By Helena Beeson

POST PRODUCTION SCRIPT – MARCH 2009 HEGRAGABE PRODUCTIONS C/o Beeson Stories 1 High Street Keighley, BD21 4SH Tel: 0113 246 8050 Fax: 0113 473 5932 Email: ferretcodsatar@hotmail.com

INT. BEDROOM – MORNING Close-up. A boy in his late teens sits at his computer. He is dressed casually, a t-shirt and jeans, and he has an earring in one ear. His face is not seen. He changes the song to a track entitled “Produced By” by “Helena Beeson”. INT. BATHROOM – MORNING Close-up. The boy brushes his teeth in front of a mirror. His face is still not visible. When he bends down to rinse his mouth out the words ‘Introducing Lawrence Mellor’ are written in the mirror with toothpaste. INT. BEDROOM – MORNING Mid-shot. The boy sits on his bed to put on his shoes. He does this quickly to signify that he is excited to leave the house. He then stands up to put on his jacket. His face is still not visible. INT. STAIRCASE – MORNING Long-shot. The boy walks down the stairs and then jumps the last two. His face is still not visible. INT. KITCHEN – MORNING Close up. The boy walks into the kitchen and takes an apple from the fruit bowl placed in the middle of the kitchen table. He then turns around and walks out to the front door. His face is still not visible. INT. DOORWAY – MORNING Close-up. Boy opens the door and walks out quickly. His face is still not visible. Shot switches midway to an exterior shot of the same action. EXT. GARDEN – MORNING Mid-Shot. Boy exits the house, holding the apple that he took from the fruit bowl in the kitchen. He walks down the garden path. His face is shown fully for the first time once he’s shown walking down the path, not when exiting the house. However, part of his face may be seen when walking through the threshold.

EXT. ROAD – MORNING Boy walks out of his garden and turns left onto a country road. He takes a bite out of his apple as he turns the corner. He face is openly seen. The shot starts as a midshot but pans out into an extreme long-shot. EXT. TOWN – DAY Various quick panning mid-shots. A sequence of shots showing different prominent parts of the town centre (e.g. the park, the church, and the shops). Roughly 10 different shots of locations around town, all panning swiftly across the front of each location. EXT. BRIDGE – AFTERNOON Mid-shot. Boy [Alex] is seen walking across the road leading over the bridge. He looks in both directions to see if there is a car coming. As he walks onto the opposite curb the voiceover starts. VOICEOVER [ALEX] New Town. New Life. EXT. BRIDGE – AFTERNOON Mid-shot. Alex walks over the bridge and along the road. He feels his phone vibrate and stops to read the text message. Cars are going past in the background. VOICEOVER [ALEX] I’d never been to the country, never left London. [pause] Now I was stuck here. EXT. ROAD – AFTERNOON Mid-shot. A girl, Faith, walks up the road. She’s texting on her mobile phone. She looks up at Alex, and smiles shyly. She is dressed casually with a bag over one shoulder. She doesn’t stop to talk, just looks back to her phone and walks by.

EXT. ROAD – AFTERNOON Close-up. Alex’s face is shown. He smiles to himself. He is obviously happy that she has noticed him. INT. PARTY – NIGHT [FLASH FORWARD] Close-up. Dark lighting, with a red tinge to signify death. Faith is shown slumped on a sofa with a trickle of blood running out of her nose. Her eyes are wide open. She’s dead. EXT. ROAD – AFTERNOON Extreme close-up. Alex’s eyes are shown. He looks frightened and uneasy. EXT. ROAD – AFTERNOON Mid-shot. Alex looks frightened. He shakes his head violently as though trying to shake a thought out of it. He swallows. He continues walking down the road as though acting like nothing has happened. VOICEOVER [ALEX] I’m Alex. This is my story. End of sequence.