Noting Details in a Selection Listened to I. Learning Objectives • • • II.

Note details in a selection listened to React to what the character said/did in a story listened to Impersonate well-liked characters in the story listened to

Subject Matter/Learning Content A. Topic. B. Reference. C. Materials : Story : “Master Cat” a. PELC – Listening 7, 13 p.9 b. Book – We are Ready I pp 53-55 stick puppets of animals, (lion, cat, monkey, deer, mouse, birds, rabbit), rolled papers wherein different situations are written (one situation for each paper), pictures of animals, charts

Value Focus: Kindness


Procedure A. Unlocking of Difficulties 1. stupid – The boy is stupid because he let the crabs go home by themselves. 2. wisest – The monkey is the wisest animal because it can outdo other animals. 3. tricks – (show an example) 4. quickly (through gestures) 5. leaped 6. enemies – Cats and dogs cannot live together. They are enemies. B. Motivation (Show a picture of animals having a meeting.) What are the animals in this picture? What do you think are they doing? C. Development of Lesson A. Presentation: (Show the stick puppet of animals) I have a story for you. It is entitled “Master Cat”

“From now on you and your children shall be my enemies.” said the cat as he went down the tree. He knew many tricks but not climbing. Some tricks are for you to learn by yourself. The birds flew away. grrr”) were very good friends. they heard a loud sound. So he got angry. They came to hear lessons. 2. He also could not run fast because he was big and heavy. Post the chart of the story on the wall. 3. All lions will go after cats. 1. Group activity 1. The mouse hid in a small hole.” Sulu Folktale A. All the animals ran away to hide. . He was a teacher of them all. He jumped at the cat. meow. 2. “Master Cat. Teacher tells the story using the stick puppets. One day when the cat was teaching the animals.Master Cat Once upon a time. Divide the class into 4 groups for role playing. But the cat was fast. The animals in the forest always went to the cat’s house. The cat was the wisest of all animals. Arrange the stick puppets properly. The cat taught them many tricks. The lion was very big but stupid. grrr. The lion learned many things from the cat. Each group will choose a part of the story they like best. The monkey climbed the tree. meow”) and the lion (“Grrr. Why didn’t you teach me how to climb?” “I cannot teach you everything. Presentation by each group. The deer ran quickly to its home. the cat (“Meow. Be sure that the teacher can read it so that she can tell the story well. you taught me many tricks. Then lion became angry. He climbed the tree at once.But the lion could not climb the tree. B. They will be given enough time to discuss and practice the “role-playing” to be presented. The rabbits went inside a big hole of a big tree. They lived together in a cave. Note: Observe these steps while story telling.

d.) 2. what would you advice the lion and the cat? (Note: teachers will prepare options for pupils so that they can give reactions to the situations. Enrichment Activities . Why did the animals run away when they heard a loud sound? Where did each animal hide? If you would hear a loud sound. C. Group the pupils by 5s. c. Distribute the rolled pieces of paper one for each group. Generalization Before giving reactions to what the character said or did. The leader will read the situation written on it. Members will give reactions. Post Activity 1. what would you do so that your friend would not get angry? Group III If you were the animals in the story. one must study carefully the whole situation. Application a. would you do the same as what the animals did? Why? Why did the lion get angry with the cat? Do you think it is right to get angry with the cat? Do you think it is right being angry with your friend? Why? Do you agree with the cat that some things are for us to learn by ourselves? Why? C.B. b. Analysis and Discussion Ask the following comprehension questions: Who were the animals in the story? Where did they live? Who were friends before? Compare the cat and the lion. Some suggested situations (Remember: Teachers can modify/add) Group I What would you do if your friend got angry with you because you didn’t let her copy your assignments? Group II If you were in the lion’s situation.

“Two Corners” a. Nic ole is a pretty girl and she is very kind to others. b. . Arl an and Christian were playing basketball. 2. IV. stopping time and again to see if it had reached the same size. Nic ole and Brian went to their grandmother’s farm for a vacation. They helped their grandmother do some farm work. “What a big animal this is! I wish I. Teacher reads a situation while the pupils listen. 3. Mic hael was not able to bring art materials in his class. the frog breathed deep to swell its body to the size of the carabao. He saw an envelope with art materials. Michael didn’t talk with Brian. The pupils go to the specific corner to show their reactions. too could be as big as that carabao!” Saying this. 5. Mic hael wanted to become the brightest among the class. Evaluation Listen as the teacher reads the story. THE CARABAO AND THE FROG Gazing with envy at a carabao in a meadow. till it puffed itself up so much. Choose the letter of the correct answer to the questions that follow. He wrote his name on it. Getting annoyed at the slow progress. d. Post a sign Agree and Disagree in the two corners of the room. it breathed deeper and faster. that it finally burst. He studied well but Brian is still the Top 1. Situation: 1. a frog said to itself. She doesn’t have friends in her class. After Arlan apologized to Christian. It breathed deeper. 4. c. Christian was hurt accidentally by Arlan. The teacher reads for the second time. they played the game.

As a group. the frog became stronger and bigger c. carabao and cow Who were the animas in the story? b. How did the story end? a. the frog burst V Assignment Form 4 groups. 2. in a farm 3. dramatize the story impersonating the characters. it drank much water c. it breathed deeper 5. a.1. tall What did the frog do to make itself as big as the carabao? a. ant and frog Where did the story happen? b. carabao is ______. strong c. it ate more food b. a. big 4. carabao and frog c. in a forest The frog is envious of the carabao because the b. . a. Each group will present to the class. the frog and the carabao became friends b. in a meadow c.

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