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J Macias 4/13/11 Population of the World 1.

Please provide a detailed summary describing the project, experience, or event that was submitted as the artifact upon which this reflection will be based. For the project all of the students had to work in groups and predict what a countrys population will be in the year 2060. We all had to use the information use algebra to find the equation that will tell us their rise in population. All of the information used was from the past of that countrys population. There was a rise or fall of that country that had to be involved the equation. My country was Japan, and I had to use the life expectancy of the people as well. Though the outcome of that countrys population might not be the actual number because there are other variables that need to be accounted for like war or disease. The outcome is an idea for what it might be. 2. Identify and list the GLPO(s) that were satisfied in completing this artifact. In addition, please explain how these GLPO(s) were met by specifically referring to examples or evidence from the artifact. The GLPO that best describe this project is Investigate the World bullet points number three. It states that we analyzed, integrated, and synthesized evidence that was collected to construct coherent responses to globally significant and researchable questions. The students used information collected to find the life expectancy, change in growth, and what the current population is. We synthesized the information to use it in the equation. Also, we are asked to find the population of a country that might affect the world because of its number. The population of the world and how that will affect the world is a researchable question. This is a subject that we all will be affected by. 3. Why do you believe this project, experience or event was assigned by the teacher? If the project was not assigned by a teacher and, for example, was an event or experience not specifically related to VISA classes, please explain why you believe the sponsoring organization or group organized or prepared the affair. There are many reasons why a teacher would assign this to a student. It allowed us to use math in a real life situation. The students found a way to predict something or get an idea of something for the future with a simple equation. We need to know this because we all saw that if a civilization gets too big it would soon has a sudden drop in population and that might happen to our world. It doesnt hurt to know how our world might be in fifty years. We can prepare ourselves with the knowledge we got from this experience for the future. It was also an enjoyable project. 4. What skills and concepts were learned throughout the process of completing this artifact? I learned that math can be used to predict outcomes. Math can be used for something else besides big equations. That overtime the world will change drastically. With the knowledge we

get from math will show us if what might be. That the future isnt totally unpredictable. Math can be used for anything. The more we know about the future the better. 5. How has the completion of this artifact affected my future? This artifact has affected my future. I can use math to find out what might happen overtime. I can be more informative of the future. I will be more cautious about my actions. Even small actions can have a huge outcome. I will make sure to know the worlds population so I know how well I might do. Also, I should try not to have so many kids, maybe only two. 6. Looking back on the process of completing this project, event, or experience, what might you do differently if you were able to recreate or revise the artifact? If I could redo this project I would have made it a lot clearer about what might be the population. I could have used pictures to show what the population is now. The writing for the important information should have been bigger. The information of the population could have been compared with another country about the same size. Also, there should have been added to the other countries to show what the worlds population might be if added with other countries. I should have changed a lot of things.