Hello, Greetings of the day, I hope you must be doing great at your respective institutes/organisation.

I’m conducting a research study on my research topic “Role of financial performance in corporate image building w. r. to Indian organisation” as part of my PhD work. It has two phases as follows–
1) Please help us to create a measurement scale for assessing the image of Indian

organizations. In the first phase of our study our focus would be on your valuable opinion as one of the stakeholders of an organisation as Director/ Executive/ Manager/Administrator/Investor/Financial Expert/Marketing Professional/Management Consultant, etc. 2) In second phase of the study, will measure image of the Indian organisation. I would appreciate your kinds support in attempting & completing the questionnaire as online survey by just clicking on the link given below. Web address to fill it out online: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1u2jgx-_WqCbG7hcO7g-8vfAr9blhRTARTO9Qcz6wYI/viewform

We also would like to assure you that the information shared by you or your colleagues will be kept highly confidential and cannot be shared with any individual or institution without prior consent.

Thanking You, Yogesh Mehta IIMA-FDP (2012) Research Scholar 09893664411

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