A brief UI study of Firefox OS

Ida Swarczewskaja

Can we do better?

Consistency Checklist
• Icons • Fonts, fonts, fonts • Alignment is hard • Action bar • The art of emptiness ✓Theme Exercise


FFOS UI guide allows for 3 types of shapes, with strict rules

Fonts, fonts, fonts

Several types of fonts (Serif and Sans-Serif) are used on the homepage and inside some apps

Alignment is hard

• Multiple text indents are used in some views

Alignment is hard
• •
Margins vary in different apps Also applies to left and right margin of a given app

Action bar

Within an app, action bar background changes: Gradient, texture, solid

Action bar

Some apps lack active tab highlighting

The art of emptiness

A bug?

Exercise: Flat Theme for Firefox OS

• Flat vector icons • Solid colors • Simplified aesthetics

Flat Theme for Firefox OS: Variations

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