processes. . and compensation administration.selection policies.e. increments. Title of last position held. ID card coordination. .Analyzed the issue by giving warning through verbally or written by issuing warning letter till termination of employees due to continuous absenteeism. induction and ensuring cultural fit. Compensation : . . no prior intimation before taking leaves. etc .Maintain & Update the Daily/Weekly/Monthly MIS report. eligible for rehire. . verification report includes: Tenure with the Company.Keep a track of records to the procedures.Offer release.. bank account opening.Dues with the company. .Handling Salary negotiations. employee CV's.Conducting exit interview process for resigned.Clarify the Employee Grievance and various issues/queries on Leave policy. attendance management system. . HR files and employee information in various reports like employee database. lack of ownership & responsibility etc. formats / forms in line with organizational goals HR Administration & Welfare: .Conducting managerial and technical trainings to enhance the managerial and soft skills of the employees. Starting & ending salary .Overall co-ordination of manpower planning. Attendance. .Conducting employee satisfaction survey. preparing all HR letters and certificates etc. . articles on weekly and fortnightly basis . Reason for leaving. Salary payment.

Shift Allowance. PF. ESI. Bonus Calculation • Reimbursement Tracking & Processing • Income Tax. Leave Encashment. PT.• Monthly Master Calculation based on Attendance • Arrears Calculation • One time Payment & Deduction • Overtime. Bill submissions. Superannuation. LWF Calculation & Deduction • Employee loan related calculations • Employee perquisite calculation • Investment & Flexi-basket declarations • Hard furnishing Scheme Administration • Third Party Payment Calculation • Full & Final Settlement • Administration of Employee Reimbursements o Facilitation & computation of reimbursements linked to CTC of employees o Vouching of Reimbursement documents/bills o Information to Clients' employees regarding status of claims o Tracking of Accruals. Gratuity. Payouts and Balances o Tracking LTA blocks • Year End Income Tax Proofs o Facilitation of proof submission online o Help desk services at client location to enable their employees to submit proofs o Verification of proofs and incorporation in payroll Reports • Employer Reporting o Monthly Pay Register o Provident Fund Deduction Report/Advice o TDS Advice o Professional Tax Advice (State Wise) o Labour Welfare Fund Advice (State wise) o ESIC Deduction report (Location wise) o Payroll Summary reports o Loan reports o Tax Register o Variance Analysis o Net Pay Reconciliation o Bank Advice for Salary Credit o Headcount Reconciliation o Reimbursement Reports o Financial JV compatible with accounting package of the client o Meal Voucher Procurement & Distribution Reports o Third Party Payment Reports o Any other reports as per Client requirements • Employee Reporting .

Transfer. Withdrawal and Pension • Submission of Management and Employee related documents/returns with the respective statutory bodies • Liaison with Statutory bodies Reports • Income Tax o Quarterly eTDS returns o Annual eTDS returns . Employee State Insurance.o Monthly Payslip o Monthly Income Tax Statement o Loan Payslip o Reimbursement Balance Report o Leave Balance Report o CTC Report o Annual Payslip o Form 16 / Form 16A Employee Self Service Portal: ESS is a unique employee self service tool which is provided by Paysquare to the employees of Client Company. Provident Fund. Half Yearly. Annual and random returns • Collation and compilation of employees' docume • nts for Registration. Labour Welfare Fund Authorities • Calculation & Deduction of the respective statutory dues • Employeewise Statutory dues reporting to the Client • Preparation of Challan and remittance of the dues in bank • Preparation of Monthly. The employees can access the following: • Monthly Payslips and Tax sheets • Online Tax Simulator • Issue Base • Polling • Annual Payslip • Reimbursement Summaries • Declaration of Flexi Basket • CTC Reconciliation • Leave Balance Report • Admin Login Statutory Compliances Enumerated below are the range of activities carried out as a part of Statutory Compliances: Activities • Registration of the company with Income Tax. Clients’ employees would be given a unique ID and Password for accessing the data pertaining to them via internet. Professional Tax. Nomination.

young and dynamic person who has exceptionally developed decision power but he is very demanding and gives challenging tasks to his employees.Form 13 o PF Withdrawal Forms . a young and talented person has accepted this challenge and has joined XYZee Corporation as Human Resource Manager. CEO is a high caliber.Nomination Details o Form 5 .List of Resignees o Challan (Account No. Zahid Khan.A1 XYZee Corporation is a leading national organization dealing in production.10C • Professional Tax o Monthly Return cum Challan • ESIC o Form 1 .o Form 27A o Form 16 along with Form 12BA and Annexure (Digital/Manual Signature) • Provident Fund o Form 2 . On the other hand employees are mostly dissatisfied by the management policies and seek opportunities in other organizations.In prescribed format o Employee PF Transfer .List of New Joinees o Form 10 . His first assignment was to fill the 8 vacant positions at top and middle management level. sales and distribution of consumer goods.19 o Pension Withdrawal . It has a wide span structure lead by the owner Mr. Saleem Ahmad (CEO). There are over 1000 employees in this company.Individual Contribution Card o Form 6A . Due to this reason quality human resource is not attracted and company environment is highly unpredictable and volatile. 1-2-10-21-22) o Form 12A . the top management comprises of highly qualified and trained people and they are highly paid as compared to middle and lower management which is under-paid. He finally decided to give a blind box advertisement.Half Yearly Return • LWF o Return Cum Challan . In the meantime another position became vacant as . but this effort also could not prove fruitful as majority of the short-listed candidates refused to join when they knew the name of the organization.Reconciliation of Monthly payable and paid amounts o Form 3A . There is high turn over in its marketing and sales function at all levels. marketing.Personwise Annual Return . He asked the senior managers for referrals but everyone refused and said they can’t recommend any person to join this very uncertain organization.Nomination Details o Monthly Challan o Form 6 . Mr.Consolidated Statement of All PF Subscribers for Current Financial Year. The company products are considered as of very high quality by the customers and this quality image exerts more pressure on marketing and sales to increase the sales. o Yearly Reconciliation of payable and paid amount . Considering all these factors the CEO decides to hire an HR manager to rectify the situation.

Anwer left the company within next three months and decided to join another company at lower position (Brand Manager) while Zaheer continued but his performance kept on declining trend and eventually he was fired. CEO called a meeting with HRM and advised that since we are not getting good people from outside. there was hardly any person to accept this offer for the reasons of uncertainty and no job security. The daily meetings with the directors also created frustration for him as he could not do any thing to justify his position in the company . we must promote the people from within the organization that would give motivation to the employees. Zaheer) for consideration as Marketing Managers. His assistant was given the charge but it was very compromising decision. the person was not capable of handling the administration tasks effectively. So a committee comprising of Directors and CEO suggested the names of 2 Brand Managers (Mr. Mostly the front line managers were taking this organization as a learning ground to gain some experience and switch to other better opportunities. So Zahid Khan had to increase his efforts to get the new people. This created another series of unrest in the company. Anwer and Mr. But when he announced the job rotation scheme.Administration Manager left the company. Zahid decided that may be the management has compromised on the candidates and they were not fully developed to take up better positions so he decided to introduce job rotation as a development process for talented employees. Zahid could not give any input being new comer and both the probables were promoted. At the same time he was tired of seeing a bunch of resignations on daily basis.

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