“Language learning unlocked”

English Language specialist Andrew Weiler

Thinking Tools

About Andrew Weiler
 “If you give a person a fork to
eat soup with, the conclusion they can reach is that they are no good at eating soup. Is it the case? No. They just were using the wrong tool” Andrew has written a soon-tobe published book about improving language learning ability. It is based on emotional learning experiences and feelings about learning.

Major influences

 What were the major influences in
your life that led you to develop your present philosophy of learning and write your book “language learning unlocked”?

How do You Feel?

Intra-personal/interpersonal skills

Intuition Intellect

Emotions and feelings

Question 1

Emotions versus feelings

 Can you describe
the difference between emotion and feelings, and how this has a major impact on the way we learn?

Question 2

Feelings versus intellect

 How do we
balance our feelings and intellect for ultimate success and enhanced life experience?

Question 3


 How can teachers
help their students to learn intuitively?

Question 4

Logic versus Imagination

 If a teacher is too
intellectual (lacking empathy, rapport =building skills etc.) can this harm the students? For example, focusing mostly on facts as opposed to thinking skills or imagination.

Question 5

Teacher Training

 If you were to
revolutionise teacher training how would you bring emotional/social intelligence into it? Many teachers are not trained in these basic communication and 'feeling' skills.

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