The Bird Quadrants

Eagles Good Majestic Elitist Cut Above the rest Bad Snobbish Does not associate with the rest Proud Donʼt fly too high. Be a Hawk, High, but still below them. Donʼt be a dove. Always be one level below them. CEO Vs Truck driver. Owl Good Meticulous Figure oriented Bad Unfeeling Non Comprising Be careful in the products we recommend them Know our product in DETAIL Be ready for all questions No point in sucking up to them. They like to do comparisons Numbers people, figures mean more than benefits. Good Good

Peacock Loves to share Easily display emotions Bad Assume they are better than others Proud They like people to listen to them, throw praise at them. Be like a common bird when the peacock shows their feathers. Wow!


Relationship people Easy Catch Bad Easily Swayed Easiest one. Ask them how they are, get them to open up to you. Once they are opened up, and trust me, they are pretty much sold. Always have a higher stance in order to win them over. Donʼt bore them with details Focus on relationship.

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