Factory ROM Backup for MT65xx via MTK Droid Root & Tools For BackUp & Unbrick

By yuweng@forum.xda-developers.com Credits : Russian Master Shifu rua1 Official Download link MTK Droid Root & Tools V2.3.4 http://ge.tt/1QOs84X/v/0 Alternate Download link http://d-h.st/wio

Google USB Driver Rev 7 ( ADB driver ) https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/usb_driver_r07-windows.zip

When you have your device connected to pc & this pop-up means you haven't install ADB USB driver

At Device Manager, there should be a Other devices listed with a punctuation mark in it Double click on it



Browse to where you have extracted the Google USB Driver Rev 7 & point it to android_winusb.inf .




ADB driver has been installed correctly Reboot to custom recovery. Make a fresh Backup first. . it doesn't matter if its CWMR or TWRP.

Now do a Wipe -> Factory Reset so that this backup is totally as clean as of a Factory ROM. It can also be use for sharing since all data/ cache/ sd-ext has been wipe .

Now the icon change color indicates communication is already establish. recovery . Go to root. backup.

.Put a check mark at Backup userdata and cache & click at Backup.

The whole Factory ROM backup process will take quite awhile .

When ask Packing backup select No .

Now click at To prepare blocks for Flash Tool .

Go to backups folder & double-click on your device name folder .

md5 .Open files.

To prepare blocks for Flash Tool completed successfully .

Open SP Flash Tool & Scatter-loading .

txt .Go to iFiles_to_FlashTool & open MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.

Uncheck everything & just put a check mark at ANDROID (system. If you have previously download PRELOADER & DSP_BL from other ROM then you might need to identify testpoint & short it to GND to enable download mode to work. To unbrick your device. Sometimes.Typically.img) will do. Click at Firmware -> Upgrade to download whole Factory ROM. you need to Download PRELOADER & DSP_BL first then uncheck PRELOADER & DSP_BL & Download remaining files for it to work. . you don't need to download whole Factory ROM if your device doesn't boot.

Some MT65xx needs battery to be connected for download to work while others doesn't need battery to be inserted. .

SP Flash Tool Firmware -> Upgrade completed successfully .

The size of the backup is about 1. the Factory ROM is only 205 mb Upload it to ge. .51 GB uncompressed Typically after compress with 7-zip. Both doesn't require registration.tt or d-h.st for sharing.

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