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HALF-TIMBER HOUSE AND TOWER A specially designed building ideal for Warhammer games or a6 part of any scenic background for any role-playing game. oF Ziorama. “The house can be assembled either with ar without & tower, and two optional tower signe are provided. In addition there are outhouses and an attic window to position where. you wish. ‘The heavy paper on which the howse hae been printed wi five you a reasonably sturdy construction if you glue it onto & Feawy card base. IT you are careful your bulldlng should stand up to ‘ite s few batties! If you wish to make your Rouse more aureble Se would recommend "aatening the sections tov thicker card before assembly. 1f you would lke to s28 more card-building plans why nat write and tellus. Would you prefer to have buildings printed ae pert of the Citadel Journal, or" 'do. you think they should "bo available soparately? 1. The Hwee Cut aut wall sections A and 3. ut along the solid black Lines using scissors or a Knife and flan Foe along the dotted lines 2o thatthe flaps fece inward. {Gu the two wall setlons by the flaps on the end ofthe walls. Glue the walls ta eard base using the bottom flaps. 2. The Root (Cut out the large roof section C. Fal along the dotted ine. Apply glue to the tap flaps onthe walls. CCaretully position the root, making eure that there ie an equal over-hang on either 3. Chimoey ‘Cut out chimney section D. Fald, glue, and assembles shown in the ciagram. Glue the chimney into place on the area marked on the wall, You can make your own chimney pot from ® piece of rind raw or ml se Attic Window CCut out parts € and F. Fold E along the dotted lines and slue Into place ae shown below. This place may be fitted snysiner= fon the roof oF lett off completely. SF NI ‘Two towers are provided = choose which ane you wish resemble. For the wooden tower follow stages 1, 2, end 3.1 ‘stone tower follow stage 5 Bolow. The Tower Cut out section G and H. Fo along the dette lines {Glue'one of the flape cn floor Fi ta the Inside of the tow This should be done at sucha level that a model standing = the tower has his head level withthe top of the battlements Glue the romaining three flaps on the floor section and = {ap on tho ond of the tower. Assemble tne Lower. Flaps are provided along the bottom of the walls, allowing y to glu the tower ante a card base, ‘The two out houses are optional and should be placed where you see ft. Cut out section I and fold along the dotted lines. Glue the flaps on the and ofthe wall to the desired location. Cut out and glue root 3 to the flaps an the top of the wales Repeat 6 using pieces K and L. ‘The tower and house are designed to be part of the same structure although they can be used separately Mf you wit ‘They can be joined where ever you choose.” You wil have to trim the roof overshang away to get good jn. ely Sees e rela te Gia Kh baal Wa oll Ee Estes A