By Reilly Smith

•Factories that make goods on contract to a “parent” company •There are over 3,000 maquiladoras in Mexico; the majority are owned by U.S. interests and located within thirty miles of the border •“In 1980, the maquiladoras employed about 120,000 workers; by 1990, their numbers had risen to over 400,000; and at its high point of 1999, some 1.3 million held maquiladora jobs,” (Mattingly, 81).

What is a maquiladora?? dson04.jpg

Women over men
•“Women are preferred both because they are less expensive to employ than men are and because their gender socialization and inexperience with labor unions presumably make them more docile and less easy to organize,” (Mattingly, 74) •“Among the ironies of the maquiladora program is that, although it was intended to provide jobs for men, women were preferred for assembly jobs,” (Mattingly, 79) •In the beginning, young, single, childless women workers were preferred to work in the factories. However, over the years…
•“Married mothers made better workers because they were more mature, reliable, and less apt to jump from job to job

Maquilapolis: City of Factories

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