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FHM Models Top 10 girls wear lingerie, by Triumph. Heels, by Charles & Keith and Pedro. Art direction: Tony Law; Photography: Joel Low; Styling: Cheryl Chan; Art direction assistance: Dannii Choo; Photography assistance: Alfie Pan; Hair: Peter Lee/ Hairloom using Goldwell; Makeup: Venetia Stravens/9838-7087 using Nars; For more behind-the-scenes photos, visit Facebook.com/ FHMSingapore, twitter.com/FHMSingapore and instagram/FHMSingapore.
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and other man styles. . 26 Opinion Rolled-up pants: Cool or coolie? 28 Grooming Face protection. 15 Etiquette Beach behaviour. 90 Games Shoot to kill. 30 Fashion Street wear. 002 06/13 Sorting out your pleasure The bit where you come in 88 Festivals Mud. music and mayhem. Nice name. 91 Music Mando-pop. 14 Train Your Brains The world’s best football manager. 40 Hardware Modern gadgets. 38 Sync Watches for the active man. Q+A Just the usual. 12 9 Ways… To tell you are turning into a dad. 92 Man Simply Ludacris. Strokes. [93] STREET HIP Fashion/Tech/Stuff 22 Opener Tank tops. [06] 04 Talent Star Tan. 94 Movies The ultimate horror-movie cast. 24 Snips Hip Hong Kong labels. 18 FHM Models 2013 See what you have been missing. please 42 Aircraft Rescue Fire Officer Keeping our airport free from hazards. 93 Woman Fast and furious with Michelle Rodriguez. 94 DVD Is five enough? 95 Books Human journeys.[30] Cont ents Show off your individuality.


Plus.FHM Models/ Etiquette/ Train Your Brain/Top 9 List Star Gazer She’s tall with curves in the right places. TH E S ECTION YOU CONTROL 004 06/13 . she’s got a fabulous name. lets us in on her exhilarating (night)life. Star Tan. a guest relations at Playhouse.

. by H&M. stylist’s own.C. Photography assistance: Eddie Teo. Faux crocodile leather pumps. Stockings. Hair: Antonio Cheng/9363-5145. Makeup: Naz Kokholm/ 8223-2960 using M. Location: Playhouse. by Muse Boutique.Words: Mitchell Pereira Art direction: Pyron Tan Photography: Joel Low Styling: Cheryl Chan Lingerie set.A.

a pretty attractive quality. Sexually. I particularly enjoy how we help one another accessorise our costumes for the themed nights that Playhouse organises. so I hit her on the top of her head from where I was standing — on the podium. What’s the wildest attire you’ve worn at the club? During Halloween. 006 06/13 . he has to make sure I climax first. that’s fine by me. even taller with heels on] as talking point. it’s small and peach-like. but they usually pick my height [Star’s 1. What’s your usual response to guys who try to hit on you? It depends on their opening line. FHM Lace corset & lace thong. tank top and fluffy bedroom slippers. She was quite short. I quite like that look. My favourite is “nurse” night. to which my answer would always be “No”. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in a club? I punched a girl in the head. And going around picking fights — that is really not cool. we’ll see where the conversation leads. What’s the biggest turn-on in a man? Someone who has ambition and aim in life.74m tall. What’s your choice of poison? Champagne and vodka — together! Which drink in hand makes a guy most attractive to you? Whisky on the rocks.Talent What’s the best thing about being a Fantastic Baby? (The girls at Playhouse are known as Fantastic Babies. I dressed in boxers. At another party. She was holding on to my ex-boyfriend and I got pretty pissed. But guys always tell me I’ve got a good-looking butt. What’s your best asset? I like my mouth. He doesn’t have to be very successful. both by Chalone. It was my first time punching a girl. ) Getting to know so many girls from different walks of life. From there. The worst pick-up line you’ve heard? “I think I’ve seen you somewhere”. but as long as he’s ambitious. Any clubbing no-no for guys? Jumping around like a monkey or shoving their way through a crowd. I went as Catwoman.


” Eyelet lace lingerie set. by Chalone. 008 06/13 .Talent “I like my small and peach-like mouth but guys always tell me I’ve got a goodlooking but t.

Ntuc Fairprice. Prime Mart etc Want to avoid a road accident? Drink responsibly. . Sheng Siong.Distributor: Pejandy (S’pore) Pte Ltd Tel: 6294 5661 Fax: 6294 5667 Available in major supermarkets: Cold Storage. Cheers. Giant.

the spotlight falls on a Canadian Ice-hockey Team and a bunch of Winter Heroes. Priscilla Lim Associate Account Director Celine Sim Account Managers Garant Pang. Emily Tang. Upfront Models. Copyright © is held by the publisher. plus exclusive behind-thescenes coverage! Follow us: Facebook. say “hi” to the FHM Models 2013 Top 10 Finalists.sg Subscription: 6483-1555 or mpbsubhelp@mediacorp. Triumph. Mannequin. Hong Chee Yan Stylist Cheryl Chan Words: Mitchell Pereira Thanks to: FHM UK. not two. 8 DAYS.com/ FHMsingapore Instagram/ FHMSingapore Twitter. FHM is sunny all-year round. This 2013 season. www. latest updates. STYLE: LIVING.Editor’s Letter For Him Magazine Singapore may be forever summer. MediaCorp Pte Ltd also publishes I-WEEKLY.com. we have. Clara Chan. too. Singapore 299939. Diva Models. we’ll get to witness. Fax: 6254-5116 MediaCorp Advertising Enquiry: 6333-9888 or MAE@mediacorp. but 10 of the hottest local girls gracing our cover. Prepress managed by timesprinters. Kix and Walt Disney Pictures. Tan Mui Kian. and catch a big-a** musical fiesta (Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival on 10-11 Aug) without screwing up our body clocks. our global reporter contemplates a Holiday in Space (it’ll happen sooner than the COE pricing will drop by half).timesprinters. Andrew Road. MANJA. Managing Director Jessie Sng Group Editor Corinne Ng VP. Avenue. We worked very hard to get the feature stories done. Printed by timesprinters. men who overcome the odds through extreme coldweather activities. not one. organise the shoots and to sort out all the great gadgets and pop-culture stuff for you to enjoy. Elizabeth Low CIRCULATION Manager Garis Chua For enquiries: Editorial E-mail: info@fhm. Lesley Ngai Deputy Editor Dennis Yin Writer Janine Lee Editorial Administrator Farlinzah Mahmood Creative Director Tony Law Associate Creative Director Joan Lim Associate Art Director Dannii Choo Senior Designer Pyron Tan Chief Sub-Editor Jerena Ng Executive Sub-Editor Heidi Yeo Senior Sub-Editor Tan Wei Lin Sub-Editor Caroline Francis Chief Photographer Steve Zhu Executive Photographer Ealbert Ho Senior Photographer Kelvin Chia Photographers Roy Lim. Phantom.com. and MOTHER & BABY under licence from Bauer Consumer Media Ltd. And in case you haven’t noticed. Mandee Tan Assistant Account Manager Porter Christopher Andre Jin Xiang Senior Admin Executive Sandra Ter Assistant Vice President Angela Chia Senior Manager Anne Hong Executive Brenda Chong ADVERTISING AD ADMIN Senior Manager Kevin Chum Senior Executives Clara Fang. STYLE: WEDDINGS. under licence from Bauer Consumer Media Ltd. Group Sales & Marketing Irene Lim Vice President Stephanie Tay Assistant Vice President Derek Tan . STYLE:. ELLE SINGAPORE under licence from Hachette Filipacchi Presse S. Senior Account Directors Xylia Lim. BABYCARE BOOK.sg. There’s no need to read this section — just flip the page and enjoy the rest of the magazine. which explains why the Girls of FHM are always in very little clothing. EDITORIAL ART DESK SUBS DESK PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRIBUTORS Head. And if you flip over to our Upgrade section. on screen. like our climate. Guys.com. We also list the 13 Best Summer Holiday Destinations and Top Summer Music Festivals to attend. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Looque. be treated to friendly kickabouts by the world’s richest footballers (Barca makes a stopover at Bangkok on 7 Aug). MCI (P) 119/12/2012. To celebrate the most anticipated period of the year. All rights reserved. Caldecott Broadcast Centre. Distributed by MediaCorp Pte Ltd.A.com/ FHMSingapore Singapore FHM is published by MediaCorp Pte Ltd. This sizzling issue is going to be one hell of a cool read. Business Development & Operations. a zombie war and a recurring Hangover. 010 06/13 . STYLE:MEN. Take your time.sg International Director Simon Greves International Head of Content Anouska Christy International Commercial Manager Graham Kirk International Content Executive Ellie Bond PRODUCTION FHM INTERNATIONAL NETWORK Get useful tips. What’s “hot” without “cold”? We pay tribute to our generation’s greatest wrestling icon — after Russian bears — “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Still on the subject of vacation. Jason Teng Executive Tay Sue Jean MARKETING & EVENTS Dennis Yin Deputy Editor Senior Managers Claire Sze. the return of Superman.com. but FHM likes the notion of a summer break.

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something that is required to be absolutely. you’re on a slippery slope to Dadsville. Bliss. See also: Connecting things to Bluetooth. But now it’s all One Direction this and Taylor Swift that. soaked to the eyeballs in other people’s salty secretions. It starts when you begin nodding off during movies. despite the fact your 11-year-old nephew can manage it with his eyes shut. You fall asleep during stuff You spend half an hour just staring into space Waiting for someone in the pub? In the olden days. But now. But those tan Birkenstock sandals? Why. On the flipside. 012 026 05/13 02/13 WORDS: THE FHM TEAM. the last thing you want is to get caught up in some sweaty moshpit. The reality? Utter blankness. contemplative. You’ve got a hammer and a screwdriver and even 20 Allen keys from all those Ikea Pax wardrobes you’ve erected. those limited-edition Nike Air Max trainers really won’t help you hold your Toyota Wish at the biting point on a 15 per cent hill gradient. But a spirit level: Now that signifies you’ve constructed something serious. occasionally. 07 Technology baffles you Your parents didn’t grow up with computers or mobile phones. you’ll spend the next day battling nausea. And yet when you try to sync your music to iCloud. Congratulations. Plus. perfectly horizontal or vertical. Why would you invite a mushroom to a house party? He’s a fun guy to be with. You did. 09 08 It’s a scientific fact that as you get older. If you laughed at any of these jokes. Much better to kick back with the old wireless. hangover anxiety and the fact that you’ve spent all your money and there’s a week to payday. but before you know it you’re grabbing 40 winks on the train to work and even casually trying to sneak in a quick bit of shut-eye during a particularly tender love-making session. they’re both comfortable and practical. before you know it. 06 You purchase comfortable shoes When it really comes down to it. navigating Apple’s App Store and working out who or what a “404” is. a trusty newspaper or smartphone would have seen you through those empty minutes quite nicely. You can’t even see the bass player from there! And don’t even get started on those people who stand up to cheer a goal at Jalan Besar Stadium. Much better to spend Saturday night making a nice rustic stew from the Gordon Ramsay cookbook and watching David Attenborough’s Galapagos. PHOTO: TPG IMAGES/CLICK PICTURES 05 You stand at the back at gigs . right? 02 You actually find Christmas cracker-style jokes funny On which side do chickens have the most feathers? The outside. you find yourself at a dead end. They’re just ruining the view for everyone else… 01 You look forward to not going out The upside of a big night out is that you see your mates. chat up pretty girls. To the casual observer you appear almost sage-like. you’ve had that junior toolbox for a few years now. girls totally dig leather sandals. you have now progressed to the next level of manhood. wise. half an hour has passed and all that you’ve done is stare deeply into your three-quarter-filled pint glass. What do you call a man with brown-paper trousers? Russell. Look. flick it over to 92.Weird World 04 You own a spirit level Sure. 9 WAYS TO TELL YOU’RE TURNING INTO YOUR DAD 03 You’ve started listening to Symphony FM Modern music used to be good. when you’ve forked out $150 to be stood a mere bottle’s throw from your favourite band. There used to be melodies and harmonies and meaningful lyrics and catchy choruses. have a laugh and. it becomes more difficult to keep your eyes open at any given time. streaming TV shows on your computer. Or at least you can accurately gauge how inept your craftsmanship is before throwing a wobbly and asking your dad to come and help.4FM and enjoy Beethoven’s Fifth with a glass of red wine and a couple of scented candles.

80 . d r o w w fe y r e v . No fe s. VERY FEW WORDS . s ie r to s o N . n e Just stunning wom STUNNING WOMEN.VOL 16 ON SALE NOW! THE GIRLS OF FHM VOLUME 16 SPECIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION BIKINI & LINGERIE SPECIAL N OT S U I TA B LE F O R TH E YO U N G THE GIRLS OF $9. s e r tu a No reviews.

“Pep was always asking questions. he was still driving a second-hand Volkswagen Golf. so never let a promotion or pay rise go to your head.” recalls Barca midfielder. Ronaldinho. The lesson: Never get too big for your boots. PHOTOS: TPG IMAGES/CLICK PICTURES People put their lives on the line for Guardiola. Lionel Messi and co gave him a standing ovation. ‘There must be something good down there. The lesson: To be a successful leader. Instead. if used properly. Prior to Barca’s 2011 Champions League semi-final with Real Madrid. It didn’t. He became one by analysing his managers and probing his teammates. It psyched them up so much. 014 026 06/13 02/13 08 Seek New Challenges As ball boy-turned-club captainturned-manager. The next night. 07 Inspire Loyalty 04 Don’t Bow to Reputations What do Ibrahimovic. I’d think. “Three years later. His solution? New tactics. WORDS: STUART HOOD. Guardiola launched into an anti-Mourinho rant. That night. calling José the “f**king man” at a press conference. The lesson: You’re only as good as your next appraisal.” recalls teammate Ronald Koeman.Train Your Brain 01 Drive a Crap Car PEP GUARDIOLA Learn from the managerial genius who overcame lazy players and José Mourinho to win 14 titles in four seasons at Barcelona FC. tougher training and more fines for poor behaviour. can be a great way of inspiring others. “You have to know when to walk.” he once stated. The lesson: Words aren’t the only way to motivate.’” says Barca defender Dani Alves. He had an insatiable hunger for information.so constantly quiz your supervisors.” The lesson: If you don’t ask. Guardiola didn’t deliver a team talk before Barca’s Champions League final against Manchester United in 2009. Deco and Eto’o all have in common? Aside from being four super-talented footballers. The lesson: Anger. Why? Their egos didn’t fit with the way he wanted to play. they were all shipped out by Guardiola.” says Koeman. “He wanted to know everything. He’d deliberately kicked off to fire up his players. Xavier Hernández. they won 2-0. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN LIKE Guardiola’s bonce could have ballooned when he became a Barcelona first-team regular at 20. “Standards had slipped. 05 Creative Motivation 02 Interrogate Others Guardiola wasn’t born a master tactician. “If Pep told me to throw myself off the second tier of the Nou Camp. 06 Know When to be the Bad Cop 03 Control Everything When Guardiola was made Barca boss in 2008.” The lesson: Leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of perfection. They went out and won 2-0. he played a video that mixed footage of his team with scenes from Gladiator. The lesson: Keep moving forward. some cried. His critics said he’d snapped — not so. . you need your team to believe in you. he inherited a lazy squad. you don’t learn. “Pep was on everything like a hawk. Guardiola could have stayed at the Nou Camp for life — but he resigned after four years.

You should also know that. Go nude So you want to impress. just don’t get caught” Take a piss in the sea Ask a girl for a photo opp WORDS: MITCHELL PEREIRA. Speedos are a very tricky bit of business. you soon fall asleep. It is. It leaves nothing to imagination and it forces people to actually imagine it in the first place. she gets on her knees. You awake to find only your chest and entire frontal region charred beyond belief and the sun has gone down. use it. You might as well “borrow” some. is not the most appropriate for a tiny Speedo. Wear Speedos Everyone’s done this — male. Until you realise she wasn’t actually asleep from the shout of “Help! Thief!” Ogle indiscreetly You’re walking along the beach looking for a place to lay your pale butt down. But when you bring it to the beach with your date. Tents are a great way to keep the flies out of your face when you’re camping out. Like our encik used to say.) But you won’t be fooling anybody with your party trick once you enter the water. obvious to everyone around you when you suddenly stop your game of beach soccer and request to be excused while you take a dip.Etiquette OH. Fall asleep during a tan You finally get the time to hit the sand. A family beach. Unless you’ve got goggles on your head and are surnamed Phelps. Stuff anything down your pants Ever hung out at the beach and everywhere you look you see penises — and everything is as normal as it should be despite the huge number of naked men walking around? No? Yeah. Despite your best efforts at eyeballing the chick in the water. PHOTOS: TPG IMAGES/CLICK PICTURES Ever gone to the beach and spotted guys dressed in berms and polo tees with shoes on and a digital camera slinging from his neck? This is probably what they think: “So many bikini babes. however. they aren’t inappropriate but there are appropriate places for them. You imagine it’s time to speak to the ladies and bring them back to your tent. picks up the volleyball and rejoins her friends. 06/13 015 . Might as well rule out those who wouldn’t like to be part of my photo album by asking them directly. it just screams that the both of you will be getting it on. it is not reason enough to wave your wand in public.” Steal her lotion Did you forget your sun block? How are you going to keep your skin pasty and pale with all these ultra-violet rays? It’s a good thing the girl lying face down across from you has her cream and lotion strewn over the sand. female. (Because that’s the kind of guy you are. on one hand. and you’re in your Speedos at the beach (despite us telling you “no to Speedos”) and you decide to stuff rolls of toilet paper down the front. you wont be able to replicate the same level of comfort in your makeshift tent. despite your missus telling you what a wizard you are in the sack. no need to wake her and ask. BEHAVE! Pitch a tent Things you should never do at a beach. go and do. you should not be in a Speedo. She’s looking your way and waving at you! All you can think of is wave back. let’s keep it that way. and all you want to do is laze under the sun and get your pale skin to turn a shade. and you notice a stunning babe with a juicy posterior playing volleyball. “Want to do. Remember: If you’ve got a bed at home. so little memory space in the camera. Ever. animals. She runs towards you and as you’re about to say “hi”.

I didn’t actually like any of them. which was the camel. They’re usually smaller than that. so it’s hard work getting through it. It’s nowhere near my favourite. I definitely preferred the camel out of all of them. I’d have it again but casserole it. All the others were quite dry compared to this. 47 Sample F: Squirrel He guessed: Rabbit “I thought this had the nicest flavour and the best texture. 22 Terry. George Garry.” Would you eat it again now you know it’s zebra? “No thanks.” Manuel. I’m not eating it again. It’s slightly gamey in taste. that’s who. but not massively. so yes. with a bit of thyme and seasoning. But who saw it coming? Absolutely nobody.” Sam. FHM headed down to a butcher’s in London to see if they could help us predict the next big meat to take over the world… FAVOURITE SAUSAGE: Pork and herb. because we sell a boar sausage and it’s kind of similar. really. dry and like gristle.” 06/13 Sample E: Python fillet He guessed: Frog “It’s really tough. with six exotic meats in tow. Yeah.” Would you eat it again now you know it’s kangaroo? “It was my favourite of the lot.” Would you eat it again now you know it’s python? “I’d cook it for a very long time if I had to eat it again. They were all pretty tasteless. It’s not that much fun to eat. 44 Sample B: Kangaroo sausage He guessed: Boar “It tasted like a pretty good and meaty sausage. so it’d be nice in a casserole.” Matt. definitely. You’d need to cook this for a very long time to get any flavour from it. 51 Sample A: Zebra He guessed: Overcooked veal “For me. I’d hazard a guess at it being some sort of African animal. pretty decent steak. you got a big one there. 44 016 PHOTOGRAPHY: SCOTT MCAULAY Sample A ZEBRA Sample B KANGAROO . this is the best one. and that’s kind of what camel tasted like — sort of sweet. I used to butcher horses. and I’ve got no problem eating a kangaroo.” Would you eat it again now you know it’s squirrel? “It’s squirrel? Wow. It’s tough. but can the professionals spot the exotic meat? Horsemeat seems to be the meat to chow down on right now. Revolting. It was the best of a bad bunch. this was the only edible one. even. 35 Sample C: Camel steak He guessed: Bison “This tastes just like a not-toomature.DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE EATING? Pony burgers had Europe fooled.” Would you eat it again now you know it’s crocodile? “Croc or not. what with it recently being all over the news. And that’s why.” Sample D: Crocodile He guessed: Absolutely no idea “I didn’t like it. but I didn’t spit it out like some of the other guys did.” George. It’d be really delicious pan-fried for a couple of minutes on each side.” Would you eat it again now you know it’s camel? “Yeah.


987 RSVP Bunnies & Chocolates Party It was the top 20 contestants’ first public appearance and what better event to make their sexy presence felt than at the Easterweekend party of Singapore’s No. 987! Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 When hot bodies congregate under one roof. expect temperatures to soar. 018 06/12 . as they took part in games that involved hugging. guests got really up close and personal with the girls. The FHM Models top 20 girls. along with Japanese race queens and members of popular girl-group AKB48. 1 hit music station? Held at Dream in Clarke Quay. almost stole the show from the machines at the inaugural custom-car showcase at Marina Bay Sands. piggybacking and jugs of beer! Nice one.

FHM Models 2013

FHM Models Top 10 Showcase at Bugis Junction
After weeks of sorting out the good, the average and the bad, the top 10 finalists of Singapore’s most popular girl search was unveiled. As with past years, we revealed the hotness at one of the city’s busiest mall, Bugis Junction. The fans, many of whom were decked out with their longest lenses, had a snap-happy time at the two-day weekend showcase, especially on Sunday. The reason? The girls were parading in Sloggi swimwear. Next up: The Final on 21 Jun. Flip to page 20 for more info.

fhm_pro mo@me diacorp. com.sg

Get your tickets to the Finals pa r t y ! RSV
P now at

DATE: 21 June, Friday TIME: 7pm onwards VENUE: Playhouse at #C-01-03 Clarke Quay

• Get invites to the Finals party.* • Witness the crowning of FHM ’s next cover model. • Fashion showcase by official swimwear/lingerie sponsor Triumph. • Complimentary drinks.
Terms & Conditions: Invites are on a first-come-first-serve basis. n RSVP closes on 10 June’13 n Confirmation e-mail will be send to you once we have confirmed your RSVP to the event n First 200 pax at the event will be issued complimentary drink coupons n House rules & age limit for entry into Playhouse applies n Singapore FHM reserves the right refused entry upon full capacity at the venue. n Singapore FHM reserves the right to change the date of the Finals party.

Vote for your favourite FHM Model!
http://xinmsn.com/fhmmodels2013 from 17 May to 17 June 2013.

Get intimate with the FHM Models Top10 on 987FM
Tune in to: Muttons on The Move from 20 to 23 May from 6pm. The Double Ds on 14 June from 10pm (Win VIP invites to the Finals party!)

$85. by Boy London from Actually Plus. .FA S HI TE ON/ CH UF /ST F Printed cotton singlet. Beat the Heat 022 06/13 Feeling toasted by the scorching sun? Go sleeveless with these tank tops.

by Nixon.95. Cotton colour-block singlet.Cotton logo singlet. 06/13 023 . by Billabong. Cotton printed singlet. $85. $35. Cotton singlet. Printed cotton singlet. Printed cotton singlet. by H&M Divided. Cotton singlet. $17. $39. $19. Printed cotton singlet. by Boy London from Actually Plus. by Cotton On. by DC.90. ART DIRECTION: DANNII CHOO. $35. $45. PHOTOGRAPHY: ROY LIM. $17. STYLING: CHERYL CHAN Printed cotton singlet. by Quiksilver. $35. by Billabong. by H&M Divided.90.

billfold wallets and travel organisers. The way we see it.t had landed on our shores. We’ve never been this spoilt for choice. #03-15 Wisma Atria.and cardholders. but we tend to have limited options. Made with buffalo-stamped leather and completed with subtle silver hardware. Eye Candy Luxe Appeal Constructed for the urban gent.t at. and covering up your hangover. over-the-top garishness here. these little details go a long way. OR’S EDITC PI K Frind i.Jump And Shout It’s not that guys don’t enjoy shopping. WORDS: JANINE LEE . the Braun Buffel Heart collection makes all the right statements. From $89 to $279 at Braun Buffel boutiques. 024 06/13 From $85 to $185 at major optical stores. are finely crafted key. With it’s UltraSight lens technology that offers nine layers of everything from shock-absorbency and scratchresistance to polarising light-filters that block UVA. masculine way — as is the style ideal intended for the male of the species — you won’t find any flashy. Which explains why when we heard Hong Kong multilabel store i. Fingercroxx and 5cm. or quite so able to identify with how our girlfriends feel whenever they enter the mall. only two words came to mind — wardrobe overhaul. What you will find however. Polaroid’s polarised sunglasses have been protecting delicate eyes from sun damage and making people look like rockstars for a very long time. all of which carry cuttingedge menswear in various styles. Stand-out brands include Izzue. Exciting stuff. these guys definitely know what they’re doing. UVB and UVC light rays — when it comes to sunglasses. Currently in its 75th year of production. Stylish in a quiet. shades are essential for two things — blocking out the sun.

making them idiot-proof when it comes to matching pieces. featuring the ever-comfortable cushion crepe sole. patterned polo or even a hoodie and you’re good to go. We love a good pair of boots because they look cool. Understatedly sophisticated and crafted with quality materials. Throw on a striped tee. the Newport collection features tees. next minute monsoon). you could sport an herb garden on your head and still be the coolest kid on the block. Best part is. making for an all-around better-fitted silhouette. they come in a plethora of funky prints from cosmic to tribal and even good ol’ fruit and veg. To sweeten the deal. kit yourself out in these threads for some effortless style — even if you don’t own a yacht. #04-45 Paragon Shopping Centre. why not embrace the opportunity to show off your calves? Celio’s summer collection of shorts are available in a neutral colour palette ranging from khaki to grey to black. 118A Arab Street. it’s pretty much berm season all year round. Tough Nut All Hands on Deck Traverse the high seas with American brand Nautica’s 30th anniversary collection. Enter Red Wing Shoes. engraved rubber soles and an all-over funky print in nylon and suede. Featuring three-strap velcro fastening. Sleeker and lower profile then their snapback cousins. $679 at V Ave Shoe Repair. they’re made of five pieces of fabric cut to align to the contours of your head. Hilton Shopping Gallery. Yeah. From $63 at Celio stores. you heard us. A tribute to its seafaring heritage. you could totally get away with wearing these to work. heel back-stitching and leather lining. shirts and pants in navy. Sneak Attack Embodying everything awesome about Scandinavian design. #02-13. a name so synonymous with bootmaking that you can’t say it without stomping hard on something. These round-toe work oxfords are testament to that spirit. Short Story Given the stifling hot weather. Swedish atelier V Ave Shoe Repair presents these seriously sweet kicks that will make your fancy feet even fancier. red and white. these eclectic sneakers will take you from the streets to the dance floor and back — upping your style quotient by 200 points in the process. From $49 to $55 at Actually+. #02-070 Suntec City and Leftfoot stores.Skull Hugger Rock the living daylights out of that bad-hair day with these dope fivepanel caps. 06/13 025 . From Red Wing store. From Nautica boutique. are durable and they kick our fickle weather’s (one minute drought.

why not just wear three-quarter pants instead of rolling the cuff?” HUIMIN. looks a bit effeminate at times. it would be really unflattering.” . 24 “It’s a more special way of wearing pants. it’s silly to roll it up.” (She’ll let you know…) Does it say cool. 19 “It’s got a bit of an ’80s vibe to it. ESTHER. 28 LISHIA. 22 “It’s a cool look and also very trendy. I wouldn’t mind my boyfriend wearing his pants like that. 24 “Other than a functional purpose. like preventing the pants from getting wet. Fashion trend? Weird and unmanly. I think it looks good on guys. 23 “I hate this look! Why are you showing off your ankles? Pants should cover the entire leg and if not.” JEAN.” INTERVIEW & PHOTOGRAPHY: JANINE LEE. If you want to wear pants that length.” ELISHA. casual and relaxed or “I can’t decide which length my pants should be?” We let the ladies tell you. 25 “It doesn’t work for most guys. It would be okay for more casual outfits. I like that the guy is daring enough to change things up a little and take risks with his dressing. the top needs to match the overall look. Not in-between. MODEL PHOTO: ROY LIM ELLA. you should be wearing berms. 18 “It works for normal pants but please don’t do this for skinny jeans.” 026 06/13 LEAH. And it also won’t work if his legs are too skinny.How do my cuffed-up pants look? HER ION! OPIN JESS. beats the normal way of dressing.” “I think it’s quite nice and stylish.

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5)Le Petit Olivier Pure Argan Oil. A multi purpose product. 4)B. $58 100 per cent pure. it also hydrates and repairs damaged skin. PHOTOGRAPHY: ROY LIM 2)Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cream. $28 Hate razor burn and irritation from shaving? This foam infused with peppermint protects skin and soothes by reducing friction and redness. organic and natural. 45ml. . $99 A non-sticky essence that glides on skin like water and contains a cooling agent that calms and smoothens. Tightening skin and reducing unevenness. $45 We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — the sun is the biggest culprit causing damaged skin. while providing a cooling sensation that lasts well after your shave. Apply a few drops and massage into cleansed skin. treat and improve your poker face. $23 Formulated to work with dehydrated and sensitive skin. this brightens and improves your complexion with regular use. 3)Lierac Homme AntiIrritation Shaving Foam.Kings of Clarity New grooming items to protect. ART DIRECTION: PYRON TAN. 150ml. this fragrance-free cream locks in moisture for up to three days and guarantees longlasting hydration. This quickabsorbing sunblock not only protects from UVA and UVB rays. it can also be used to revitalise and restore dull. 50ml. 3 1 4 5 2 1)SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence.liv Shield Me Moisturizing Sunblock. 75ml. 028 06/13 WORDS: JANINE LEE. dry hair. argan oil contains essential fatty acids that combat skin ageing. 75ml.

But there will be a few that really connect much more than a commercial perfume.com. you’d start feeling conscious about how you smell. They’re not going to think of gifts.” But men don’t shop that way. When creating a perfume. Caucasians and Northern European women tend to prefer the drier notes in perfumes that exude a lot of warmth. out of a collection of 12. they tend to think of everyone. of course. Artisanal perfumes stem from more original concepts. WORDS: JANINE LEE 06/13 029 .” honestly. When choosing perfume for a girl. In my experience.000 materials. warm or dark. what ingredients would you use to make the ultimate perfume? Perfumery has a palette of about 3. “Those shoes would be nice for my mum”. but there are days I wear something I know my husband likes. but it’s not very personal because. should a guy pick something he or she likes? Sometimes I dress to please myself. Code Deco has an online chart that categorises our fragrances according to moods or feelings. If it were snowing now. water and leaves. crisper notes. such as conditioning — your background. it’s the smell of a mood. where I smell it and think it’s perfect.sg for more information and Code Deco’s range of artisanal perfumes. so I have to hold back and keep focused. But it’s a sensible gift. I’d like to capture the sense of monsoon — the smell of earth. I’d see something and think. I’m like a greedy child. by midday. Constraints aside. It’s created for maximum impact. It’s not an identifiable smell. at least for that day. Right now. Those fragrances are designed to give off a clean. you’re already stripping it of distinctiveness or individuality. No matter how nicely dressed and groomed you are. week or month. within five to 10 seconds. where you grew up. a woman in Asia would tend towards cooler. What is artisanal perfume? Commercial perfume has to appeal to the masses. crisp smell all day. it would be a good idea only if your male friend has odour issues! What’s a nice way to tell a girl she needs to put on perfume? As a gift and choosing some of the fresher themes that smell clean. things that make you nostalgic or give you happy memories. That for me becomes my ultimate perfume. Culture is another — where you live. get what they need and come out. Every time one of my fragrances reaches the point where I imagined it to be. I need to tell myself to stop adding things to it. Whether it’s sheer. sparkling. half will do nothing for you. or “That tie would suit my husband. When that happens. This is especially handy when selecting perfumes. you’d prefer a warmer fragrance because that’s a biological response to your surroundings. That’s my next goal.codedeco. Singapore is so humid. Leave it to their girlfriends to do that. Is it unmanly to buy another guy fragrance? That’s usually left to their girlfriends to do! When women shop. the options are infinite.Scent-sual Pleasures Gauri Garodia. “[For men] Buying your guy friend fragrance would be a good idea only if he has odour issues. from consumers in China to Latin America. as you’ll know what type of person your partner is and what she likes. at some level. what the weather is like. Visit www. The tricky part is until you smell the fragrance. it needs to make a big impression. breaks down the art of fragrances for us and tells us how to select that perfect scent. They go to a store. Which scent do ladies find most attractive on guys? The preferences are driven by a few things. you feel a mood transformation. It’s one of the things I thought about when creating the sheer and sparkling collections because. you won’t know if she likes it or not. There are some perfumes that sparkle on you and make you feel happier. founder and creative director of artisanal perfumery Code Deco. That might be enjoyable for a lot of people.

Art direction: Dannii Choo Photography: Roy Lim Styling: Sharon B Tan

B o a rd a nd Alo ne
Even when you’re in a contemplative mood, there is no reason why you should ignore style.

Jacket, by Adidas. Printed shorts, by A|X Armani Exchange. Shoes, by Converse. Photography assistance: Darren Kuah; Styling assistance: Dennis Villareal; Grooming: Sha Shamsi/9628-7035; Model: Benjamin/ Looque Models


by Calvin Klein Jeans. both by Fred Perry. Printed shortsleeved collared shirt. Shorts.Denim polo tee and shoes. by Topman. Striped denim shorts. by H&M. by Adidas. . Shoes. Opposite: Jacket. by A|X Armani Exchange.


by G-Star. by Converse. by Adidas.FA S H I O N Jacket. . Printed short-sleeved shirt. Studded sneakers. Shorts. by Topman.


Shoes. Slim-fit pants. by A|X Armani Exchange. Shoes. by Calvin Klein Jeans. by Converse. by H&M. . Distressed T-shirt. by Calvin Klein Jeans. by Fred Perry.FA S H I O N Hooded jacket. Opposite: Printed jacket. by Topman. by Adidas. Shorts. Belt.

Tangs. authorised retailers. OG Orchard Point and authorised retailers.700. Gc boutique at Marina Square and authorised retailers. A yellow hand here. selected Royal Sporting House stores. $749. 038 06/13 WORDS: DENNIS YIN The toughest SOB in the watch world. $199. $5. Tangs and Nautica boutiques. $299.048. $1. Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU. The time is clear with a luminous dial and bold markers. OR’S EDIT CE CHOI Doesn’t mind getting roughed up in wet environments. $834. Robinsons The Centrepoint. a red arrow there — sports with a trendy twist. Nautica NMX 601. . Reactor boutique at Plaza Singapura. Claude Bernard Aquarider (10202 3 BUIN). Gc Homme (X95004G4S). Reactor Neutron. These ones are for you.Active Hands Hey. Gets you very deep underwater. Put vigour on your wrists. Timex Men’s Fashion (T2P041). jock.

$565. Robinsons The Centrepoint and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Robinsons The Centrepoint. Robinsons The Centrepoint. Front Row at Raffles Hotel and Moments by City Chain at Ion Orchard. Nixon Dip-Dye Collection. Tsovet Aviation Collection (SVT-FW44). $588. Classy without the inflated price tag. $230. Swatch stores. Tangs. Robinsons The Centrepoint and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Designer face. $375. Isetan Scotts. Tangs. $215. 06/13 039 . Nixon store at Ion Orchard. Issey Miyake Twelve by Naoto Fukasawa (SILAP020). Robinsons The Centrepoint and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Tangs VivoCity. $115. Mustafa Centre and authorised retailers. OG Orchard Point. Adidas Camo Collection — Stockholm (ADH2813). You wouldn’t mind being seen in this camouflage. OR’S EDIT CE CHOI Play with colours. Tangs. Swatch Irony Chrono (YCB4021).Half Time Another half-dozen new timepieces for your choosing. Arbutus Open Heart. Black gold. and authorised retailers. Make ’em green with envy.

Gimme: $129.1 Speaker System Why’s it good? Super-convenient.Disentangle your listening experience. to create multi-dimensional audio output. Nimbus@Wheelock and LifeCycle. Can even be mounted on a stroller. custom-tuned. Tangs Orchard. super-tiny (6 x 5. Wireless Audio Blast Why’s it good? A neat clip-on Bluetooth headset that lets you toggle between music and phone calls when on the run. Isetan Scotts and Tampines. selected Challenger stores.creative. Powered by Sony’s proprietary S-Force PRO Front Surround technology. this cylindrical Bluetooth speaker with MicroSD. Nakamichi NBS2 Why’s it good? Enjoy room-filling cinema sound without room-filling clutter.com and authorised retailers. Sony stores and authorised retailers. Jabra Play Why’s it good? The portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a bike mount for those lonely rides along Punggol Waterway. and effective sonic directivity — all for only a two-figure price tag. the digital-audio quality is ace. Creative T3150 Wireless 2. so you can groove to Psy while carrying out fatherly duties. thanks to its wireless feature. sg. HMV.store. Apple premium resellers EpiCentre. 040 06/13 Sony HT-CT260 Surround Sound Bar .7 cm). Stereo Electronics. too. Gimme: $449. down-firing sub-woofer. Nubox and authorised retailers. Gimme: $219. lets you bring your music wherever you go — even to the gents. TwoBros Lifestyle & Gadget Store. plus a dynamic sub-woofer. NYNE NB-200 Why’s it good? Wireless and wired connectivity. Besides handiness. built-in microphone and FM radio playback. this powerhouse has just two front speakers in a single bar. Gimme: $88. Robinsons The Centrepoint and Raffles City. HMV and authorised retailers. Tangs Orchard. Gimme: $79.

Newstead.6fps continuous shooting mode) with an even faster sharing capability via Wi-Fi. Best of all? The Samsung 45mm 2D/3D lens (sold separately) is the world’s first one-lens 3D system that captures still images and HD movies in “perfect” 3D quality. Gain City. authorised retailers. Gadget World. Challenger. nicely sized 10. Best of all? It offers laptop capabilities with pre-installed Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 RT. adding only 0. authorised retailers.Tech Improve Better your life with this new hardware. Gimme: $109. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody Why’s it good? The 20.3 inches to your bulk. Best of all? It’s is the thinnest design to date. HP Envy120 e-All-in-One Printer NICE FLAT Why’s it good? Stylishly designed with strong-yet-light magnesium alloy casing. Gimme: From $668.6-inch Gorilla Glass 2-encased touchscreen and detachable keyboard-like Touch Cover. tea and chocolate. but also iced peach tea and iced cappuccino.90. Best of all? It doubles as an ornamental piece with its duck-like design.3-megapixel camera is a fast image recorder (Hybrid Auto Focus system. Gimme: $399. $649 (45mm 2D/3D lens). 06/13 041 Microsoft Surface RT WORDS: DENNIS YIN . Samsung NX300 Why’s it good? The shockproof silicone case features a built-in 1. Harvey Norman and Mustafa. Infinite. authorised retailers.500mAh lithium polymer battery that extends battery life by 70 per cent. 1/6000 sec shutter speed and 8. EpiCentre. USB port and microSDXC card slot. Nubox. PowerSkin for iPhone 5 Why’s it good? Convenience at your finger tips with web access and wireless/mobile printing options. Challenger. Gimme: $999. Gimme: $279. Best of all? Enhanced features such as a front USB port lets you charge mobile devices without having to shift the printer around. built-in kickstand. Why’s it good? The smart system not only makes hot beverages such as coffee.

First-class axe man. .

You must also be flexible because situations on the fire ground are constantly changing and you have to adapt. Because when you smoke. What do your loved ones feel about your job? My parents have this impression that firefighters just stay in the station and do WORDS: JANINE LEE. The selection process is very difficult. so our vehicles have ladders that extend all the way (about four storeys high) to the top of the plane. The aircraft is of a certain height. I was cooking on campus and activated the fire alarm by accident. Because I bet that’s what really throws you into a panic. But it’s also a good thing if we don’t get major calls because that would have meant an incident where a lot of lives would be at stake. such as the newest vehicles and techniques. they’re pretty impressed because they respect firefighters more. What would you say to someone who was playing with fire? I’d borrow a quote from American humourist Jack Handey: “If you ever catch on fire. However. Dedication is one of the most important traits about this job. ART DIRECTION: PYRON TAN. What essential traits does one have to + Is it an occupational hazard to put the lives of others before your own? “Of course.” 06/13 043 Which is more important: The ability to solve problems or the ability to numb your emotions? A mixture of both. so the job doesn’t just end at the fire. we have different meetings to attend. The most important thing is to control them and they’d work to your advantage. it’s a very challenging job. Plus. about 4. Has it always been your dream to be a firefighter? It started during my university days in the UK. people just see it as a normal job and tend to think all firefighting duties are handled by the Civil Defence. Ever had any doubts about your job? Yes. PHOTOGRAPHY: HONG CHEE YAN . most times. you need to have integrity. You also need to have a high level of tolerance because these types of situations can stretch on for days. There are also limited resources with the type of fire engines we use at the airport. we have to get the feel of the industry’s best practices. all personnel are stationed on the ground floor. But the bunker suit remains forever the same temperature. There are a lot of training and drills and. so that we’re in line with what’s going on in the world. even Olympic-standard athletes have been known to struggle with it. I think there’s a similar move in pole dancing. or live in a desert for six months? I’d rather live in the desert for half a year because at least there are fluctuations in the weather. I’m on call round the clock. as opposed to my SCDF days where we could take up to one minute. However. if a butt is not stubbed out properly. Fire engines came and they looked really cool. emotions have to be numbed in order to make rational decisions. dangerous manoeuvres such as rappelling. What goes through your mind during those critical few moments before you engage a blaze? There are two emotions that you face when you respond to a fire: Fear and anxiety. there was a nonaircraft-related incident that was quite interesting. but it doesn’t bother me. at the higher levels. it can smoulder for up to three hours. Would you rather wear your bunker gear 24/7 for a week. People have actually gotten heatstroke from wearing it for too long. that we hardly get calls and have no work. In order to take a civilian out of danger. Even after hours. What’s the usual reaction you get when you tell people what you do? In Asian society. knowing to do what is right. An aircraft blaze is also a lot hotter compared to a building blaze due to the high temperature of jet fuel. The technicalities were straightforward: The crew went in and the supervisor talked him into coming down. But it comes naturally after all the training. visiting other airports to learn what other AES officers do and exchange ideas with them. There was also once I went on a fire-station exchange programme and showed my overseas peers a way of going down the pole — Singapore-style with only one arm. What’s something cool you get to do as an airport firefighter? I get to perform high-storey. During such dynamic situations. How does being an airport firefighter differ from a regular firefighter? Both disciplines have their challenges. It’s like being Spiderman. We always train ourselves for the worst-case scenario but. Like fire.000 types of chemicals are being released into the environment.Aircraft Rescue Fire Officer Battling runway infernos and saving lives — it’s all in a day’s work for senior airport emergency service (AES) officer Yeo Kian Min. We also participate in exchange programmes. split-second decisions have to be made to solve the problem under extreme pressure. We need to get into the vehicle and be out of the station in 15 seconds. The interesting bit was how did he get there in the first place? He actually crawled through the false ceiling and climbed the pipes to reach the ledge. it’ll burn your house down. in the West. I’m very active and like to challenge myself. but they need to be controlled.” possess to do what you do? Firstly. We also check out the latest in firefighting technology. How do you feel when you spot smokers who don’t stub out their cigarettes properly? The only thing I feel is a tinge of sadness for the environment. But when I go overseas to visit friends. try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror. Also. People tend to perform better during instances of fear and anxiety. But that’s not the case. After the fire is put out. What was your most memorable call? Airport fires are generally quite small and aircraft incidents have been handled pretty smoothly so far. but I’d say for an airport firefighter. More importantly. And if it goes unnoticed. It’s part of the job. I have to switch places with him. the response time is of paramount importance. it’s really hot. and getting water from hydrants is not immediate. we don’t use the fireman pole at the airport. that’s how it develops into a full-grown fire. And the most rewarding thing about your job? Just being the unassuming and unsung hero during and after the emergency. there are implications on airport operations. nothing. From the firesigns perspective. So it’s a bit of a letdown in that sense. They were impressed. as well as handling equipment used in height rescues. A foreigner managed to get on an inaccessible ledge in the airport and threatened to jump. you can use it to cook. but if you lose control. That got me interested. kind of like making a deal with the devil. sometimes. there’s not much status in being a firefighter. we attend to minor incidents.

Hair: Peter Lee/Hairloom using Goldwell. by Triumph. . by New Look. Photography assistance: Alfie Pan.All lingerie. Right (Ophelia Wan): Cotton T-shirt. by Forever 21. using Nars. Left (Cara Ng): Knit crochet cardigan. Art direction assistance: Dannii Choo. Makeup: Venetia Stravens/9838-7087. Words: Janine Lee Art direction: Tony Law Photography: Joel Low Styling: Cheryl Chan 044 Beaut y Ro 06/13 FHM Models 2013 top 10 finalists gear up to win.

pick a favourite or three. and enjoy the show. it’s that glorious time of the year again where we reveal the top 10 FHM Models finalists. That’s right.F orget everything you know about beauty pageants and model contests. guys. Get to know them. because the only one worth paying any attention to is finally here. yale . The nation’s sexiest girls are ready to rumble.

by New Look. by Cotton On Body. stylist’s own. Right: (Rena Neo): Acrylic knit cardigan. Socks. stylist’s own. . Opposite. Socks. Right (Elizabeth Roquita): Oversized cotton tank top. stylist’s own.Left (Michelle Tan): Crochet cardigan. left (Mel Tan): Cropped tank top. by New Look.

06/13 047 .

left (Cynthia Kuang): Cotton henley. by New Look. Right (Anna Huang): Knit crochet shrug. Opposite. 048 06/13 .Left (Esther Lee) & right (Gaby Tan): Acrylic knit cardigans. stylist’s own. both by New Look. Socks. by Cotton On Body.


you would… Take all the food supplies from supermarkets in South Korea and deliver them to the people of North Korea. GABY TAN 19.All swimwear. The date is already promising so I’d look forward to it rather than get nervous. You’ve come to the end of a pretty good first date when the guy suddenly says. “I think I love you. by Triumph. mature and capable. 050 06/13 . By that I mean food so heavenly it’s an orgasm for the tongue! What do you look for in a guy? He has to be sincere. All leather peep-toe heels. What would make you more nervous: A promising first date or an important interview? An important interview. by Charles & Keith. makeup student If the world froze for a day and no one could see what you did.” What would be your immediate reaction? I’d smile politely and say goodbye. while freaking out inside. A lifetime supply of your favourite snack or a 30-minute orgasm? A 30-minute tongue orgasm.

CARA NG 20.” What would be your immediate reaction? I would be quite astonished as it’s difficult to love someone so easily. You’ve come to the end of a pretty good first date when the guy suddenly says. confident and caring. A lifetime supply of your favourite snack or a 30-minute orgasm? A lifetime supply of chocolate sounds too good to pass up. “I think I love you. I’m good at crafts. What’s one thing you cannot say no to? Floral prints and colourful dresses. what would we be shocked to find? Nothing. You’ve come to the end of a pretty good first date when the guy suddenly says. you would… Find a white horse and ride it all over the city. What would make you more nervous: A promising first date or an important interview? The interview because I would need to be able to perform well at all times.” What would be your immediate reaction? I would be surprised but also very happy. I have nothing to hide. “I think I love you. student If the world froze for a day and no one could see what you did. I would… Go on a crazy shopping spree. OPHELIA WAN 24. What do you look for in a guy? I like guys who are faithful. What is your secret talent? Designing and making small gifts. What’s one thing you cannot say no to? Partying and having an awesome time. executive If the world froze for an afternoon and no one could see what I did. What do you look for in a guy? My ideal man would be romantic. I’m a transparent person. If we went through your personal belongings. What is your secret talent? It has yet to be discovered. humorous and caring. .

“I think I love you. It’s probably got something to do with my horoscope. I’m a Leo and yearn for perfection. What do you look for in a guy? Neat hair. A lifetime supply of your favourite snack or a 30-minute orgasm? The latter sounds better than food — sex over snacks. you would… Take money from the bank and give it to the poor. What would make you more nervous: A promising first date or an important interview? The interview.ESTHER LEE 19. Who would you like to have a drink with? Professor Gabriel Owen Emerson. CYNTHIA KUANG 19. If we went through your personal belongings.” What would be your immediate reaction? I’d be shocked because you shouldn’t say those words just like that. student If the world froze for a day and no one could see what you did. Go through my book collection and you’ll understand. What do you think about before you fall asleep at night? The decisions I’ve made and how my life might have changed if I’d chosen a different path. . I’m someone who values my career more than love. man! What do you look for in a guy? He must be financially independent. Christian Grey. Gideon Cross and Travis Maddox. what would we be shocked to find? I keep random things like an unused instant teabag that has been lying around my room for a few years now. charismatic and good in bed. freelance model What do you think about before you fall asleep at night? How to improve myself more. and I don’t intend to get married anytime before 28. Who would you like to have a drink with? My father as I’ve never met him. disabled and elderly. filial piety and a good sense of dressing. You’ve come to the end of a pretty good first date when the guy suddenly says.

What is your secret talent? I dance quite well. office admin If the world froze for a day and no one could see what you did. You’ve come to the end of a pretty good first date when the guy suddenly says. student If the world froze for a day and no one could see what you did.” What would be your immediate reaction? Flattered but suspicious. You wouldn’t want him to fall for a side of you that’s trying too hard. kindness and maturity. What do you look for in a guy? Intellect. 06/13 053 . Who would you like to have a drink with? Can I say Barbie? I used to play with the doll when I was a kid and she’s not a real person so it’d be a fun experience. “I think I love you. anyway.MEL TAN 28. hoping I’ll look like them one day. What’s one thing you cannot say no to? Sexy lingerie. run and kiss my crush! What is your secret talent? Pole dancing. humour and a decent build — he can’t be too skinny. Just be yourself. MICHELLE TAN 20. A lifetime supply of your favourite snack food or a 30-minute orgasm? The 30-minute orgasm because it would be a crazy experience! What do you look for in a guy? Humour. I would much rather he says it after we have known each other for a longer period of time. that has always been a fantasy of mine! What do you think about before you fall asleep at night? I apply the law of attraction and think about Victoria’s Secret models. you would… I would go shopping wearing my favourite lingerie. What would make you more nervous: A promising first date or an important interview? There’s no need to make a huge impression on a first date. you would… Do naked things in public like swim.

What’s one thing you cannot say no to? I could never say no to the person I love. If we went through your personal belongings.ANNA HUANG 21. you would… Visit all the restricted areas in Singapore like an army base or the tiger enclosure at the zoo.” What would be your immediate reaction? I would laugh my a** off first. then I would tell him that “love” is a very strong word. height (at least 1. what would we be shocked to find? I don’t own any shocking belongings.8m) and a nice body. . You’ve come to the end of a pretty good first date when the guy suddenly says. but you’d find some unknown body piercings on me. freelance dancer If the world froze for a day and no one could see what you did. “I think I love you. Who would you like to have a drink with? I’d love to meet Thor — he’s the hottest demi-god around. What do you look for in a guy? Intelligence.

What do you look for in a guy? He should be understanding. but I’m actually an adventurous girl. The guy on the date would just have to accept me for the girl I am. Name one person you’d love to have a drink with? Emma Watson because she’s really hot and I admire her a lot. What would make you more nervous: A promising first date or an important interview? The interview. You’ve come to the end of a pretty good first date when the guy suddenty says. I’m quite the adrenaline junkie. student If the world froze for an afternoon and no one could see what I did.” What’s your immediate reaction? I’d give him a peck on the cheek but that’s about it. trustworthy and decent looking. “I think I love you. not me. “I think I love you.ELIZABETH ROQUITA 18. What’s one thing you cannot say no to? Exciting and extreme sports like skydiving. 06/13 055 . it could determine my future. student If the world froze for a day and no one could see what you did. you would… Use a marker and go around drawing on people’s faces! What is your secret talent? I sing and longboard. I would… Run around naked! What is the last thing you think about before you fall asleep at night? My plans for the next day. I might look like the type who just hangs out with friends and shops. You’ve come to the end of a pretty good first date when the guy suddenly says. It takes time to love a person and he’s probably just in love with the moment.” What’s your immediate reaction? I’d be shocked because it’s a bit too fast. ambitious and diligent. What do you look for in a guy? He has to be affectionate. RENA NEO 22. What is your secret talent? I am a sparring gold-medallist in tae kwon do.

you get to visit a city where you can experience the best match-day atmosphere in the world. But think of it this way — for the price of a flight to New York. we’re starting with a flash one. Boca Juniors vs O FOOTBALL MECCA River Plate. Plus. once you’ve flown to Argentina. is a derby so spicy it makes Manchester United vs Manchester City look like a your local five-a-side fixture. . everything’s dirt cheap and the women are so beautiful you’ll wonder why Lionel Messi left. The Superclásico.Words: FHM UK nos bue aires PHOTO: CORBIS kay.

can be a part of this hedonistic affair. UNDERGROUND San Rafael Underground is the epitome of low-key cool — where those in the know go to escape the big spectacle and more commercial vibe found in the franchises. with killer sound. complete with freezy ice cannons.. Clubbers get to let loose in the “seal pit” (and other animal enclosures) to a soundtrack of debauched techno and house. the bars buzz with T swarms of tanned Euro-fitties. Less lairy and expensive than San Antonio.. it’s a magnet for millionaire footballers and eye-popping Wag types. post-club parties. If you’re a beach lover — and/or a fan of Italian models in barely-there bikinis — then escape the hordes of hangover victims turning lobster-red on the beaches of San Antonio and head instead to Las Salinas Beach. If there are four or more of you going. this swish five-star beach hotel is your No 1 destination. The bars and restaurants dotted along Las Salinas ain’t cheap. Surrounded by pine woods. Attracting hip names from house and techno (plus the occasional DJ superstar going incognito. too. but party-goers who turn up for Gala’s unhinged raves are just as ferocious and untamed. First up: The boozy lunacy of San Antonio is all well and good but make time for a trip across the island to Ibiza Town (a cab is $40).S U M M E R H O L I D AY IBIZA CLUBS MUST VISIT As chosen by Ben Murphy. are an institution. then sharing a villa can work out cheaper than hotel rooms.more a pilgrimage GALA NIGHT Benimussa Hills This abandoned zoo may have long since moved its animals.. it gives you a place to impress girls with messy. IBIZA . the vibe is low-lit. restaurants and a spa (if you’re into that sort of thing). . so make sure you get your tickets in advance. hosted by techno’s arch-hedonist Sven Väth. you’re not coming in”. Although you won’t be bang in the centre of either San Antonio or Ibiza Town. With pools. You. the best DJs (like Hamburg’s so-hot-rightnow Solomun) and an attitude that’s more “anything goes” than “your name’s not on the list. USHUAIA Playa D’en Bossa When money is no object. And on top of that. SANKEYS IBIZA Playa D’en Bossa A club for connoisseurs. 06/13 057 he journey to the legendary White Island is an essential rite-of-passage that every European bloke must undergo. a huge stage. You can get a decent villa (with a pool!) that sleeps eight for $2. editor of DJ Mag.. But don’t imagine that it’s just San Antonio’s sleepy cousin: As the sun sets. AMNESIA San Rafael Still one of the most spectacular joints on the island.700 a week — that’s about $338 each. Its Cocoon nights. the cobbled streets of Ibiza Town are the place for fresh-outthe-water seafood and Instagramworthy views across the harbour. you’ll have somewhere to chill during down-time — without the wallet-strangling expense of sitting outside a bar. It gets insanely busy. with white sand and crystal-clear waters perfect for body-surfing. mind-boggling sound and outdoor dancing. not to mention cocktail bars. mind. less a holiday. puts on nights that are regularly ram-jammed to bursting. Ushuaia regularly hosts super-stars like David Guetta and Sasha.) the club is a former villa with the walls knocked through. this ginormous pleasure palace. while super-clubs El Divino and Pacha — the places that made the Swedish House Mafia the legend it is — are both located there. but you won’t find a more “this is the life” spot on the whole island.

down shots. which attracts all the world’s top DJs.500 revellers go mental. best of all. Fancy a romantic city by the sea and off the tourist track? You need Cadiz. Drink Whatever you like. You’re not thinking of Madrid’s squares. There’s not much left. Halikarnas. and fires lasers so powerful they can be seen in Greece.30am and docks three hours later. where you can hire everything from a canoe to a catamaran via a jet ski. scorched beaches and truly awesome ham sandwiches. a land of bull fighting. For clubs. no need to book ahead. There is no better place to do this than Bodrum in Turkey. it’s always happy hour somewhere. Good food (and by that we mean. possesses a has-to-beheard-to-be-believed sound system. WELCOME TO THE HOME OF SAMBUCA S o this is the plan: Do everything you usually do on holiday — ride banana boats. which sets sail at 1.000-capacity outdoor club. For some serious adventure without the serious price tag (or dysentery/malaria pills/kidnap ordeals) simply grab a cheap flight to Malaga (a hugely underrated city. Seriously. which is the resort’s most 06/13 picturesque strip of sand. Rooms From $38 a night — look for pensions for the best deals. a 15th century castle (think King’s Landing in Game of Thrones) and. Ghoulish tourist attraction Ronda’s bridge — people were chucked off this during the Spanish Civil war. What happens in between? Simple. You want epic mountain trails and pant-soiling ravines? Head an hour north to El Chorro. Kite surfing? Tarifa. but this giant structure (built in 353BC) was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. a 5. eat plates of meat — but mix it in with some culture. Drink Sherry (It’s made here and cheaper than chips). just take the bus (or hire a car for real freedom) and find your own Spain. You’re picturing Andalucía.Without the crappy bits ANDALUCÍA I magine Spain right now in your head. Cultural kick Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. probably even not Barcelona’s Las Ramblas. home to a Marbella-esque marina. Over 1. dance on bars. look no further than the floating Marine Club Catamaran. looks over the Mediterranean coast. 058 . Time to go June-August Rooms From $22 per person per night (triple rooms offer the best value). Must-lie-on beaches include Bitez. basically. loads of meat) and bars you can spend all day? Everywhere. Chilled-out beach scene? Take your pick of anywhere on the coast from Nerja on. you won’t believe it isn’t more popular) then — like the locals — go with flow. and Gumbet.

Attenborough alert Goa’s Cambarjua Cana. you’re right. Cool accommodation in the North includes 17thcentury fort-turned hotel Fort Tiracol. If that’s you. such as Den Glade Viking (“the only place where dancing naked on the bar is allowed”) and the thumping Disco Orange. posh hotels lining the beach that won’t break the bank. this one’s hard to beat. then dine in shore-side restaurants where the fish is so fresh you see it coming out of the ocean. dive or snorkel. 06/13 059 ometimes all you really want out of a holiday is a sun tan. then Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach will more than fit the bill. This allows you to mix “beach” days — sunbathing. Questionable but awesome Aqua Paradise. 65-mile long Indian coastal stretch known as Goa might be a pain to get to but once you reach it. already coaxing superstar DJ Carl Cox to the decks. sightseeing. where you can see crocodiles in the wilderness.S U M M E R H O L I D AY GOA A I R A G BUL THE LOW-COST LONG-HAUL LOVE-FEST T he bad news is. which hosts club nights by Twice As Nice and Hed Kandi. Think Lidl-brand Dubai for the main resort (in the best possible way) with new. a huge amount of booze and to get luckier than a doublelottery-winning lightning-strike survivor. which is a favourite with hot Scandinavian women. S SUNNY BEACH In and around Flower Street (the only road with a name) are dozens of bars. has its sights on the Balearics. Your girlfriend is indeed itching to be whisked away to a romantic beach where the sun always shines. On your sand-based days. Time to go November-February Rooms Beach huts start at $10 per night. You can forget those Spanish beaches that get busier than Westfield Shopping Centre — on this five-mile stretch of golden sand (more Baywatch than Bulgaria) you can go all out and not have to worry about money. snack on fresh pineapple. nights out and rampant sex in your beach hut — with “active” days — watersports. Drink Feni. an aqua park you can bring booze into. everything’s cheap. the trademark local booze made from cashew apples or coconut sap. Drink Zagorka (local beer) and rakia (strength varies significantly). The laidback. before jumping on your scooter (by far the best way to get around) and taking some kick-ass photos of you and your good lady exploring places like the grand cathedral in old Goa and colonial mansion Chandor. nights out and rampant sex in your beach hut. massages. The good news is it doesn’t have to cost you six months’ wages and several vital organs. The turbocharged nightlife. As far as sun (and booze) drenched paradises go. . If that gets a bit samey. Beers start at $2 (24-hour happy hours aren’t rare) and most bars don’t shut until the last rakia (local alcoholic beverage) is downed at sunrise. Rooms From $40 a night. but we’d advise heading south and bagging a beach hut in Palolem.

Just don’t forget your factor 30 — there are few things more sore than burnt buttocks… HVAR Populated with cocktail bars. for some reason). Pag is a party island. with hundreds of fit Euro girls appeals to you (and if it doesn’t then you might be dead inside). sea. but at a less walletcrushing price. It’s the clubs and dance-music festivals springing up along Croatia’s sandy coastline that are making it the new “best-kept secret” among party-monsters across Europe (particularly Germany. LOPUD This is where you go if you really want to get away from it all. and Rab is worth a visit if you fancy giving nudism a go. open-air raves. It’s got no cars. BRAC Craving kayaks and jonesing for jet-skis? Brac’s got all your watersports needs covered. whose shores are lined with great bars and cafés. nightlife and lush landscapes of Mediterranean holiday spots such as Ibiza. completely openair club that attracts world-class house and techno DJs. which this year runs from 11-15 July. Held in an amazing. we’d recommend getting your dancing flip-flops down to Club Porat. In terms of clubs. lush gardens and European celebs. Hvar is as snazzy as islands get but you and your girlfriend can still rent a bungalow on the paradise-like Palmažina beach for less than $95 a night. Cheeky tip: Club Porat covers such a large area — some 9. Accessed by a speedboat from Dubrovnik. 24-hour. Electric Elephant is five-near-perfect days of sun.t us. Your most solid festival-going bet is Electric Elephant. world-class DJs and demented boat parties aboard the aptly-named “Argonaughty”. totally secluded sandy bay. It’s also where you’ll find Zlatni Rat — Croatia’s mostphotographed beach. The country has more than a thousand islands dotted along its coastline — quickly and cheaply accessible by water-taxi — and with only 66 of those islands inhabited. But this small south-European country is well worth sticking on your holiday wish-list if you want the sunshine. PHOTO: TPG IMAGES/CLICK PICTURS .000sq m — that it’s incredibly easy to find a gap in its not-veryeffective outer wall and simply hop in for free. though. t ru s ll you’n a t h tk er us la ISLANDS HOP ON hen you’re brainstorming potential holiday destinations down the pub. Croatia probably doesn’t spring to mind. hosting the likes of Tiesto and Armand van Helden. And no trenchfoot — guaranteed. with tickets at $210 a pop. DUGI Pag is Croatia’s most-famous party island but Dugi Otok does a nice line in berserk. it’s well worth paying a visit if the idea of dancing under moonlight. Mljet is the island to head to for unspoilt nature. Oops! There’s more to Croatia than boobs jiggling to beats. particularly on Sahara Beach. idyllic stretches of white sand and a population smaller than most branches of NTUC. there’s plenty of exploring to be done and secluded paradises to uncover. among trees. in Tisno. 060 06/13 TO W located near Pirovac: A huge. Lovely.

The best part is the ticket allows you to camp for eight days. . The Artisan is known for being a party palace.S U M M E R H O L I D AY the luxury holiday you can afford LAS VEGAS I M S S À BE N IC less mud more sun he dream: A festival where you can go mental to your favourite bands until early morning. Strangest tourist attraction The Atomic Testing Museum. we should probably tell you that this year’s FHM-approved acts include The Killers. both of which give you free drinks while you play. The problem: Mud and your lady pal moaning about mud. and downtown. opened in 1950. Drink plenty of water Temperatures hit the high 30s. But sod them. both of which were once the stomping grounds of gangster Bugsy Siegel. swinging berks go to Vegas. meaning you can spend four days visiting water parks and topping up your tan. In case you haven’t guessed. the oldest gaff in town. the Fremont will put you up for $45 a night. and you won’t go far wrong. and what do you know. when you’re sick of gambling and drinking. 06/13 061 T O PHOTO: TPG IMAGES/CLICK PICTURS nly high-rolling. And if that’s not enough to get you and your lady excited. or proper Italian pizza at Settebello. Rooms From $72 per person per night (but it’s better to take a tent). it’s infinitely cooler to do so. Cities like Vegas suffer in a global recession. Drink Hit happy hour at the Mandalay Bay for $6 cocktails. Sweet. You can do Sin City on a budget. so even the slick hotels on “the strip” can be found to offer eyebrow-raising discounts. Meanwhile. then head back to your tent for some sexy time with your girlfriend. gorge on spectacular New Mexican food at El Sombrero on South Main Street. which takes place next to a lovely. long beach from 18-21 July. and you’ll be amazed at how little you’ll pay. Neither will cost you much more than $12 so you can spend what you save on the slots at Palms or the Gold Coast. Queens of the Stone Age and Azealia Banks. Think “Vintage Vegas” rather than $600 tickets to see Elton John. save even more money by going for the faded grandeur of a former mob-owned joint like The Flamingo or El Cortez. then four days losing your s**t in the mosh pit. The solution: Take the British weather out of the equation by jetting to a small town on the east coast of Spain. right? Wrong. we’re talking about Festival International Benicàssim. Go midweek instead of peak-time weekends. Rooms From a staggering $31 at Sam’s Town.

We are talking stunning. Eastern European goddesses. you’ll be able to retreat from the madness to a safe haven of satellite TV and air-conditioning whenever you like. and pace yourself. you can check out the bazaars and nightlife in Cairo. throwing back straight vodka like fruit juice. A car. including Rive Gauche and Latex. If you want out-and-out clubbing.RACING SAHARA in the the pharaons rally c a i ro I f the whiff of spent petrol is an essential requirement for your summer vacation. where top clubs. You should take euros or US dollars for easy exchange and don’t fall asleep on the beach — the burning hot mornings ain’t good for a vodka hangover. after which you can sort yourself out with a customised programme. Oh. a festival on the Black Sea Peninsula in the Ukraine that starts at the end of July and lasts six weeks. but don’t be intimidated by its size. Regrettable opportunity Getting “married” to some fit rave girl you just met up Kazantip Tower (don’t worry. Taking place over six stages from late September to early October the gruelling race over sand and asphalt is one of the coolest things an engine nut will ever see. For the petrol heads Pestering the drivers at dinner time to get the inside track on the day’s racing. Want to get even closer to the race? Book a stay at the Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Cairo Media City. bike and truck race across the sizzling landscape of Egypt. Then when the racing’s done. it’s not legally binding). Rooms $48 per person in nearby Popovka. covered in neon paint.000 party loons and hundreds of DJs. Rooms The five-star Mövenpick for $1. it’s an all-terrain burn-up through the desert in the style of the legendary Dakar Rally. Drink Plenty of water because it will be bloody hot. One was a bloody big war in the 1850s. and the other is Kazantip. ukr a ine he Crimea is known for a couple of things. might sound (and look) a bit mental. but if you rent a room in the budget-friendly nearby town of Popovka. KAZANTIP PHOTO: CORBIS . It never stops. Drink Vodka. The capital’s nightlife is a mixture of regular bars and more relaxed ahwas (coffee houses) where you can chill out with the locals and smoke shisha. Simply apply as an “accompanying person”. as the devoted regulars call it. six whole weeks. let’s get down to brass tacks: DJ sets by the likes of Josh Wink. So prepare to fall in love on an almost daily basis. Yep.270 (based on two adults sharing). The festival attracts around 150. then head to the Zamalek district. It’s where all the teams stay and totally envelop yourself in the atmosphere. A few words of warning. which has a football pitch and four swimming pools. Pendulum and Armin Van Buuren are all very nice but 062 06/13 T where the party (almost literally) never ends Kazantip is renowned for one thing — its jaw-dropping girls. then you could do considerably worse than witnessing The Pharaons International Cross Country Rally. obviously. You’ll just lose. so don’t try and outrun it. stay open until 4am. Z. Okay.

Next. It’s always packed and open until 4am. although expect at least double in Santorini. but make sure you check whether you have to pay for your baggage or hand luggage. try Papagayo. and you’ll get something fresher than usual tired greyness hiding ominously under a sweaty foil lid. all with a unique draw. Both seven hours by ferry. enough time to meet travellers on deck and get whooped at tavli (Greek backgammon — you can challenge anyone to a game) by an ouzo-charged 80-year-old. Never question bartenders on the potency of their drinks though. head back to and bag a table outside the Bar du Port. It’s pricey.S U M M E R H O L I D AY gr e e ce ST TROPEZ gatecrash the billionaires’ playground will change you forever GREEK ISLAND HOPPING… T his trip’s about forgetting the rat race with some proper. so try and get time off to coincide. a port and a town — no ruins to see. Rooms From $23 a night on Ios. Time to go May-September Rooms From $22 per person per night. The best bit? This whole holiday can be had for less than a flight to Thailand. Luggage charges You might think you’ve got yourself an insanely cheap return flight. Sneaky. but those in the know choose Ios. you won’t be doing this. For true travel bragging rights hit secret island Amorgos. look for shared villa for the best deals. wing a left at the port to gawp at the models partying on super-yachts before hitting a restaurant in the Place de Lices for a dish of moule frites (that’s mussels and chips) for a not-crazy-expensive $24. however. Historical bonus The Acropolis in Athens — climb through olive groves of the lower slopes to reach the the spectacular 432BC Parthenon. Drink $3 for a beer in Los. where most people disembark. whatever you fancy if it isn’t. then sailing into port and partying at Le Caves du Roy ($19 a coke. which is open til dawn. buying some cans (or a bottle of really cheap but delicious rosé wine) from the local super-marché and jumping on the open-top shuttle boat to Southern France’s most famous holiday hotspot (sit at the front as those at the back often get soaked). Prices can also go up the longer you are looking. It’s that easy. but if you want to splash the cash for a night of champagne-soaked debauchery you’ll be in with a chance of pulling some of Europe’s finest ladies (or impressing your other half). random adventure. is always under the counter to shut you up. Crete and Rhodes are rip-roaring party hotspots. and stay onboard to the epic port of Aegiali. all interconnected by a reliable network of boats. Get a cheap flight to Athens then rock up early to Piraeus ferry port like Jack Sparrow in espadrilles to choose your vessel. But since you’re not a sucker and your surname’s not Abramovich. Drink Tap water if it’s your round. Basically a beach. A good shout late in the season when workers throw all-night beach parties. Flights can be 35 per cent cheaper on this day. enjoy the same buzz for a millionth of the price by renting a villa in nearby Port Grimaud or Sainte Maxime. Hide Yo’ cookies It’s said that some sites can gather information through cookies to work out what you might spend and then gear prices accordingly. FHM T BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY LIKE A PRO Fly on a Tuesday Consumer mag Which? discovered the best day to fly is Tuesday. Want beaches and Vespas? Head to Naxos. Postcard views from a volcano? Santorini. just 24-hour hedonism. rather than joining the mugs all leaving on a Friday. Once docked. Say you’re a coeliac Say you require the coeliac (pronounced “see-lee-ack”) menu on the plane. If the DJ or women aren’t doing it for you there. You can. he traditional way to “do” St Tropez involves spending the day on a pimpin’ yacht. There are dozens of Greek islands. a super-charged goatherder tipple made from leftover grapes. A shot of homemade tsipouro. booze from $48). 06/13 063 . Resist Katapola harbour. “When in Rome” activity A game of petanque (boules) — locals and tourists play in the Placedes Lices.

CH R I STI N E HALLAU E R The Knock One Fighting Championship’ s (One FC) latest Swiss-Filipino ring 06/13 064 Words: Janine Lee Art direction: Pyron Tan Photography: Nicky Loh Styling: Thomas Hong .

is getting our blood pumping. Makeup: Sha Shamsi/9628-7035. Hair: Peter Lee/Hairloom using Goldwell. Out girl. by Oroton.Spot Joyeux bra top with sequin strap and matching panties. Christine Hallauer. using Make Up For Ever. 06/13 065 . by Valisere from Triumph. Poetry ring.

They make a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight look that much more brutal simply by being present. .CH R I STI N E HALLAU E R T hey’re the sweethearts of the ring. and they’re also the only people on earth who can get a crowd roaring just by walking around holding a sign. adding a bit of sass and sex appeal to what’s otherwise a completely male-dominated world. All things considered. Show some love to Christine Hallauer. they’re pivotal to the MMA experience and it’s just peaches for us that they look so damned good doing it. One FC’s new ring girl.

Black ribbon lace on white bra. all by La Senza. tanga with tutu and bow. 06/13 067 . by La Senza. stylist’s own. Bracelet. Opposite: Pink lace padded bra.

with fans who follow them.CH R I STI N E HALLAU E R What do you do as a ring girl? The role we’re known for would be carrying the signs that display the round numbers of a fight. they’ll also follow news about One FC and this in turn generates more interest in the sport. We’re the female faces that represent One FC — the MMA equivalent of F1 grid girls. And when they follow us. we also attend a lot of media events with the management team and fighters. How did you get introduced to MMA and how did it lead to this job? I was modelling for magazines in Australia when my friend introduced . There are ring girls who are celebrities in their own right. But before each fight.

so it’s quite nice. Everyone’s definition is different. So I started doing promotional work for smaller fights in 2009. sexy. it worked out. by Valisere from Triumph. or feel good wearing.” fights. How do you define sexy? It’s what you personally feel comfortable in. Besides. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done? Riding a horse while doing a photo shoot! FHM For more info on One FC “live” events. Of course. 06/13 069 . Is there any drama between ring girls? Not that I’ve come across. too! Are you an MMA fan. We’ve seen drama between fighters.com Panties. Loa bronze bracelet. I’m not really concentrating on that. Ditan bracelet and Trance Rhodium earrings. And since the Philippines is one of the largest markets for MMA and I’m half Filipino. I come across as sexy. we’re all good friends! If you could take on one person in MMA who would it be? Can I say [boxer Manny] Pacquiao? Just because of how massively popular he is in the Philippines. I’m more focused on the job and walking around and having fun. all by Oroton. That’s how One FC eventually discovered me and it led to where I am now. For me. to speak for One FC. or is it more of a job for you? I actually do have a genuine interest in MMA and love to watch the “The M M A audience are quite respect ful to us at the fights and they don’t do any thing out of line. But this sport is so popular in Australia that it doesn’t need much introduction. I’d probably appreciate it more as a member of the audience! How do you feel about being ogled by men? It doesn’t really bother me. but I don’t think I can fight. classy and sporty. What does it take to be a ring girl for One FC? I reckon it wanted someone from the region with an Asian heritage to be able to connect with its audience here. The ring girls also need to be articulate. visit onefc.me to this. it’s a feeling: If I feel sexy. Have you signed up for any MMA classses? I might do muay thai for fitness in the future because that’s the one I’m most familiar with. Everyone there is familiar with MMA and it’s common for any one of us to be a fan. they’re quite respectful to us at the fights and they don’t do anything out of line.

YOUR STAG DO 2023 SPACE: YOU’RE GOING UP THERE SOONER THAN YOU THINK Words: Joe Mackertich and Dan Masoliver .

A host of billionaire entrepreneurs across the world perceived this as the crack of a starter’s pistol.” says Mike Gold. “We’re on the cusp of what we only read about in books 50 years ago — hotels in space. the rockets we use to launch us out of the atmosphere can only be used once. Imagine if after each time an airline flew a plane it had to scrap it and build a new one. And sources tell FHM they’re close to a breakthrough. but things are set to change. and watch a rocket blast into space with humans on board.” These aren’t the words of some fruitloop sci-fi-obsessive. The budget could not stretch to the cosmos when there were expensive wars being waged in Afghanistan and Iraq. the cost of leaving Earth for regular people will come down a lot.” 06/13 071 QUESTION 1 PHOTO: CORBIS “WE’RE ON THE CUSP OF WHAT WE READ ABOUT IN BOOKS 50 YEARS AGO. PayPal and Virgin are saving up for? It’s this. you and your sweetheart could spend a few days in space.” Block currently works for The Golden Spike Company. I look forward to when the taxi ride to the airport is longer than the flight. Once the private sector was able to develop and deploy them. then they certainly did. will be able to go into space in your lifetime. yes you. going round the moon on a spaceship. It’s a huge challenge. “But research for space exploration is going to change the Earth in revolutionary ways.” says Block. moving sidewalks. This is the situation with space travel. if Valentine’s Day was approaching. you had the explosion of the telecom industry. Currently. But we’re up to it.S PA C E H O L I D AY WHEN CAN I PACK MY BAGS? et’s clear something up right off the bat: You.” says Block. one of the many businesses striving to make the dream of affordable. Nasa. “That’s where this industry is heading. civilian space travel a reality in the next couple of decades. Ever wonder what the heads of companies like Google. “It is extremely possible. the company founded by dotcom billionaire Elon Musk is working hard on making the first reusable rockets. It’s Bobby Block. “In the past. “Civilian space travel is seen as a carnival for wealthy people. for a modest sum. SpaceX. “It’s like telecoms. operations director for Bigelow Aerospace. If the US government didn’t have the cojones to take the human race to the stars. orbital villages. It’s starting to happen.” Gold agrees: “You’ll soon be able to fly from London to Tokyo in under an hour.” .” The thing that’s made space travel so expensive is the cost of blasting off. the same way you can go to an airport and watch a plane take off. a man who has worked at the top of some of the biggest private-sector space companies in the world. the Obama administration dramatically cut funding to its space agency. the company that is ploughing millions into developing large habitats (think floating blocks of flats) for space. only governments could develop communication satellites and launch them. its hand forced by the global recession. Last year. “that in the near future. “You should be able to go down to one of the many launch pads across the world.” All the companies agree on one thing: Once companies and investors recognise space as a viable commercial market.” says Block.

so you have to accept that there’s a possibly higher incidence of crazy-person-aboard-ship syndrome.” CRUMBLING BONES “Space turns athletic people — astronauts — into couch potatoes. Their muscles waste. The gloves and boots in particular press up against your finger. “Floating around. as in the vacuum of space. You’re isolated from all your creature comforts and everyone’s monitoring what you’re doing. you’re living inside a machine — these aren’t just houses in space. putting pressure on them. The nail bed needs a supply of blood. something happens which causes a swelling of the brain.and toenails. you don’t have to go long before you’re into real trouble. so does the boiling point of liquid.” 072 06/13 “Inside your central nervous system — your brain and spinal cord — there’s liquid circulating called the cerebrospinal fluid. Actually. It’s all fun and games until your eyes explode. rather than 100 deg C. it pushes on the eyes and deforms the eyeballs. The thing about taking fee-paying people up there is that there’s a lower grade of psychological selection for space tourists. you lose it. death awaits you about an inch away on the other side of the hull. Zen-like experience. the nails lose their blood supply and the whole thing just comes off. but as LOSS OF FINGERNAILS “Spacesuits look like big quilts and you think. you’re not using it. the water in the soft tissues of your body and the blood in your veins begins to boil and form bubbles of vapour. the brain swells. an expert on space medicine. it will kill you. It may be because this fluid isn’t draining properly. There are a couple of big problems there: One is that your vision is changing. with an ever-present threat of a very violent death. In those regions. In space. They lose bone mass and muscle mass from the bits of the skeleton that are load-bearing areas.” SPACE MADNESS “Space is tremendously challenging psychologically.” Here are just a few of the mind. to tell us about some of extraterrestrial travel’s biggest health risks. and going into space.” PHOTO: TPG IMAGES/CLICKPHOTO DEFORMED EYEBALLS . eventually you get to the point at which water will boil at 37 deg C — the core temperature of your body. If you boil a cup of tea on the summit of Everest. that must be the most comfy thing to wear’ — but they’re really not. IT PUSHES ON THE EYEBALLS. none of which sound like much fun when you’re 400 million miles from a GP.” “AS THE BRAIN SWELLS. you lose on average 1-2 per cent bone mineral per month.” says Dr Fong. everyone’s smiling. ‘Gosh. their bones waste — if you don’t use it.QUESTION 2 WILL SPACE DESTROY MY MIND? pace. dangerous. they’re constructions that have to work to keep you alive. If that goes on long enough. Now. It’s like wriggling into a suit of armour lined with a wetsuit. the water boils at 70 deg C. We asked Dr Kevin Fong. If you’re at low enough pressure. no one’s really sure. It’s like Big Brother in space. and if that is obstructed. the second thing is you’ve got this raised pressure in the central nervous system that could cause damage.and body-destroying maladies awaiting any budding astronauts. if you keep dropping the pressure. At that kind of loss. it’s uncomfortable. but the evictions are kind of messier. and you’re out there for six hours at a time. You’re in a confined area.” BOILING BLOOD “As pressure drops. “Space looks like the most wonderful.

Dr H: “We already rely on computers to land our planes.” TOTAL RECALL (1990) The plot: Arnie goes on an ultra-violent vacation to Mars. we discovered the first planet outside of our solar system. its onboard computer. the other by director James Cameron — are trying to set up mining missions to asteroids. Dr H: “There’s nothing scientifically wrong with the principle of warp speed. And has sex with almost all of them. planetary researcher and scientific adviser for last year’s mega-hit Prometheus.800 more. we should have a permanently manned lunar base. Dr Hugh: “Space mining is big at the moment. and we’re really close to how it’s portrayed in this film. people are already trying to build computer versions of the human brain. as well as countless other candidates that we think are planets. Dr H: “Space is so vast that to get to another star system. where humanity’s colonists are busy mining the planet for its valuable resources. It’s been tried on mice and pigs and works most of the time.” 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) The plot: The crew of a spaceship are fatally betrayed by Hal. we’ve found 5. you’re not violating the laws of relativity. make of the scientific theories at the heart of these six classics? A word of warning: Here be spoilers… WHAT’S ON THE IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT? STAR TREK (2009) The plot: Captain Kirk and his Starfleet chums zip across the galaxy using faster-than-light travel to save humanity from the dastardly Nero. We would be giving computers the ability to think for themselves. On her adventures she meets many interesting characters. Since then. A way of doing this is low-temperature stasis — cooling the body down to the point of induced hibernation. Dr H: “I’m pretty convinced that complex life has developed somewhere. but are travelling faster than the speed of light.S PA C E H O L I D AY MOON (2009) The plot: Trippy sci-fi in which Sam Rockwell’s moon miner discovers he’s the victim of a human-cloning operation. Dr H: “Mars colonies have been a research topic for a while but it’s still too expensive.” ALIENS (1986) The plot: A band of marines go into hyper-sleep in order to travel across the galaxy to wipe out a planet of predatory beasts. which could then be used as a stop-off point between Earth and Mars.” BARBARELLA (1968) The plot: Jane Fonda jiggles her way around various planets in a space-bikini. But what does Dr Hugh Mortimer. trade finances and recognise faces. Using something called ‘Strong AI’ (artificial intelligence). Two companies — one funded by (Google bosses) Eric Schmidt and Larry Page. in all areas. Within the next 20 years. Twenty years ago. It seems only right you use the journey to enjoy some of the finest space films ever made. I’ve heard rumours of secret teams in the US researching this. you have to travel incredibly fast or put yourself into cryogenic sleep.” QUESTION 3 So you’ve bought a ticket to the moon.” 06/13 073 . You compress space in front of you and expand it behind you. hopped onboard the shuttle and now have nine hours to kill before touchdown.

It’s like: Star Wars with a degree. HAS ANYONE DONE THE SEX IN SPACE? No one’s ever admitted to having space sex. it would be about 34 million miles. Warring civilisations. you’d have dominion over the land you’ve settled..QUESTION 4 QUESTION 5 WHAT TO READ ON A LONG-HAUL SPACE FLIGHT? HOW DOES ONE POOP IN SPACE? HOW DOES ONE POOP? .” says Bigelow Aerospace’s Mike Gold. where you’ve got treaties stating which countries own which bits?” THE STARS MY DESTINATION (1956) By Alfred Bester …AND HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO READ THEM? The distance between Earth and Mars is always changing (because of their orbits). When a rescue ship passes him by. he becomes hell-bent on seeking revenge — even if it takes a total rebuilding of his mind and body. shipwrecked in deep space. It’s said that the Soviet Union shot a number of unlucky “lost cosmonauts” up into the void. instead of water. Officially. Poo is dried out. The crew on early Russian flights wore sportswear inside their capsules. “If your company reaches the moon and begins mining. inhospitable Mars use psychedelic drugs to help pass the time. but if you timed take-off right. too. so you’ll get cold in the shade and warm in the light. It’s like: A Jason Statham film crossed with 2001: A Space Odyssey. a million miles wide and rotating around a far-off star. 074 06/13 . Golden Spike’s Bobby Block thinks this could be problematic: “Will it be like the Antarctic.000 hours. HAS ANYONE DIED UP THERE? Nobody has ever died out in space. with a view to becoming the world’s first “astroslut” (her words) by 2014. first served. The majority of space toilets use fan-driven suction systems. urine is recycled and turned into drinking water. Mind-bendingly weird. Will take ages to finish.And four other things you didn’t know you didn’t know. CONSIDER PHLEBAS (1987) By Iain M Banks A proper. It’s like: Inception. you don’t immediately explode or freeze to death: In space you’re surrounded by a vacuum. but Virgin Galactic have confirmed that a porn company approached them with a milliondollar offer to let them shoot a film on one of its soon-to-be-operational sub-orbital craft. or is it part of a plan by alien puppeteers to breed human beings? It’s like: Stargate. is the destination for two bored humans determined to discover its secrets. but with drugs instead of sleep. There are conspiracy theorists that allege that Yuri Gagarin — the first man to leave the Earth’s atmosphere — was simply the first man to survive leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. A mysterious metallic ring. to pull waste away from astronauts’ bodies before zero-G can begin playing revolting havoc. Sci-fi at its maddest and most epic: Gully Foyle is an uneducated thug of a man. you don’t need a spacesuit to go into space. compressed. Virgin said no. put in aluminium containers. Porn star Coco Brown is also currently training as an astronaut. RINGWORLD (1970) By Larry Niven THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH (1965) By Philip K Dick Bored colonists on a sand-blasted. galactic politics and a truly epic scope make what would become the first book in Banks’s Culture saga a wicked read. Even if you leave the ship.. Then your blood starts to boil. Was the Ringworld built as shelter from a galactic explosion. WHO OWNS THE MOON? It’s first come. A rocket-powered flight would take about 6. and disposed of back on Earth. never to return. On the International Space Station. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU TAKE THE SUIT OFF? Surprisingly. But with more sex. no-nonsense space opera.

TO INFINITY. WHAT AM I WEARING TO SPACE? Super hi-tech space clobber that’s also ready to wear down here on planet Earth. At 16Gs. Between 2-3Gs. At 5Gs. Price: $135 The shirt has a lab-tested antimicrobial coating so you don’t have to worry about BO pong. 06/13 075 . From 3Gs. The Omega Speedmaster Professional (right). his weight would go from 80kg to 720kg. The fact that nextgeneration astronauts will be floating around the cosmos dressed as Buzz Lightyear is pretty cool. the Z-1. which absorbs heat from your body and then releases it when your core temperature drops. We sent FHM space cadet Dan Masoliver to the QinetiQ Human Centrifuge in Farnborough to find out how 4Gs feels (the level that astronauts leaving Earth on a low-orbital spacecraft experience). Nasa Phase-Change material. Fabric woven from thermoset yarns.. most people experience G-LOC (G-force loss of consciousness aka passing out). It is. At 4Gs. It was chosen by Nasa owing to its toughness. This is not some bloke from a Toy Story convention. HELMET COURTESY OF FANCYDRESS. actually. in fact. Masoliver’s eyesight failed entirely. At 9Gs. Rhodium-plated stainlesssteel strap. Price: $5. the Z-1 is more mobile. easier to get into and more stylish than anything that’s come before.” is how one astronaut described taking off in a rocket. Shatterproof Hesalite crystal face. the heart has to start beating extraordinarily fast and hard as all the blood in the body is pulled towards the feet.. the prototype of Nasa’s next spacesuit. the Apollo Shirt is crammed to the cuffs with genuine spacesuit technology. Designed for future missions to the moon and Mars. making it entirely wrinkle-free. Masoliver experienced “grey-out” — there’s a loss of colour and peripheral vision.COM Waterresistant up to 50m.S PA C E H O L I D AY QUESTION 6 WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BLAST THE F**K OFF? • • TRIP TO QINETIQ CENTRIFUGE COURTESY OF THE GUYS BEHIND THE TERRIFYING DEAD SPACE 3 GAME (OUT NOW FOR XBOX 360). • • • • QUESTION 7 “Like going over Niagra Falls in a flaming barrel. vibrations begin rupturing organs. worn by Buzz Aldrin over his space suit in 1967. was the first (and only) watch to ever go to the moon.300 Dreamed up by a bunch of MIT graduates called the Ministry of Supply.

You’ve got some hard work to do before anyone’s going to let you behind the controls of anything as cool as a spacecraft. And you eat the cardboard box. They should enrol in test-pilot school and get around 2.000 a year.” MINT AND CHOCOLATECHIP ICE CREAM “A winner.” QUESTION 9 CAN I BE CAPTAIN? he short answer: Yes! But you might want to hold fire on purchasing that Starfleet Command tunic for the moment. STRAWBERRIES “These are good! Strawberries with the natural sugar taken out and replaced with normal sugar. Mis-controlling the fuel in an airplane is not that dramatic a problem.000. depending on how often you fly. In a spaceship.CO. Like Chuck Norris in drag. spent enough air time and graduated with a degree in something space science-y. captains of orbital spacecrafts will be ex-airline pilots or test pilots who have a degree in astronautics or space engineering. you'd leave the planet on a trajectory that meant you'd never return to Earth. crusty bread.” says Cervoy.” We got hold of a load of space snacks and conducted a blind taste test.000 hours of flight time under their belt.” PEACHES “Like someone spilt tinned peaches over a cardboard box.” The good news is once you’ve got your pilot’s licence.” VACUUM-PACKED GRANOLA There are no fridges in space.UK) . Becomes gungy. they were keen on flying and being in the air.” says veteran European Space Agency astronaut Jean-François Clervoy. you need to know how to fix it. “and that will rise to $380.” $380.” APPLE WEDGES “Tastes like warm apple pie.QUESTION 8 WHAT’S ON THE MENU? VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE SANDWICH “Incredibly hard and powdery.” So what would an FHM reader have to do to be in with a chance of one day having “Space Captain” on their CV? 076 06/13 “The most important thing is they can demonstrate that. Smooth and not too sweet. Doomed. so astronaut food has to be totally dehydrated and sealed in vacuum-packed bags to stop bacteria from developing. NEAPOLITAN ICE CREAM “Does taste like Neapolitan ice cream. operating high-performance aircraft. from an early age. But feels like dry. if you mis-timed a rocket-engine boost for injection into orbit.000 SPACE CAPTAIN’S FUTURE INCOME DEHYDRATED SPACE FOOD SUPPLIED BY EDU-SCI (ASTRONAUTFOOD. “In the future. You’ll need a space toothpick. “If you have a problem hundreds of thousands of miles from Earth. “Basic pay will be around $190. you’ll be on a good salary from the moment you don your captain’s hat.

looking out at the stars. though the truth is that almost everything is harder in zero G. to board a parabolic plane and experience firsthand the weightlessness of space. With no resistance against your weightless limbs. At 1. “This is the first stomach-churning stage of the aerobatic manoeuvre known as a parabola — used by Nasa and more recently a handful of commercial companies offering zero-gravity experiences — to re-create conditions felt by astronauts as they leave the atmosphere and break free from Earth’s gravitational pull. And using the loo can be. the freedom is like no feeling on Earth. Then it happens. Food flies out of its containers and splatters on the walls. To the earthbound. you can somersault.S PA C E H O L I D AY QUESTION 10 WHAT DOES ZERO-G ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE? ike every man born since the first space shuttle launched from Cape Canaveral in the ’60s.’ he says.” PHOTO: TPG IMAGES/CLICKPHOTO . my body is almost twice as heavy as on ground level. then my shoulders. first my hands. this seems more like the worst nightmare of anyone with a phobia of flying than my childhood dream of floating among the stars.8Gs of gravity. courtesy of Lynx Space Academy. A restful night’s sleep can only be achieved by strapping yourself down (or else floating off and hitting your head). a messy experience. ‘If you close your eyes. you cannot feel your body’s weight. Upwards. a French astronaut with 675 hours in space under his belt. FHM staffer Dan Masoliver has often stared into the night sky and dreamed of following in the gravity-defying footsteps of his astronaut heroes. “Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have to live in zero-gravity conditions for months on end.’” FHM 06/13 077 “CLOSE YOUR EYES AND YOU FEEL AS IF YOU ARE A SPIRIT. a steep 45-degree climb. ‘When you’re in space. Even within the cramped cabin of the small plane. As we level out of our climb. We sent him to Florida. several thousand feet over the Gulf of Mexico. in the worst possible sense. that seems like a brilliantly free existence. air-swim or just float. we enter phase two of the parabola. you feel as if you are just a spirit — nothing but a weightless mind. the pilot pushes forward on his stick and sends us plummeting towards the open ocean below in a sharp nosedive. Suddenly. “Despite this. well. told FHM that with zero-G ‘you fly even more freely than the birds in the air or the fish swim in the sea’ — and for a combined total of three minutes. “As the pilot pulls back on his controls. “As I lie face down on the carpeted floor of a tiny twin-engine plane. and I start falling. then suddenly my entire body is pulled up. I know exactly what he means. astronauts like Cervoy wouldn’t change it for the world. forcing me to eat carpet. “Jean-François Clervoy.

Billboard Meet the red-hot redhead from Britain’ s favourite ads (and every 078 06/13 .

Knickers. by Primark.DAI SY PETTI NG E R Beaut y lad’s sexy dreams). .A. by New Look. using M.C. Hair & makeup: Natacha S. Words: Chris Sayer Photography: Zoe McConnell Styling: Kylie Griffiths Cardigan.

Vest, by American Apparel. Knickers, by DKNY.

074 080

ince posing for FHM UK’s Halloween special two years back (it was her first-ever shoot), 26-yearold Daisy Pettinger has taken the modelling world by storm. Just last year, Britain saw her seductively sipping on a bottle of Coke Zero and managing to make a bowl of Kellogg’s Special K look trouserrubbingly exciting. Our UK counterparts even confessed that they’d have her in their mag every single month if they could. In fact, feast your eyes on these pictures and give them one good reason not to.



“You’ll probably find it easier to recognise me with my clothes of f.”


You’re everywhere in the UK right now. What’s your latest steamy advert? My last shoot was for an Ann Summers (lingerie and sex toys retailer) Christmas commercial, but you don’t see my face. Just my bod. I do a lot of lingerie and swimwear jobs. You’ll probably find it easier to recognise me with my clothes off. What did the ad involve? It’s really embarrassing. Basically, I had to have a sexy romp with a male model in my underwear. Don’t tell my mum! Actually, she knows… but my dad doesn’t. Do you have any tattoos that might help us recognise you? Only on my foot, but I don’t think people will be concentrating on the feet. How long have you been modelling? I’ve been doing it for 10 years, since I was 16. I went to Japan when I was 17 to model. I did

some crazy s**t; they are absolutely mental over there. What was the weirdest thing you had to do? One of my first Japanese adverts was for a breast pump. I was 17 and was given this newborn child, which I then had to hold, topless — I had nothing on. The agency also liked the models to have super-pale skin, so every morning they’d rub loads of sun cream on us, to make sure we wouldn’t get any kind of tan. Bizarre. Are you a fan of the model lifestyle then? No way. I’m proper down-to-earth, I don’t like the whole model scene. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate nice things, but I love a pizza voucher. I just think, why not? Dough balls and a pizza for $15 — who can say no to that? And I love a pint or a cup of tea. A really good

date would be brunch; that’s the best meal of the day. What kind of men would you like to have brunch with? Men that aren’t wankers. High standards indeed. What’s a real turn off? Probably a guy who can’t grow a beard. I like a beard. I don’t get the whole One Direction thing at all. What’s the world coming to? They’re children, and people are just going mad over them. I like men. I also like a guy who can laugh at himself. I meet a lot of male models and they take themselves way too seriously; they’re way worse than the girls. They’re so vain and all they do is talk about gym. Get over yourself! It’s a shame that they are so pretty, but on the whole they’re just a bit vacuous.

I do a lot of yoga and Pilates. FHM 06/13 083 . one guy tried to ask me out. I don’t like the whole model scene. So where do your talents lie? You know that game where you have a cereal box and you have to bend down and pick it up without bending your knees and without using your hands? I’m f**king ace at that game. “I’m down-to .” You need some confidence. “Um. I really don’t know how people run that. I love a pint or a cuppa. no? Not really. I could take you out for dinner. and we were pacing it. He sent me a message saying. possibly. maybe. I’m not very sporty. You can say I “did” a marathon. “I’m picking you up at 8 o’clock. though. That would sound better and it’s not technically a lie. I need someone who’s as bossy as I am.ear th. would it be okay if. We were dying by the end. basically because they’re easier. I’m very flexible. I’m still in pain from it. What would be the best way for a man to find out how flexible you are? I can’t stand pathetic men. I’m also very good at the limbo. This summer.” But surely you spend as much time in the gym as they do. maybe?” No way. I walked a marathon recently. So who would be your perfect man? Jenson Button — I have a small obsession with him. It took us eight hours. very good actually. Daisy. by American Apparel. I get a bit freaked out by the gym. He’s my favourite Formula 1 driver. He was lovely but boring as hell. if you want.Bodysuit. hi. You want a man to say. It was difficult. Though I predict that Sebastian Vettel will win next year again — he seems pretty unstoppable. um.

The elements are still there. Or (b) drink a lot of beer. “Sure. By 1995. “I don’t think I’ve done enough good deeds lately. there were only two options to consider. steel chairs and tables. a true WWE phenomenon. Words: Oliver Stallwood LIVE YOUR LIFE In a world ruled by gargantuan men in multicoloured jockstraps paid to knock seven shades of crap out of each other with fists. He could (a) try to fit in with the world’s best. WCW Tag Team Champ.” . bent down and holding hands with someone’s grandma just doesn’t register. in wrestling I’m the baddest man on the planet.BADASS WRESTLING WAY FHM LEARNS FROM WWE LEGEND “STONE COLD” STEVE AUSTIN HOW FAR RAISING THE MIDDLE FINGER CAN GET YOU. trying to crack his way into the World Wrestling Federation.” The image of a 48-year-old. so the 25-year-old Texan workhorse chose to soak himself with beer. But Steve Austin away from WWE is a different animal.” Steve Austin tells us as he sits in his LA home. but the volume’s turned down from 10 to one. named Steven James Anderson. Texas. sit tight and wait for the big bucks to roll in. sharer of the silver screen with Sly Stallone and Dolph Lundgren in The Expendables and the only man to walk away from middle-fingering Mike Tyson’s face. Blond locks would never work. nursing a knee injury. get a one-syllable name like “Rock” or “Hulk”. had arrived: A blue-collar anti-hero you’d expect to find throwing someone through a truck-stop window. it can be tricky getting noticed. THE $56 MILLION REDNECK “I helped a little old lady cross the street just yesterday. find a nut-hugging sequinned suit. 1. clad himself in leather and denim and put his faith in route (b). For a manual labourer from Victoria.88m bald former WWE Champion. No prizes for guessing which route seemed more appealing. WWE Hall of Famer. swear like a rum-addled pirate. act so redneck that he’d get turned away from a Dukes of Hazzard convention and swear at everyone who could possibly give him a break in the industry. the Stone Cold Steve Austin who is now known and loved around the globe by generations of fans.


“He did exactly what he wanted to do. this is it. In 1998 alone. not only as a threat.But if ever you needed an excuse to turn your life dials all the way up. But once you’re past the public image. “Nonetheless. with a little help from a beer can here and there and a middle finger to naysayers. My personal goal has always been to be the best I can be. So where does his multi-million-dollar appeal come from? “Stone Cold was hell-bent on getting to the top.” Even with those intentions. bar a few cans in the boozer. crowds and figures of authority over and over. and has dragged himself up to be one of the world’s most recognisable faces.” MARKETING THE MIDDLE FINGER Every man needs a trademark.” Austin says. chucking f**k you’s about will eventually spark confrontation. Stone Cold shifted $22m worth of merchandised T-shirts that he personally had a hand in designing.” he says. No a**holes are ever allowed. but as a statement of intent to reach the top of his game without anyone holding him back. That was a break from what everyone else was doing.” The reality is this: Here is a guy who once had very little to show for himself. perceptions change. With his WWE retirement in 2003. I think you should go out there and be the best burgerflipper you can be. He’s been at loggerheads with numerous people during his career. I mind my own business. how he wanted to do it. “Half the stuff I say is tongue-in-cheek. And Stone Cold Steve Austin’s middle finger has met the ends of noses belonging to opponents (including the aforementioned Mike Tyson). People didn’t think that Stone Cold was a good role model. and people appreciated that.” he assures FHM. Not bad for a persona that was once regarded as “unmarketable” by former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) vice-president Eric Bischoff (a remark that apparently led to his sacking). “I wouldn’t be anywhere near as ruthless as Stone Cold. but they were entertained by his character. try my best to live with the people I choose to surround myself with. if you’re going to flip burgers in McDonald’s. an astronomical figure that undoubtedly crowned him as the richest redneck on Earth. most recently reportedly calling wrestling veteran Hulk Hogan a chump and being accused of criticising younger wrestlers — both of which he says were taken out of context. another . his total career earnings were roughly $56m. SMACKDOWNS TO SPELLING BEES For a man who has made his name by pummelling opponents in front of millions and has a flourishing acting career. “People take it word for word and that’s the thing that disturbs me about people reading into what I say.

The Cold One Perhaps one of Stone Cold’s most famous moments. though. That’s for damn sure.STEVE AUSTI N unexpected thing you’ll learn about Steve Austin is that he’s a “very private individual”.” he justifies. It was the place he’d always dreamed of. I couldn’t spell three-quarters of what they can. He acquired a crane. “I’m a good speller. Texas. “What annoys me is that everyone is on their damn phone these days.000-acre home near Tilden. the big man tries to avoid contact with too many people. Top: On the quad bike he uses to chase opponents. Stone Cold used his trusty ATV — or quad bike — to chase his opponents in a kind of Mad Max version of Mr Bean. He’s been shooting and stalking since he was eight. Austin completely lost it. Steve’s 2. Here are some of our favourites: The Ice Breaker The Texas Rattlesnake opted to drive a Zamboni — an ice resurfacer — into the ring in September 1998. Concrete Evidence It seems 1998 was a vintage year for freaking out in vehicles. MAKIN’ AN ENTRANCE Prior to slapping someone’s face off. It’s all people seem to do. Austin has some of the most colourful entrances in the business. Easy as ATV At WrestleMania XXVII. without even a hesitation to suggest the image of him kicking back in front of a televised children’s spelling competition is even a little peculiar. He then dished out a clothesline and then got nicked by the cops. I’d rather be in wide-open spaces than crammed on top of those people in the city. McMullen County. Above right: In the 2012 action film. I had to break my skull in the ring to buy the place. But shooting isn’t his only pastime he indulges in on his man ranch. Even when he’s staying in LA. dropped a block through then-WWE champion Triple H’s bus and towed it into the arena with his pick-up. And the name? “Hey.” And you don’t get much more different from the hubbub of LA than Broken Skull Ranch. even when he was making a living on a forklift before wrestling skyrocketed him to superstardom. Prepare for the final Stone Cold Steve Austin surprise… “I relax by watching spelling bees. Dropping In In 2000. and now has around 40 guns to his name. The Package. Above left: With The Expendables co-star Dolph Lundgren. I can spell ‘beer’. The ranch is where Austin continues his passion for hunting. In 1999.” he tells us.” FHM Steve Austin stars in The Package. out now on DVD and Blu-ray. 06/13 087 . but these kids. Next up. he chose to drive a cement mixer up to WWE owner Vince McMahon’s Corvette and fill it with the grey stuff. he drove a beer truck into the arena and hosed down rival The Rock.

.. Wolfmother. EXIT FESTIVAL Held in the Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia. DANCE ALL NIGHT IN A FORTRESS Then go to.. New Order. Exit is in an amazing setting and has parties that will go on till . Exit is hailed as one of the top 10 festivals in the world.Wo BMus 0 m ook ic/ 6/1 en s DV 3 /M /M D ov an ies T H I S M O N T H ’ S T O P 10 It’s still not too late to plan your mid-year holiday and make them absolute smashers with these incredible music outings. Little Dragon and Duran Duran were on the bill. Last year.. 088 06/13 PHOTO: TPG IMAGES/CLICKPHOTOS & CORBIS Global Festivals Music You want to.

rave. From $345. You want to. including David Guetta. pounding madness with the finest acts known to man.. 06/13 089 . while Foals winds it up on 18 September. creamfields. 5-12 August. Stone Roses and Pet Shop Boys. Snoop Dogg. but its hugely varied line-up is still the focus. LIVE IT UP IN LA Then go to.. summersonic..13 dawn and blow your tiny mind.. Prodigy and Paul Oakenfold. giving you more time to immerse yourself in the bleeping. so knows how to throw down.. the eight-day-long Sziget festival has been dubbed “paradise city”.uk.co. Fill thine boots. ROCK OUT LIKE YOU’RE IN EUROPE Then go to. GET LOOSE TO GUITAR MUSIC IN IBIZA Then go to.. accommodation and flights are all bundled too. making it proper easy to arrange yourself a lost week of guitar-based excess... Jake Bugg plays the opening on 5 June. including Linkin Park... Now it runs over three days. You want to.. 5-8 September. Tiesto. 10-11 August. FYF FEST In September. MIA and The Flaming Lips are all heading for the very beautiful Isle of Wight...com 5 June-18 September.org. Hadouken! and Blur are on the bill. SUMMER SONIC 2013 Held concurrently in Tokyo and Osaka. Smashing Pumpkins. 10-14 July. bestival..com. Boys Noize.. From $185. You want to.. This year. GET YOUR FANCY DRESS ON Then go to. with performances by other arena-filling acts. From $110. The parties.net.. CREAMFIELDS The elder statesman of dancemusic fests. From $325. szigetfest. fyffest.06. Elton John.. exitfest. Think blazing-hot indie girls in super-trendy specs wigging out to angular guitar noise and electro-pop. thanks to Ibiza Rocks. IBIZA ROCKS It’s not all rave. Rock behemoths Metallica and Muse headline on separate days. This year. You want to. rave on the White Island. Sweet. 1-2 September. Creamfields has been running since 1998. the LA State Historic Park in downtown LA offers itself up to the hipsters for a weekend of superb comedy and music. GO NATIVE ON AN ISLAND IN HUNGARY Then go to. From $200. two-venue affair features acts who will jet between the two cities.. From $165..com. If you want to experience a real festival vibe (Laneway doesn’t count) without travelling halfway round the world. RAVE IT UP WITH DANCEMUSIC LEGENDS Then go to. ibizarocks. this two-day.. BESTIVAL Bestival is almost as well known for its fancy-dress theme as it is for its music (this year it’s sailor attire all round). You want to. 23-25 August. You want to.com. SZIGET FESTIVAL Taking place on a huge island in the Danube in northern Budapest.. Summer Sonic’s it. while a beer will cost you a mere $3. From $335...

D. sticky brown mess. and even before a controller button has been bashed. hairy arm and magic up a suspicious. then fling it into evil eyes to blind them before killing them. ANSWERS: C and E are made up. . Shock Jockey Fire a bit of electricity out of your palms at your enemy to shock them into paralysis. Games Test Your Gaming Expertise Try to work out which of Bioshock is back. main-man Booker DeWitt. B. But. Ape S**t Grow one really long. E. In this third instalment. as usual. 090 06/13 C. who disables them by dancing out of their stomach. and watch them peck your enemy to death. Psy-Sarean A toot of your magic flute summons a small Korean pop star inside your baddie. a city in the sky. Murder of Crows Hatch a nest of crows onto your unsuspecting victim.13 Bioshock Infinite Game on. is called to rescue a damsel in distress from Columbia. in this massive franchise. Bucking Bronco Go all Darth Vader on your baddie’s a**e by raising them into the air without touching them. he’s not only armed with bullets. shaking them about and then battering them to death.06. Sorry. it’s sat atop many a gaming must-buy list for 2013. but a number of weird powers to turn his living enemies into very dead enemies. sucker! the powers below are in-game real ’uns and which are the ones we’ve hilariously made up… A. an agent with a dodgy past. Bioshock Infinite is out now.

I started intensive Mandarin lessons only last year. I’m an absolute mess but I love it all. It’s amazing. If you’ve been a long-time Strokes fan and have listened to its latest release. but I’m so happy that I’m able to share my music with more people. And I love talking to my fans so… More friends! I’ve sung and belly-danced in front of David and Victoria Beckham. I remember singing a Jolin Tsai song at Teenage Icon. I love acting but singing and songwriting will always be my first love. I was fortunate to have (lyricist) Xiao Han’s help. Comedown Machine is out now. It just happens and each time it gets penned a different way. There’s a time and place for everything. It will always be my go-to genre. too. If you can drop the expectations. No pressure but once I master Mandarin. Have a peek into my iTunes and you will find music from Slipknot to Britney Spears to acoustic folk — and even classical pieces and movie scores. it’s all me — my feelings. I’m not going to lie. I realised how hauntingly beautiful the metaphors were. staying for days. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start afresh. I listen to every type of music. although I did dabble in a bit of Mandarin singing when I was 14. choppy guitar riffs spinning in wild circles and bass lines that work its way into your brain. Another puzzling aspect is the creative decision to swap lead singer Julian Casablancas’ distinctly cool “I really don’t give a toss” vocals for a whiny indie-driven falsetto — especially noticeable on One Way Trigger and Chances. At that time. Tracks like Welcome to Japan and 50/50 do exactly that. My debut Mandarin album is entitled Ming Tian/Ming Day. you’re probably wondering what on earth happened. My mum speaks Malay and five other languages. maybe that place really isn’t on a Strokes album. I want people to always look on the bright side and be happy. there is still enough of The Strokes to identify with. a play on words with my name and “ming tian” (“tomorrow” in Mandarin). Because it’s not that it’s suddenly making bad music. there are some lyrics that I had to use Google Translator to find out how to say what I really wanted to say! I’d love to speak and sing in Malay. a singing competition that I went on to win. While not a complete radical departure from its signature garage-rock identity. I have always loved listening to Mandarin songs. I love the melodies and when I started to understand the lyrics more. Since young. when Britain got to host the Olympics in Singapore. I was told that sticking to English music might be my best bet. Ming Tian/Ming Day is out now.06. there’s always tomorrow.13 Comedown Machine Music A milder Strokes on its fifth album. As my Mandarin still isn’t that good. Playing up the moodier vibes and garage-rock grit — and this is where The Strokes shine. I have absolutely no idea that I have more “likes” on Facebook than FHM. There is no set process to songwriting. Ming Bridges This saccharine-sweet Eurasian singer is making waves in the Mando-pop community. It means no matter how your day was today. 06/13 091 Music WORDS: MITCHELL PEREIRA & JANINE LEE . I’m fascinated by the Mandarin idioms and only hope that I can write such deep lyrics one day. even making me cry sometimes without fully understanding the lyrics. Allow us to introduce her to you. The trick to Comedown Machine is not to go in with preconceived notions about the band. I did sing Chan Mali Chan once in an Ivan Heng production. Singing is very personal. I’d have a go at Malay. though. That said. That was pretty fun! And Lord Coe. I love alternative rock most. They have the ability to evoke emotions within me. the overall sound of the band’s newest effort is a lot cleaner and less likely to strike a nerve. it’s just not the type of music long-time fans are used to. my story. Comedown Machine does have redeeming qualities. The defining elements that made The Strokes so special in its early years are still evident: Reverberating drums. I hope one day my Mandarin will be good enough to self-produce all my songs.

Not even for music videos. Anyone that’s been to one of mine will tell you I throw a great barbecue. I can’t tell you what they are. Have you ever spent a significant amount of time talking to an animal? I have a black Belgian malinois. we used to play that game when I was little. though. Have you ever let a girl put makeup on you? F**k. making one huge-ass blunt. Have you ever worn a trilby? Yeah. Have you ever followed through on a particularly exuberant fart? Oh. I got trained up by Floyd Mayweather’s family. Long story short. though. That would be the only the thing. That would have been a long time ago. I have some white jeans because I’ve 092 06/13 Man The American rapper and Fast & Furious 6 actor has the swagger. which is in the German shepherd family. d’yall not think so? Air Force One “I’m very proud of my manhood. WORDS: FHM UK. though — back when I was younger. There’s no reason to trash that! Ludacris What is the biggest thing you’ve ever set fire to? Probably a big blunt in Amsterdam. I just did one for LudaDay Weekend [a day in Atlanta named after him]. Fast & Furious 6. That’s definitely happened. All of his commands are in Look out for Ludacris’ new album Ludaversal later this year. That’s the closest I’ve got to a nickname. I’m very proud of my manhood. so it didn’t stay that way for long. and I talk to him a lot. too. people would know what language I talk to my dog in. It’s one of those things where white is a representation of being so fresh and so damn clean. As a matter of fact. but will it be enough to get him through these 14 questions? thrown all-white parties before. no I’ve not. Have you ever made growling noises at yourself in the mirror? [Laughs] When I was a little kid trying to be The Hulk or some s**t like that. We do movies. PHOTO: TPG IMAGES/CLICK PICTURES . Those are some pimp hats. Have you ever put your penis through your legs and pretended to be a girl? [Laughs] No. I missed completely. You can also catch him in man flick. There’s no reason to trash that!” Have you ever taken a girl on a date using a discount code or voucher code? I think I’ve used gift vouchers for the movies or some s**t on a date. Do you own any coloured jeans? Yeah. How do you behave at barbecues? You could definitely say that I party and go hard. for sure. Have you ever thrown a punch and missed? Of course! First time I threw a punch when I was boxing. He’s very well trained. but I’ve heard about people doing that s**t.06. Apart from a fish. Not recently. Have you ever had a really manly nickname? I used to be in a group called the Loudmouth Hooligans with four friends when I was in high school. so we have a makeup artist to do certain s**t. but I’ve never let them put makeup on me. I do. It might have been for a video or a photo shoot or something. no! That’s one of the things that I don’t do. though. Have you ever killed anything and then eaten it? Er. I was good at it. it was in my Blueberry Yum Yum video. I think I’ve worn one before. Have you ever successfully stared somebody out? Yeah. perhaps. Otherwise. but I’m sure I lost a couple of times. it was six regular blunts put together.13 a different language.

What can you tell us about your fight scenes in FF6? I trained for about a month-and-ahalf for the fight with Gina [Carano. But I actually feel Dwayne’s muscles every time I see him. But I don’t think it’s so much “cult” at this point. That’s my world so whenever I see him. dude!” How do you deal with the testosterone level on the set? Oh. Do you have a cult fan base among street-racers? Yes. He is really cool. So Justin is good at bringing us all together and making us believe in what we are doing. How much of Letty is in you? Well. being intrigued by mythology and so on. It is true. it’s surreal. in a capacity sense. When the writer doesn’t understand that. Justin has to play the mediator. I have worked in the action movie world for the last 13 years and that’s my world so I can tell exactly when somebody is running out of ideas. Do movies these days demand bigger action scenes? That is what happens when people don’t understand what storytelling is about. for sure. because I have been in this business so long. I’d say Vin. If we were a little more physical about it. I mean it’s Gina and she’s pretty hardcore. In the training sense. he starts to explore explosions and s**t to blow up. and it is just going to be a bunch of explosions. it’s more pop culture. and “What can we do that hasn’t been done before?” That’s what people do when they don’t have the creativity to understand heart in a story.” You see how big she is? I stand in front of her and I’m like. I grew up watching WWE and The Rock. Woman “More girls should be fighting. A decade on. I don’t have enough scenes with him. Not many people impress me because I was a physical kid when I was younger. 06/13 093 . the Fast & Furious franchise is still going strong. we’d respect each other a lot more and men wouldn’t take over the way that they have! I had to train pretty damn hard just to make it look credible. WORDS AND PHOTOS: UIP Who’s the toughest? In a street sense. What’s new in the latest sequel. the integrity. It doesn’t faze me anymore. I am more Sopranos. I swim in that stuff.13 Michelle Rodriguez She’s fast and she’s furious. of listening to stories. like “How much s**t can we possibly destroy?” or “What’s the craziest s**t we could possibly do with our location?” And I believe it accomplished that really well. Vin [Diesel] is a pussycat with me. We’d probably get along better. More girls should be fighting. baby! Fast & Furious 6 opens 23 May. You sound like your character. Why has director Justin Lin been so good for this franchise? It’s important that a director is able to be calm. man. I am looking at it from another perspective. And I don’t want to be a part of that. I don’t want to make the movie without any heart. or more like Resident Evil — the darker stuff where you get to see naked people and boobies. reading stories. They are like rocks. We’d probably get along a lot better and stop sneaking behind each other’s backs and talking smack while smiling in one another’s faces. “Cult” would have been more like a Rob Rodriguez film. to make everybody happy enough with the story because you get this fear that you are going to lose the heart. I am more the New York-Jersey type. “I should drink some protein. He is a sweetheart. she’s more LA-Mexican. I’d like to hang out with him more. And so is Dwayne [Johnson]. MMA fighter]. I’ve been doing this for way too long.06. It started PG and is still PG. I’d say Dwayne because he has been wrestling for so long and he trains every day. Fast & Furious 6 (FF6)? I think it wanted to go more for the big “wow!” factor.

Not Brad Pitt’s best work but it’ll make his new World War Z look like The Silence of the Lambs. . He’s nice on the eyes for the ladies. Back to 1942 Directed by Feng Xiaogang. discusses his ultimate horror-survival dream team.06. And the chicks like him. PHOTO: TPG IMAGES/CLICK PICTURES Movies Rise of the Guardians Even guys need a cartoon break. Did You Know? The score is penned by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. She’s tough as well. then — BAM! — he’s dead. DVD Bruce Campbell’s Finest Monster-slaying cult hero and producer of the new Evil Dead. Back to 1942 is another catastrophe drama about a major famine in China. Inspired by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard. Sandman and Jack Frost join fists to beat the s**t out of the Bogeyman? Yeah! Did You Know? The animation is Peter Ramsey’s directorial debut for a film. has also been featured in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.” Brad Pitt “I’d need a Fight Club-era Pitt — he was hot s**t then.13 Watchable Five Kua si me?!? Here’s a bunch of movies recently released on discs to bring your through those mundane nights. No s**t. The Master A near-masterpiece by director Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood). He’s not ripped. Did You Know? A storm scene won it an MTV Movie Award for Best Scared-As-S**t Performance. He likes to party. but I’d need his mind to help us survive until the end. Jennifer Lawrence came out of nowhere.” Prince Harry “Harry’s got some great chopperpilot skills. Tooth Fairy. A good first victim. a teenager and a server full of digital effects bagged Ang Lee an Oscar for best director. 094 06/13 WORDS: DENNIS YIN David Beckham “He’s definitely the pretty boy that goes first.” Killing Them Softly A neo-noir crime thriller based on novel Cogan’s Trade. Did You Know? The shotgun used by Pitt. but I’d kill him off in the first 10 minutes. Easter Bunny. it’s just Campbell and the chick left. but he’s athletic and a useful tool. but she seems pretty interesting. so he’d be very popular. he can’t fight. WORDS: FHM UK. who made FHM weep with his 2010 earthquake epic Aftershock. Mossberg 500 “Cruiser”. Life of Pi See how a tiger. so he’d help work out a strategy if we were stuck in a cabin. Your audience will think he’ll be around till the end. too. He seems like a good guy.” Bill Belichick “He’s the New England Patriots football coach. Did You Know? The Mainland film co-stars Tim Robbins and Adrien Brody. I’d kill him off after Beckham.” Jennifer Lawrence “You need at least one hot babe. it's about a war vet who falls for the charisma and ideology of a leader of a religious movement. beating Texas Chainsaw 3D and Zero Dark Thirty. so he can raise our spirits. How about a Avengerslike kiddie tale where household fantasy figures such as Santa Claus.

06/13 095 . The hook: You can start reading from either side. But. As the title may suggest. however. who earns a living whitewashing the transgressions of former generals and CIA operatives. that is — watch The Hangover trilogy. We get little traces of the author’s personality and ideals through the narration of protagonist. representing both bride. In a way it is. The Stag and Hen Weekend Books Double the read. is it features two flipside covers and two stories. WORDS: MITCHELL PEREIRA George Anderson: Notes for a Love Song in Imperial Time Peter Dimock A tiny yet a “heavy” read. Blending history with fiction. What’s novel about this novel. That Smell takes us through the imprisonment years of a political dissident. author Mike Gayle manages to spin a simple yet charming book without repetition on each tale. My Beautiful Bus Jacques Jouet The author lets us in on his encounters during a cross-country bus ride in France. We suggest reading both ends simultaneously so you get a simultaneous climax. this book could be misconstrued as a story about weekends with animals. plus he manages to squeeze in a suspenseful climax.13 Righteous Journeys Everyone has to take one at some point in their lives. A perfect read for a long journey — especially when the MRT breaks down.and groom-to-be. the novel walks us through the witch trials of 1612 and promises to be devious.06. Or read this book. the writings are translated and coupled with notes written on cigarette paper and smuggled out of jail upon the author’s release. The Daylight Gate Jeanette Winterson Following a failed assassination on him. Nearly 50 years on. alchemy and Catholicism. hey. King James “cleanses” his kingdom by outlawing witchcraft. Despite the double perspectives. ghostwriter Theo Fales. That Smell and Notes from Prison Sonallah Ibrahim Banned in 1966 for its politically damning portrayal of Egypt. double the fun. Jacques ignored scenery and visual stimulation in pursuit of the stories and people he met. For those about to make life’s biggest decision — where and what to do for your stag ’do. since we all exhibit our wildest side on stag ’dos. that’s just us.

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REAL SPORTSMEN WHO LOVE THEIR GAME PULSE PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANCE: AARON LOW AND JILLIAN TAN. hardhitting sport and it's the pride of Canada. Words: Mitchell Pereira Art direction: Dannii Choo Photography: Mark Teo . too. Ice hockey is a high-level. ICE HOCKEY It's more than just a bunch of guys in an ice rink — they sometimes trade blows.

06 08/2012 .

you can't just pick up the game as and when you like.C REGIME anada is known for many things but mainly maple syrup. I used to play in the NHL until 2003. Evan Haga: Every Canadian boy dreams to play at the NHL. JM: It's a cultural thing. so I got on the ice a lot at a young age and moved up through the ranks before being drafted into the NHL. FHM treaded cautiously into the studio for the photo with the players from Kreuz Subsea Sharks only to be surrounded by some of the friendliest sportsmen around. We're from all over the place and play at different levels. My mum was a pro figureskater and my dad played senior hockey. What teams do you guys play for? Josh McNair: We were thrown together to form the team Kreuz Subsea Sharks. TW: If you turn on the TV. you're going to find hockey somewhere on it. people just get going at ice hockey. Bearing that in mind. Most of these guys have played tier-two hockey or college hockey back home. Mark McKitrick: I was the first guy in my family to play hockey. It is also known for its graciousness. I had a hockey stick and loved it. it's in my blood and will always be. it's really everywhere. too. lose the gloves and beat the reason into you (basically. Todd Warriner: Yeah. they’d hit you and then apologise).30am) and to school after that. as part of Singapore Invitational Ice Hockey Tournament. get scholarships. Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks. (like it or not) Justin Bieber and ice hockey. Plus." — Todd Warriner "Ice hockey can be summed up in three simple words: Wheel. Todd Warriner is a former National Hockey League (NHL) player. you'll be out of town for tournaments. Unlike basketball or soccer. so it's a pretty high level. You'll also have games after school. naturally. It was completely new to them. snipe and celly. I’ve played for Tampa Bay Lightning. then go to college. just to name a few." — Evan Haga NHL. On weekends. It's crazy. Some stick with it longer and go to the "Hockey is my life. TW: I started playing on the pond just like these guys. For example. . I grew up watching the [Toronto Maple] Leafs and got a chance to play there. How did you guys get into ice hockey? JM: My uncle played in the NHL. Adam Hercules: When I was young. but one wrong word about their hockey team and Canadians would throw down their stick. How seriously do kids in Canada take ice hockey? JM: Very seriously. they're a lot younger than me! Is ice hockey Canada's leading sport? All: For sure! 100 per cent. The gear is really expensive and your parents have to take you to the rink every morning (practice starts at 6. others play juniors. I had a lot of buddies to play with. my brother and I were put into it. so. but it's a good sport. Growing up.

TW: You can go a lot faster in skates. You fight on the ice. For most parts. there are people on the team whose role is to fight. Very rarely does it escalates and carried on after the game. there's a lot of physicality involved. EH: It's different. It's very intense. so it's only natural to want to return the favour. which is often impossible. it's friendly and part of the sport. Why do you fight? JM: Because the game is competitive and heated. they have special training centres where they get 24/7 hockey. the fighter is there to protect him and make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Because it's part of the game." — Adam Hercules . I've never played it since. What's the penalty for fighting? All: You're taken out of the game for five minutes. alcohol and hockey. you can get back in the game and fight again? TW: Yeah. you become enemies on the ice." — Josh McNair over. you can only shoot one way because of the rounded club… JM: And the speed and hits are different. too… EH: And ice hockey is for lazy people! You can glide. You get a lot of hits and a lot of stick. it doesn't get carried into the dressing room or parking lot. After five minutes. Kids now even play right through summer. If you ever have a finesse guy who’s a goal scorer. How often do fights break out? Chris Gelencser: It happens at every game! JM: But it usually ends after the game is "You wake up in the morning and have three things on your mind: Women. but after the game. Twenty-five years 08 08/2012 TW: It's nothing for a 14-yearold boy to play 60 to 70 games in a six-month period. but you only get about two more fights and you’re out."Ice hockey is a way of life until you can fill that void with another passion. What's the difference between field hockey and ice hockey? J: I've tried field hockey and broke my wrist. They go hand in hand. We've all played with guys whom we've fought with and had a beer after.

from helmets to shoulder pads to shin pads. I'd get in more of them'. ankle.REGIME "Ice hockey has always been more to me then a sport. JM: It all comes down to development. hip. EH: They also need more rinks. three forwards and one goaltender). elbow. neutral and attacking. . Do you see Asians making an impact in the icehockey scene? JM: They need more time. So that’s not too bad. There are three lines (one red. SCORING Ice hockey goals can be scored from anywhere on the ice. Players may get ejected at the referee's discretion. two blue) to determine further rules. CLOCK There are three periods. You get sent to the sin bin for five minutes. back. TW: My nose. You can make unlimited substitutions as long as the outgoing player is five feet from the bench. TW: Japan is in the second tier. Goaltenders wear chest protectors made from Kevlar to absorb abuse." — Mark McKitrick MAJOR PENALTIES Happens when a foul is deemed to be deliberately harmful. shoulders or hip. PLAYERS Each team consists of six players (two defenders. you get sent to the sin bin for two minutes. JM: I broke my wrists. It's legal to tackle an opposing player in possession of the puck using your torso. MINOR PENALTIES When you do illegal things with a stick. It changed my life and provided me with memories I will never forget. more facilities and more training. ICE HOCKEY RINK The rink is segmented into three zones: Defensive. too. And guys that have played regularly are teaching them. jaw. The penalty ceases if opponents score during the period of his sentence. "People ask. BODY CHECK ago. just outside the top 10 teams in the league. 'If they weren't. The incoming player has to then pay for his teammate's wayward ways. How many bones have you broken from ice hockey? EH: Every bone in my hand. There are less fighters and less fighting as the sport changes. forcing a substitution. 'Are hockey fights real?' I say. there used to be two or three fights a game. but they’re cutting it down. The clock is stopped every time a stoppage occurs — much like every other American sport. each lasting 20 minutes. have played top-league hockey. The kids are on the ice five to six times a week. ice hockey players are decked in full regalia." — Chris Gelencser ICE HOCKEY 101 Things you need to know about the sport. like swinging it between someone's legs. EQUIPMENT Like mediaeval jousting. Anything else is illegal. My ligaments have taken a lot of bruising. for the most part. nose (five times) and a couple of fingers. mainly "icing" and "offside". Most kids’ coaches. TW: Japan has always been competitive but Korea is maybe the next up-and-coming country.

meet the ordinary blokes who took on planet Earth's harshest extremes… And won! .ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE 10 06/2013 Conquering the world's most remote locations isn't just for "other people" .

I had never even climbed before. you feel like part of a special club. and after 8-9 hours of darkness. I unfurled an Olympic flag on the summit.300. .co.co. “I did all this in a year by going mountaineering in Chamonix and learning climbing skills in the Peak District or Swanage. the more sponsors trust in you and the stronger you feel on the mountain. After 10 minutes at the top you refocus: You’re only halfway and you need to get down alive. PHOTOGRAPHY: ANDY PARSONS. What I really wish I’d known before going… “You have to really want it and show your passion. whiteout so I couldn’t see more than 10m ahead and kept hearing creaks and groans.300. When you climb from base camp. Exodus. Trekking to base camp is a manageable and inspiring challenge in itself. so I was as strong as possible because most people lose a stone of muscle on the expedition. worked out costs and passed it on to businesses to gain sponsorship. We set off for the summit at 8pm. FIRST STEPS HOW YOU CAN CONQUER YOUR OWN EVEREST ADVENTURE… PIMP UP YOUR SHERPA SKILLS Sadly. YOUR PLAN B Try tackling a 17-day Base Camp trek with Exodus ($3. On the descent my cornea froze and I had to spend 24 hours with bandages over my eyes. I saw a Sherpa being rescued from a crevasse after falling off a ladder. It can be difficult emotionally. the most dangerous part is the Khumbu icefall. On the way down. I wanted this to be as much my own story as possible. I needed a challenge to experience what’s out there. A lot of people died on the mountain this year and you had to walk past those bodies.org. It was a horrific scratchy. I’m now giving talks and am completely addicted to climbing. hadn't even been on a mountain at the start of 2011. But on 25 May 2012. BE YOUR OWN AGENT Climbing Everest isn’t cheap ($42. The western shoulder of Everest is vulnerable to avalanches.” says Keleher. or wads of cash. “I focused on weight training. but getting a photo in the wind wasn’t easy.000) so get somebody else to pay for it. ladders. uk) so you can ogle Everest without losing fingertips. Walking through the most beautiful peaks in the world was quite spiritual. which is full of crevasses and giant seracs [towers of ice] that topple over.I CLIMBED EVEREST… AND MY EYES FROZE! Paul Keleher (left).” dosummitgood. which will be converted into limited-edition Everest timepieces. stabbing feeling but it improved and I made it down. I never left base camp without Haribo sweets. so you’ll need to learn to climb.uk WORDS: MARK BAILEY. Sharpen up your Angel’s Gate pitches too: Keleher took up 100 watch dials. GET MOUNTAINS OF MUSCLE Training isn’t all about scaling mountains with a backpack full of bricks. They were an essential for every day. I had to travel through a PULSE Keleher at the summit of Everest. there isn’t a giant elevator with panpipe Rihanna music to whizz you up to the summit of Everest. a 29-year-old personal trainer from Surrey. It’s different to what people think. You’re exhausted.000$88.” explains Keleher. who used Dream Guides and Adventure Consultants for his Euro climbs. I noticed the more enthusiasm you have. dehydrated and hallucinating from the lack of oxygen but the views were mesmerising. Bulk up in the gym and you’ll prime your body for Everest and look good when you boast about it in the pub. “I got a brochure made up. England. he was updating his Facebook profile with a shot of him grinning from the 29. Looking back. Here's how he reached the top of the world. so I decided to get to the summit of Everest in a year. It’s very freaky.” says Keleher. I read books about Sir Edmund Hillary and modern climbers but I tried not to be influenced by other people’s journeys. the sun rose. Things like rowing the Atlantic had no appeal. everest marathon. It was like pulling a page back slowly to see the whole world beneath you. but climbing Everest seemed incredible. Summiting Everest actually involves a mix of head-down Himalayan slogs.029ft summit of Mount Everest. his cornea froze and he spent 24 hours in bandages. climbing Everest doesn’t seem real. The hike through the Khumbu Valley of Nepal to Everest base camp is unbelievable.uk) or conquering the Everest Marathon ($5. ropes and climbs. and Ice 8000 for Everest.

After 1. henrycookson. normally with a hangover.2 deg C at Vostok. “Also cross-country skiing in the Alps and musclebuilding with PowerPlate machines.” says Cookson. why not? I didn’t even know which ends of the world penguins and polar bears lived. the more your private parts chafed. I have to go back. We finished with nine days on an icebreaker with Russian sailors. the funnier it got. Henry Cookson. When someone’s lips cracked. We entered the Polar Challenge. They left a hut with a statue of Lenin so we organised an expedition with kite-skis to find it. “Explorer Roald Amundsen said adventure is just down to bad planning. I still get a fuzzy feeling remembering that moment. I spent two days digging an 18ft shaft to get into the buried hut but it was locked. had worked as a banker and a builder. I had a massive temper tantrum. 37. from London. But with gritty determination (and morale-boosting games of "laxative roulette" with his polar pals). But laughing kept us strong. if you’re unhappy you’ll just stop. Our secret was our determination and ridiculous humour. We were totally written off — we were against Arctictrained Marines. f**k it.” says Cookson. The POI is much colder than the South Pole. com) or splash some cash and join Cookson on a four-day Northern Light Arctic Experience with wolf encounters and dog-sledding ($8. The more painful the sores and bleeding blisters. and fell onto the dock in Cape Town. 600 miles away. It is at a higher altitude and further from the warming ocean. while we spent our time in nightclubs — but we won. thought we were heroes for uncovering Lenin. EAT FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY You should be on firstname terms with your local McDonald’s staff before you go.000 miles and 50 days of suffering. which is at the geographical centre of Antarctica. we found Lenin.com). We then heard of the Pole of Inaccessibility (POI). drinking home-brew spirits.com). sponsorship. we’d make them laugh so it hurt more. “A lean athlete won’t last long in a polar environment as you use more calories than you consume. I got into polar adventure by accident.I TREKKED TO THE SOUTH POLE AND GOT DRUNK! Cookson with all his life-saving kit and an ironing board. Progress. Some mornings we’d play laxative roulette with bowls of porridge and see who lost. I had to hit the morphine and ended up puking. 12 06/2013 . Mentally.200. and hadn't even done a sponsored walk before tackling the poles. he has now conquered both the Arctic and Antarctica. I was in between jobs and a stupid conversation with a friend got us talking about the North Pole. The guys at the Russian base. The coldest temperature ever recorded was minus 89. man up. who stresses the importance of logistics. The wind lifted me up and crashed me down and left me with bruised ribs.” PLAN OR DIE You can only piss about if you know your stuff. Nobody had been there since a 1958 Soviet Antarctic Expedition that used tracked snow-trains. What I really wish I’d known before going… “Winds are worse than the cold. polarcircle-marathon. and weight gives you insulation against the cold and traction on your skis. “We trained with oldfashioned tyredragging for six hours on the Fosse Way in Gloucestershire. We put frozen polar-bear s**t in a sleeping bag.” Visit Henry Cookson Adventures at henrycookson.” Tough gig… YOUR PLAN B Begin your polar career more gently with the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland ($420 entry. When we tried cross-country skiing we just fell over. which was funny until it thawed.com FIRST STEPS HOW YOU CAN REACH THE ENDS OF THE EARTH… LEARN POLAR SKILLS If your only icy experience is getting fish fingers out of the freezer. We entered the Guinness Book of Records as the first people to get there on foot. a 360-mile race to the magnetic North Pole — you just pay a fee and they provide the kit and training. There was alcohol involved. It is a lonely but spectacularly beautiful place. The next day we thought. training and getting a skilled guide like “the polar Jedi” Paul Landry (polarconsultants.

PULSE "We put frozen polar-bear s**t in a sleeping bag. which was funny until it thawed." .

England. which showed reindeer being herded into the ocean and swimming across to the other side. smooth like a seal. I am officially tougher than a reindeer. You get to explore amazing locations.” FIND THE WARM BIT OF THE ARCTIC The Lofoten Islands in Norway are north of the Arctic Circle but. “Your body can be trained to stay warm so acclimatisation with cooler swimming pools is key. the more heat you generate.” says Martin. Swimming in beautiful. the waters are warmer than other Arctic areas. The light plays tricks on you so you think a massive scaly monster is swimming underneath you. getting in is the hard part. remote Arctic scenery surrounded by mountains and snow was amazing. “Start with 30 seconds. was "never much of a swimmer" but discovered his chunky physique could be converted into an awesome adventure-swimming machine. No bombing. It’s awesome having a frog’s eye view of the world. launch in and swim like mad. There was five feet of snow. which buffers your organs against the cold. Check out UK's Outdoor Swimming Society website for events like the December Dip. Wetsuits are for weaklings. stumbles or mumbles’ it’s time to get out. Human Planet.com FIRST STEPS HOW YOU CAN SURVIVE YOUR OWN WINTER SWIM… ESCAPE CHLORINATED CAPTIVITY Paddling in pools on a sunny afternoon full of toddler piss won’t help you. Winter swimming is the anti-sport: It’s great for guys with a bit of blubber. I swam in Loch Ness a few years ago. At first. Sadly.” EASE YOURSELF IN Yep. Go up to your knees. “Never dive in. so two weeks later. He has braved Arctic waters. I swim outdoors all winter and the last few have been pretty entertaining with the amount of snow and ice. Freeze your nuts off then thaw out at your hotel with blankets and booze. you feel like you can achieve anything. I flew over to swim with reindeer — just to be different. so sadly the reindeer didn’t show. Nothing will cure your hangover better.com) and start shivering. And they don’t work. bike and run around the world in the first-ever Global Triathlon.” says Martin. I avoid warm showers and warm drinks before a swim to tell my body to keep producing heat. or you start suffering from ‘fumbles. You get a huge endorphin rush.700. Your body is telling your brain you’re warm so it keeps pumping hot blood to your extremities. The fun comes from overriding your brain and mastering your own body. which I repeat to keep my mental focus. YOUR PLAN B If the Arctic seems too mental. I’m now hunting sponsorship to swim. Once you’ve been swimming in freezing water. which helps. thanks to the Gulf Stream. That’s why people in wetsuits find their face. fish and other wildlife aren’t scared of you. 14 06/2013 . norwegian. Ninety per cent of winter swimming is psychological. I couldn’t understand what was hitting me until I realised it was just my dead hand. What I really wish I’d known before going… “If your thumb can’t touch your little finger because you’re too cold. Everybody swims with dolphins. Sign up for a luxury six-day swimming expedition ($6. no heavy petting and no wetsuits unless you’re a total wuss. it feels like agony. smothering yourself in duck fat doesn’t help. “I have a mantra: ‘Warm like a whale. brave like a lion’. a 31-year-old teacher from Peterborough.com) or fly via Oslo to nearby Harstad/ Narvik ($165 from London Gatwick. you get an amazing buzz and it makes you feel alive. I saw a BBC documentary. the North Sea and the icy lakes of Britain in search of winter thrills. I had to wear a device with an electro-magnetic pulse to deter sharks. Also. But it’s addictive.” danmartinextreme. It’s like winning a fight. then before the water hits your balls. I once swam above the Arctic Circle off the coast of Andoya in Norway. neither are sharks or jellyfish. hands and feet sting. I was once so cold that I lost feeling in my hand and the skin of my leg. coninghamrolls. man up for a winter swim instead. then 40 and keep building up.I SWAM THE ARCTIC… IN MY PANTS! Dan Martin. and the worse your technique. and otters. no running.

PULSE "Winter swimming is the anti-sport: It's great for guys with a bit of blubber ." .

with the strength to land 30m jumps and a strong core. beacon. guidecourmayeur. and that’s part of the fun. Germany and Switzerland. he loves the crazy adventures of heli.” says Graham.or backcountry skiing. When you’re ready. It proves you can achieve anything. grew up bombing down indoor slopes in Sheffield. It takes you to the most beautiful places in the world. I was in an America vs Europe contest in Chile recently and among all these skiers from Scandinavia. knife and a backpack with a built-in airbag. snow jacket. who recommends mountain biking for fitness.140. 16 06/2013 FIRST STEPS HOW YOU CAN PLAN YOUR OWN OFF-PISTE SKI ADVENTURE… TURN UP SKI-FIT To smash a day of heli. Maybe. The best thing about backcountry and heli-skiing is that you don’t have much control over nature. like a domino effect. a supertalented 24-year-old British freestyle skier. shovel. GET KITTED OUT Never jump out of a helicopter unless you have a bag full of kit and warm clobber.I JUMPED OUT OF A CHOPPER AND SKIED HOME! Paddy Graham. which means the heli can’t land on the mountain so it sticks its nose down and hovers and you have to get out smoothly. The cameraman cut in front of where I was going to drop and because it was so unstable. It was pretty scary. taking down all these 20m trees. I learned to ski on Sheffield’s indoor slopes when I was 12. “Slowly learn your skills with both easy and hard runs. warm up with some normal backcountry ski fun in Davos Klosters ($1. don’t ski there. which will help you survive if you get smashed by an avalanche. YOUR PLAN B If dropping out of a chopper sounds like a recipe for soiled pants. DON'T GO TOO FAST Somersaulting downhill isn’t cool. What I wish I’d known before going… “If you see a sign that says ‘don’t ski here’. A few years ago we wanted to film some pillows — stairs of snow which you land on and bounce off onto the next.” says Graham. helmet.” Paddy Graham was part of Red Bull’s High Performance Camp. gloves. squats for beefy pins and trampolining for killer abs and aerial awareness. you need to be very fit. Well. It’s not neatly arranged — you’re in the wild and you have to step out of your comfort zone. it ripped through the woods. I was hundreds of miles away from mountains and now this is my job. If you get out too quickly. hit the heli-skiing in Courmayeur. lineupexplorers.and backcountry skiing. it messes up the balance of the helicopter. nature and a million pound helicopter… On my last trip to Canada we got a helicopter tow-in.com). Go with a guide to keep you safe and show you the best places. the first step fell off and. but he now has enough stunts and tricks to mix it with Europe's best. Graham takes thermals. England.com) . It was nice being known as the guy from the UK who can do cool things. goggles. When he's not competing. “I need to hike around all day. emergency blanket. Italy ($540. You’re alone with nature.

TURF ENOUGH Nike+ Sportwatch GPS In flashy white. from running to biking to golfing. Zoot Ultra 2. designed to provide optimal muscle stability and postural support. Stay on course with these navigational timepieces. Running Lab outlets and Summit Sports at The Centrepoint. $159. press button and a blinking triangle will point to the set bearing. Comes with motivational messages. Nike stores. Running Lab outlets and Summit Sports at The Centrepoint. WORDS: DENNIS YIN . high-resolution display. $36 (box of 20 strips). Tangs VivoCity and Columbia Sportswear outlets. $213. authorised retailers. Its strong adhesive stays in place even in water and humidity. onebutton control and extra-large. NEWS WATCH PILOTS VivoBarefoot Breatho Trail If you are bent on tackling the toughest terrains.SPORTS COMPANY Better your fitness regimen with these accessories. ColumBia SingleTrak Trakback technology lets you set a forward target bearing on the compass. make sure you do it with the right footwear. this TomTompowered watch clocks location. $159. Can be worn for various sports. authorised retailers. Point watch in desired direction. time. Price unavailable. while All-Condition Control (ACC) technology offers consistent ball control in wet/dry conditions. while reducing fatigue during workouts. TomTom Runner Offers GPS navigation. Harvey Norman KT Tape Pro Endure rigorous workouts with this improved 100-per-cent synthetic kinesiology tape that relieves stability and support for joints by providing an external layer of reinforcement. From $169. This ultralightweight walker features puncture-resistant soles and quick-drying mesh to keep your feet happy. Nike BomBa Finale II Rule the artificial turf with this outstanding street-soccer shoe: The polyurethane skin-layered mesh is light. suit up in Zoot wear.0 CRx Compression If you take your sports and well-being seriously. pace and distance. $279.

but set aside at least four minutes for brewing. But change all that with a huge caffeine blast and our pick of the coolest coffee gear around.com 2 18 06/2013 EAT LIKE A COP US cops have had doughnuts with their coffee since the justice system was enforced.co. $245. amazon. y’know. so you’ll get a fresher cup of coffee. authorised retailers. Handpresso Auto. Rok Espresso Machine. It's dark and near impossible to haul yourself out of bed in the mornings. $260.COOL LS ERIA MAT 1 3 2 FHM LOVES 4 6 5 UPGRADE YOUR 7 MORNING COFFEE 1 BREWS FROM THE FUTURE Everyone needs a coffeemaker that looks like a spaceman’s helmet. 3 MAKE IT FASTER Mornings may always be a mad rush. so if they’re good enough for Chief Wiggum. Nescafé Dolce Gusto Circolo (model sold in Singapore is by Krups). top with boiling water. 5 6 GRIND IT YOURSELF Grinding beans releases flavour. 4 MAN UP YOUR BREW Add your coffee. $29. handpresso. 7 8 BREWS ON THE ROAD You’ve pulled up next to an ah beng in his Honda Civic.uk TASTE TO POOP Why rely on humans when you can place your trust in palm civets to poop out the very best kopi? It’s Earth’s rarest: Only 500kg of beans collected yearly. then plunge its arms down hard for a quick shot. Karyatis Brass Coffee Mill. $23. Make him quake in his kicks by flashing your freshly brewed espresso from this in-car machine. amazon. KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Coffee Tamper.co. authorised retailers. Bodum Travel Press. Enjoy a cup of kopi luwak ($38) at D Good Cafe at Holland Village. $40.80. they’re good enough for us. It just looks great. $269.uk . rokkitchentools. plunging and drinking out of this all-in-one mug.com POUND IT DOWN Heap your beans into a machine and compact them to within an inch of their lives.

co. Bodum Vacuum Coffee Maker. A portion of the profits go to charity. $60.co.com DRINK DANGEROUSLY This packet contains the world’s strongest beans. A-Z Coffee book. $16. Death Wish Coffee Beans. $16.COFFEE 8 9 FYI The little mustachioed man on the side of every Moka Express machine is its creator Alfonso Bialetti. with 200 per cent more caffeine than your average cuppa.com 15 16 BORN IN THE USA Dunkin Donuts sells 1. e-side.uk SEE THE SCIENCE Make your coffee like Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Marley Coffee.com 13 14 THE PEOPLE'S FAVOURITE Nine-out-of-10 Italian homes have one of these iconic machines that make espresso shots.uk 10 12 ROASTED BY RASTAS Blended by Bob Marley’s son Rohan. who came up with the idea when watching his wife wash clothes with a really primitive washing machine.uk 11 NERD OUT Ever wondered what Darth Vader’s favourite brew was? Unsure what a zarf is? Nerd out on all things coffee with this little book. roustaboutproducts. here’s a solution to your clumsiness: An all-in-one wooden scoop with a bag sealer.co. $23. Hile Kapu Scoop.5 billion cups of coffee a year.com KEEP IT FRESHER If you’re one to spill your beans all over the floor. highlandercoffee. deathwishcoffee. this smooth coffee is organic and sustainable. AeroPress. $65. amazon.uk . $105. This device works by pushing vapour pressure up through your coffee. $23. Bialetti Moka Express. shop. bialettishop.co. amazon. this “syringe” makes a tasty cuppa by forcing the brew straight into your cup. That’s 30 cups a second! Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend. $40. 10 13 11 12 16 14 15 9 PHOTOGRAPHY: MARCO VITTUR PUMP IT UP Never mind that it resembles a penis enlarger. marleycoffee.

fans of lamb will feel like it’s Christmas. pizzas and beyond. SPATHE PUBLIC HOUSE Mohamed Sultan has undergone a cosmetic change Woffles Wu would be proud of — from clubbing asylum to foodie haven. who gained his culinary cred working at the Ritz-Carlton and the Fullerton. Sat. and myriad options from seafood to poultry to pastas.fries. Tel: 6818-6681. Order: Looking for a bite before a night out at nearby Clarke Quay? We recommend the Meter Dog (veal and chicken spicy curry wurst. 11am to 11pm. If you’ve never been to Brooklyn.com STREET 50 Go around the world in one sitting at Bay Hotel’s revamped restaurant and bar. 484 Changi Road. you know where to go. 6pm to 1030pm. then work your way up to R&F’s famed lamb shank ($24. this place is like Globetrotter meets Iron Chef. 20 06/2013 Opens daily. 9am to 11pm. The duck pot pie ($22) is topped with a crown of buttery. And the best part — prices are nett. Order: The half-dozen mouclade mussels ($14) come drenched in white-wine egg sauce that is begging to be licked off the plate. Order: Start with the creamy and robust Forest Mushroom Cappuccino ($4. if you’re sharing). www. $18. Spathe is a fully charged bohemian restaurant that brings rough street-charm to our dining experience. facebook. Opens Mon-Fri.SEVEN EATS A restaurant to try every day of the week. 50 Telok Blangah Road.30pm.spathepublichouse. caramelised onions and field greens. from its music playlist to wall murals to culinary options.80). Helmed by hoteltrained chef Ken Chia. 5pm to 11pm. wasabi mayonnaise. Mohamed Sultan Road.80).30am. $55.com/rice. Bay Hotel Singapore. New York. The next time you feel like having Thai but your date wants Mexican. chill ambience and pocket-friendly prices are what you’re after when dining out. 6am to 10. Tel: 9738-6648. and nonfans will become converts — it really is that good. flaky golden puff pastry and is hearty comfort food at its best. Opens daily. flavourful meat that falls off the bone. this might be your first taste of what it might be like. Tel: 6735-1035. this hidden gem will make your weekend dinner plans that much more appealing. With an extensive menu featuring a mixed bag of international and local cuisine. 9am to 5pm. individual portion. the Western-inspired menu features comfort food that doesn’t compromise on quality. With tender.steak . 12pm to 2. RICE AND FRIES If hearty food. Sun.

11am to 2pm & 6pm to 11am. 11. Opens daily. Featuring a selection of beautifully marbled imported wagyu cuts that’d make any gourmet butcher weep for joy. your chow is whatever you can imagine it to be. which looks unassuming. WORDS: JANINE LEE & MITCHELL PEREIRA Opens daily.fatboys. Tel: 6836-0111. Order: If you’re a burger-munching foodie. Order: There’s no set menu. #01-29A Plaza Singapura Atrium. Tel: 6252-8780. accompanied by leeks. With mile-long queues spotted in the first month of opening. so you can beat the queue to grab and go.originalsin. go straight for the Magic Mushroom (baked Portobello mushroom with ricotta cheese.com. A la carte options are available if you decide to pick a favourite. how does the food actually fare? We’re happy to report that it’s authentic. Order: The Matsu set ($174) is a meat platter that lets you experience different cuts of wagyu and also kurobuta pork collar. such as peanut butter.50) consist of a delightful crumbly exterior and sweet-salty char siew filling. you’d barely remember you were eating just greens. 11am to 11pm. Tel: 63832828.80). 4pm to midnight. Sat to Sun. Fri to Sun. every dish is packed so full of flavour and heavy savoury bites. and Fatboys owner Bernie. and the steamed egg cake ($3. 333A Orchard Road. pesto. Opens Mon to Fri. Tel: 64755605 www. shriek at the sight of a meal without a sliver of meat. Chip Bee Gardens. Despite it’s intimidating lack of meat. 6pm to 2. then Original Sin is a perfect introduction to vegetarian cuisine. Hype aside.30pm. and it’s set to do the same with the flagship venture here. expect Tim Ho Wan to bring its A-game to the dim sum party here. Ito Kacho brings Japan’s finest to you on a sizzling hot plate that — thanks to ventilation magic — won’t leave you smelling like a barbecue. Order: The signature baked buns with BBQ pork ($4. is incredibly soft and fluffy with a distinct caramelised flavour. Opens Mon to Thu. pumpkin and mushrooms.30pm. caramelised bananas and pineapples.sg BURGER BAR It’s the brainchild of radio DJs The Muttons. $18). There’s even a separate takeaway counter. #04-08 Mandarin Gallery. 68 Orchard Road.30am to 2. Blk 43. affordable and innovative — expect to see some dishes that aren’t mainstays in most local dim sum eatries. This carnivorous joint incorporates signature Fatboys ingredients with “in” technology (iPads) to help you D-I-Y a burger according to your appetite and taste. spinach. ITO KACHO Fancy nothing better than a good grill-out? The new kid on the Asian BBQ block will give you something to write home about. www. 14 Scotts Road. facebook. topped with a tomato basil sauce and mozzarella. The brand has been delighting Japanese palates since 2009.com/timhowan . noon to midnight. it won’t be easy. #01-62 Jalan Merah Saga.sg TIM HO WAN The lauded one-Michelin-star Hong Kong dim sum restaurant has finally made its way to our shores. #01-16 Far East Plaza. Trust us. Holland Village. 10am to 10pm. However there are certain ingredients unique to Burger Bar. like us.HEDONISM ORIGINAL SIN If you.

Founder and ex-IT geek Michelle Kelsall runs the whole thing with just two mates. brewing under a pub.” Dobber (5. It's time to broaden your horizons.8%) Wild Beer From: Bristol Created by two mates in 2012. Camden Town is one of the bestloved booze brewers in London. hellraisers and old friends. That's right: Most beer is basically Maroon 5.BEERS YOU HAVE TO TRY If beer were music. 17 BRITISH Hells Lager (4. Here are three buckets full of craft beers from Britain that are worth your pint.9%) Marble Brewery From: Manchester Marble started up as a way to help finance an ailing Manchester pub and became a huge hit. and Thornbridge is one of the biggest names in craft beer. who dug it out of a muddy Somerset hole in 2007. .6%) Camden Town Brewery From: London Situated under railway arches and staffed by a motley crew of skaters.” he says. a bunch of friends started brewing beer in a shed in the grounds of a stately home.7%) Moor Beer From: Somerset Moor Beer is owned and run by Californian Justin Hawke. then most stuff coming out of the taps is bland. inoffensive pop created for the mass market.1%) Offbeat Brewery From: Cheshire Offbeat Brewery has — in just three short years — become a big boozy success. Imperial (10. Scarlet Fever (4. Eight years later. Weird Whisky Mac (6. 22 06/2013 Kill Your Darlings (5%) Thornbridge From: Derby In 2005. Hoppiness (6.” says project coordinator Harriet Carr. and became a business almost by accident. Wild Beer already has a rep for producing odd (they like to chuck around ingredients like toffee and apricots) but delicious craft beer. “Everything is larger than life about us. the work and the laughs make it all worthwhile. “That’s why we use the 660ml bottles. It started up in Brighton in 1994 with almost no equipment. “The beer.5%) Dark Star From: West Sussex You like your beer strong? Then Dark Star is your guy.

8%) Summer Wine Brewery From: Yorkshire The brainchild of twentysomethings James (astrophysicist) and Andy (trainee Royal Marine). Magic Rock has already picked up some big indie awards for its weird and wonderful booze creations.5%) Redchurch Brewery From: London “We don’t tolerate bland. Barista (4.” says team member Sam Burrows.3%) The Kernel From: London A South London brewery so cool it doesn’t care about being cool. Fubar (4.4%) Tiny Rebel From: Newport Billing itself as South Wales’ only micro-brewery. Red Rocker (5%) Cromarty From: Cromarty Firth “We want to make beer as awesome and flavourful as we can.” says co-founder Alex Bull. “And we like punk music. so began brewing beer in our kitchen.” says Craig Middleton. flavourless beer.” says top man Evin O’Riordain. CEOs or committees. this microbrewery is proudly independent. Sublime Chaos (7%) Anarchy Brew Co. “We don’t have to kowtow to marketing execs.6%) Bristol Beer Factory From: Bristol The mad scientists of the West Country craftbeer scene. It has even done a brew called the Hadouken. From: Northumberland Anarchy Brew Co.” Hackney Gold (5.6%) By The Horns From: London “We were two mates from uni fed fed up with job hunting. where they frequently test their new concoctions.” says cofounder Dave Bailey. who heads the family firm. Queboid (8%) Hardknott From: The Lake District Starting off in an inn at the foot of the steepest road in England. “Two years on. THE FEATURED BEERS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE THROUGH WWW. we found a local lock-up near Wimbledon and established our brewery.ALESBYMAIL. “We called ourselves Anarchy because we mean to break the rules when it comes to brewing.” warns top man Gary Ward. “We don’t have any written ethos as we have no perspective on whether or not anything makes us special. “We built the shed and constructed our own gadgets to make the beer even better.” WORDS: FHM UK. Hopslinger (5. is run by five close friends. Tiny Rebel offers strong beers and cool labels. check out their bar. . “We’re at our best when we’re creating.UK. Magic 8-Ball (7%) Magic Rock Brewing From: Huddersfield The brainchild of brothers Richard and Jonny Burhouse.CO. CALL SINGAPORE CUSTOMS CALL CENTRE AT 6335-2000 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON DUTY TAX AND GST FOR OVERSEAS ALCOHOL PURCHASES. SWB is all about bold experimentation (as demonstrated by this espresso stout). Bonus points for the Street Fighter reference. Bristol has some weird stuff up their sleeve. If you’re around East London.” says boss Dawn Miles.” Independence (4.HEDONISM Table Beer (3. Champagne beer? We’re game if you are.

The partnership is now the longestrunning shirt sponsorship deal in the Barclay’s Premier League. and prosperity. . Thailand's Chang Beer has it full-bodied. Chang Beer stays true to its heritage and is produced from its birthplace. harmony. not any other breweries outside Thailand. Chang Beer also became a regional partner with FC Barcelona in 2012. The Chang Beer logo incorporates two white elephants symbolising happiness. malty taste steeped in heritage. even the can you’re holding in your hands right now. More than just another brew. “Chang” is Thai for “elephant”. Yes. including Asia’s Best Premium Lager at the World Beer Awards in 2011. convenience stores and selected bars including The Lounge at Hotel Intercontinental and Club V outlets. WORDS: DENNIS YIN. ART DIRECTION: PYRON TAN. PHOTOGRAPHY: HONG CHEE YAN Chang has been Everton FC’s main partner since 2004. the Michelin Guide of consumer products.HEDONISM CHANG OF HEART Chang Beer bagged numerous global accolades. Unlike other international premium beers. the symbol of Thai culture and pride. while the golden fountain represents the colour and quality of the beer. and four Gold Quality Awards from Mode Selection (2008-2010 and 2013). sports and quality. 24 06/2013 Chang Beer is available at supermarkets.

DODGE THE GRUNDIES Just ONE woman said Y-fronts were her favourite. . with 56 per cent of girls choosing it as their favourite. Thank God. BANISH THE STINK It goes without saying that dirty boxers mean bad business in the sex department. KEEP HOLD OF "EX" GIFTS Only 4 per cent of girls thought wearing undies bought by your ex was the biggest bedroom no-no. OPT FOR BLACK Good news for skidmarks: Black is the colour to go for. Fig 7. SHOW OFF WHAT YOU GOT A whopping 72 per cent of girls said tight trunks were their preference. steer clear. DON'T BE A BRAND SUCKER More than two-thirds of girls think overly branded undies are overrated. Fig 6. and that men should never even go near them. DON'T SPLASH OUT (TOO MUCH) Good news for the wallet — 64 per cent of girls thought the right amount to spend on a pair of undies was $15 to $25. unless that one lady is your missus.GIRLFRIEND Fig 1. AVOID THE MAN THONG The most unsurprising stat is that 96 per cent of girls thought that the man thong was an abomination. PICK PLAIN Over 66 per cent of girls prefer plain undies to patterned. Fig 4. so opt out of ones with wordy waistbands. Fig 2. with looser-fitting boxers only getting a quarter of the vote. So. Fig 5. WORDS & PHOTO: FHM UK GOING UNDERCOVER FHM asked 200 women about their views on your drawers… Fig 9. Fig 8. Fig 3.

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