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The Man who ate a Human Brain

he had said he could show one the future. yet curious. “Look into the water” he commanded. 2000 Maldevta is a popular picnic spot near Dehra Dun. dressed in civilian clothes. it gave me the opportunity to go back to the aghori. as he’d just finished cooking. After several sequences. I couldn’t get the aghori out of my mind. he had no fixed place of stay. we left somewhat hastily. This time. to obtain the head of the dead man. He didn’t have that much left. As luck would have it. In fact. Why. he’d almost run out of water as he had used most of it for cooking the dead man’s brain with some rice. Repelled. and he’d built this hut as he had been waiting for a lawaris body (homeless person’s body which is generally cremated by a philanthropic organization or trust). of course. forgetting all our lessons in politeness. but we were most welcome to it. Was this his permanent residence. we saw the brigadier. such a body had arrived just yesterday. we saw the brigadier with the Supreme Court clearly visible in the background. he answered. and would have to space out eating the cooked brain and rice over the next three days. we asked him conversationally? Oh no. After all. we asked him who he was. placed a lota (container) of water before us. A dusky. . with the anxious brigadier and his wife in tow. in case we were interested. as he’d recently consumed the human brain. and he’d been able. And in the water. What better way of testing the claim ? He was still there. He could actually show us our future. There was a cremation ground just a stone’s thrown away. we entered his hut and our eyes soon became accustomed to the dimness. he informed us. he had acquired the ability of divining the future. The aghori requested us to sit. we could have water. When a brigadier and his wife came to seek a reading from the cards as they were in deep trouble with a court martial looming on the horizon. at the peak of his powers.Veenu Sandal | May 1. older. in exchange for a good luck charm. and as we sat cross-legged on the earthern floor. He brought out a blackened pot and showed us the contents. Why didn’t we come in ? Fascinated yet afraid that at this isolated spot we might end up becoming his annual meal. Already. and he was wearing a dark blue suit and distributing sweets to a group of people who were with him. Over the next few days. well built man wearing a skimpy loin cloth emerged from the dark interior of the hut. just a couple of glasses. after waiting for some three months. Thirst overtook us while trekking to Maldevta and we decided to ask for some water at a small thatched hut about a eight hundred scrubby hundred yards from the canal we were following. He’d already had one portion of it. chilled.

the brigadier wanted to take a friend to meet the aghori. outside the imposing Supreme Court building. apart from other settings. Seven years passed with only occasional meetings with the brigadier. Enquiries at the cremation ground revealed that the aghori had been driven away by irate residents of Raipur. And when I went on the appointed day. but when we reached there we found the hut in a sad state : it was just a bundle of grass and straw and twigs strewn on the ground.Some months after this amazing incident. a nearby suburb. there. dressed in a dark blue suit. Share this: Email Print Facebook Twitter Google +1 Pinterest Category: Realm of Spirits . One day I received a message from him. The Supreme Court was to give the verdict on his case. distributing sweets just as he had been seven years ago in the lota of water the cannibal aghori had placed before us. was the Brigadier. who was no longer in active service and was fighting his case in the civil courts.

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