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ad analysis surf excel

ad analysis surf excel

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Published by Rajeshwor Devkota
brothe sister ad
brothe sister ad

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Published by: Rajeshwor Devkota on Jun 10, 2013
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Assignment No 1 Advertisement analysis “SURF EXCEL: Daag acche hain” Promotion Management

Submitted to
Mr. Deependra Tondon Course Instructor Promotion Management

Submitted by
Rajeshwor Devkota MBA Term IV

8th June 2013 Ace Institute of Management Sinamangal, Kathmandu

This add is a very good example of how adding a little emotion and sentiment in ad making get viewers emotionally connected. Below is the link to the selected commercial for “surf excel” in YouTube.The TV commercial I choose to analyze is of detergent “surf excel”. It depicts two school children relating to structure of normal household and family and relates it to detergent and shows how it removes the stain. When the little girl falls into a puddle. The term “SURF” has been a synonymous to detergent. dirtying herself. then the resultant dirt is good. threatening it and demanding that it apologize to his sister. The advertisement is based on sentimental value. right and centre. http://www. he emerges all muddy and stained. she starts howling. It is one of the most popular detergent brands available almost in every store in the market. proudly declaring. After wrestling with the puddle for a while. He bravely dives into the puddle and begins to pound it left. The ad uses underlying psychology of add vitality to life to reach it’s consumers. She concludes. “Surf Excel: Daag Achche Hain.youtube. This is when the pack shot comes into focus for the first time. and the female voiceover goes on to explain that if a person grows with an experience.” They continue walking home after the brother ‘warns’ the puddle not to do it again. determined to seek revenge. “Surf excel” is one of the products of Unilever under premium fabric wash category. “Sorry bola (The puddle said it was sorry).com/watch?v=2z2b8NDBzjc The advertisement opens with a shot of two children on their way home from school. That’s when her protective brother rises to the occasion. 2|Page .” The above ad is trying to commodify the need of clean clothes.

The advertisement uses the Indian culture of brother being protective towards his sister. It has depicted the relationship between brother and his sister in a beautiful way. when the boy protected his sister and took revenge showed that the boy was growing up. It has a different take on the stains. This was done keeping in mind that a major part of dirty laundry comprises of children’s clothes. The advertisement mainly focuses on upper middle class housewives having kids and who have the necessity of cleaning clothes 3-5 times in a week as the target group. This ad says that you go play in dirt and we will be there to take care of the stains. The advertisement is simple. 3|Page . This advertisement also focuses on the fact that the children are innocent. but without worrying about the stain factor. if they are growing with the experience. The advertisement also shows a moment where children really want to grow fast and act as an adult. The fact is that parents want such experiences for their kids. After watching this ad parent will probably not worry about the stains and let the children enjoy their childhood and grow by experiencing different aspects of life. The advertisement can easily relate to everyone because it shows Innocent love and bonding between brother and sister and forces to recall our childhood and bring out smile on our faces. Just the simple idea of a kid emulating adult behavior and pacifying his little sister has been brought out in such an endearing manner that even parents wouldn’t mind their kids getting dirty. it addresses that if anything comes out nice of dirt then dirt are nice. The parents will be assured that the solution for their problem will be taken care by the product “surf excel”. The advertisement is defining and addressing appropriate target market – general household.the philosophy behind is that children are the best influencers for any family’s buying decision.That little moment.The advertisement uses an emotional appeal and peripheral route of persuasion. easy to relate to the product and has a lasting impression. The advertisement target the children through tagline “daag acche hain “(dirt is good) . The advertisement also focus on giving out the message that person grows with an experience . they do commit many mistakes but those mistakes are how they learn. It is the fear of dirt that stops parents from allowing their kids to enjoy such fun experiences.

naughty. This could have also been used as a platform to address the issue of women empowerment. The main theme remaining same the older sister protecting the little brother would have given the ad new height. the role played by the boy could be given to girl. If I had an opportunity to reconstruct this ad I would change the characters. intelligent and cute making them appear even more desirable to parents.My take on this particular ad is that the ad is gender biased and gender stereotype. It features boys as dirty. rowdy. In context of south Asian countries where the boy child is preferred to girl child the ad could have also used to convey a message that the girl child is equally capable as boys. 4|Page .

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