Date: 29-04-2013

Approval Note
Vehicle Tracking Service(Pilot Project) Abdul Monem Beverage Factory Unit implementation. Technology Information: S/N SPECIFICATIONS 1 Vehicle Tracking Device Unit Benefits of proposed System: • • • • • • • • Real time Tracking from central system both head office and factory Control of Vehicle from mobile by sending SMS Real Time monitoring ability Able to block vehicle’s engine by SMS at any time Low maintenance Cost • • • • • • • • Cost Effective

Increased Security Works anywhere, there is cellular coverage GEO fence alert when the vehicle leaves a predefined area. Easy way to get information of vehicle(web method, SMS method, call center) Remote accessibility

Speed violation alert when vehicle violate the predefined speed limit, shortly notified Able to see the exact location of vehicle on Google maps using PC/PDA Complete visibility & control of mobile assets & workforce

Current engine on/off status

SOS alarm feature

Comparative Statement: Vendor: Vehicle tracking device unit Monthly Service Charge Installation charge Akash Technology BDT 7500.00 BDT 500.00 Free NITS Service Ltd. BDT 9000.00 (After 25% discount) BDT 550.00 (After 25% discount) Free Free BDT At NITS At 1000.0 point Clien 0 Nationwi t (Free de point but Insid conditi e on DMP applie s) Client point outsid

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00 BDT 700.500.00 BDT 8.00 (free but condition apply) at NITS point nationwide N/A N/A Vehicle Tracking system Monitor & Maintained: Attachment: 1.00 + service charge BDT 50/Month BDT 500.e DMP Re-installation charge Fuel Sensor Unit Two Way voice communication Comments: BDT 1500. Two vendors Individual detail proposal Prepared By: __________________________ General Manager-Administration Approved By: DMD-II Page 2 of 2 .

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