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Azolla This small and dainty looking plant,which in the summer is green in colour,and as exposed to increased sunlight turns

red, is by nature very invasive. Sometimes called Fairy Moss even though it is a true fern, there are several variations of the species all of which have very similar characteristics in growth pattern. During winter months it appears to die back and disappear but will always return unless the winter is severe, definitely a plant to avoid introducing. Duckweed The Lemma family of plants often called Duckweed, are amongst the smallest of the floating plants found within the pond environment. They are extremely invasive by nature, but dislike surface disturbance of the pond, and have the ability to sink in conditions which are unfavourable, such as rain, only to reappear the following day I vy-leaved Duckweed is the odd one out in the family, although like all the other members of the Lemma's its a totally free floating species and at the control of wind and current. It does not normally float with its leaves above the surface. It requires quiet waters and is easily out competed by the other members of the Lemma family. It rarely flowers and reproduces by vegative means. It tends to prefer waters were the nutrient levels are lower were it the thin submerged fronds are more capable of nutrient uptake than the root systems of the other Lemma's