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Course Structure

First Year

Semester- I

Semester - II

ADL-01 Principles of Management ADL-301 Mathematics ADL-302 Introduction to Computer and Programming Concept ADL-303 Digital Electronics & Computer Organisation ADL-304 Lab 1 Computer Lab

ADL-305 Data and File Structure using C ADL-306 Numerical & Statistical Computations ADL-307 Unix and Shell Programming ADL-308 Accounting & Financial Management ADL-309 Lab 2 Unix Lab ADL-310 Lab 3 Data Structure Lab

Second Year

Semester- III

Semester- IV

ADL-311 Database Management System ADL-312 Object Oriented Programming Concept Using C++ ADL-313 Operating System ADL-314 System Analysis and Design ADL-315 Lab 4 DBMS Lab ADL-316 Lab 5 C++ Lab

ADL-11 Management Information System ADL-317 Computer Graphics ADL-318 Computer Communication Network ADL-319 Internet and Java Programming ADL-320 Lab 6 Java Lab

Third Year

Semester V

Semester VI

ADL-75 E-Commerce ADL-321 Computer Architecture & Parallel Processing ADL-322 Distributed Database System ADL-323 Software Engineering ADL-324 Lab 7 Oracle Lab/Microprocessor Lab

ADL-325 Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks ADL-327 Theory of Computation and Compiler Design ADL-20 Project Works