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How God Sees Sin in the Christian Church

How God Sees Sin in the Christian Church

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Published by Patricia Backora
Prophetic Word. God hates sin with a passion and expects His people to confess it instead of hiding it.
Prophetic Word. God hates sin with a passion and expects His people to confess it instead of hiding it.

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Published by: Patricia Backora on Jun 10, 2013
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A Prophetic Word to God’s Last Days Church

Over the past several generations (and even longer), saith the Lord, there has been a growing insensitivity to the seriousness of sin in My sight, especially in My own church. My church has substituted a “nicer”, “softer”, “more sensitive approach” for the true Gospel of Repentance preached by the apostles in the book of Acts. They preached Repent or perish. But today’s church teaches sinners they’re okay just as they are. So long as sinners go forward to greet the preacher and pray a canned one-size-fits-all “prayer”, everything is just fine and they need no longer fear going to hell. The rest of the church’s message is “God loves everybody no matter what they’ve done, even if they have no intention of ever repenting.” I DO love lost men and do My best to save them, but it’s up to them to repent. Jesus said “Repent or perish” (Luke 13:3-5). I am a just, righteous and holy God, the Righteous Judge of all the earth (Gen.18:25). The apostles did NOT overemphasize the love of God to unrepentant sinners as is done today. The word “love” doesn’t appear in any form in the Book of Acts. Hardened, evil transgressors are My ENEMIES (Psalms 37:20; James 4:4). I reserve WRATH for My enemies, not lovingkindness and tender mercies (Nahum 1:2). One of the most popular beliefs in the modern church is that a church brother who commits a grave sin against a member of the body of Christ can just be let off the hook with no word of reproof. Modern believers think Jesus’ own instructions in Matt.18:15-17 do not apply

today because “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. Yes, but you can catch even more flies with horse manure. The erring believer is to be given up to three (3) warnings to repent. One warning is to be given by the sinned-against believer to the offender in private. If the sinner refuses to hear that, two or three respected members of the assembly are to go with the victim to urge the offender to repent. If the sinning church member STILL refuses to repent, he/she is to be publicly rebuked before the whole congregation. And if the sinner will not listen to the church, he is to be kicked out of having fellowship with the others until and unless he humbles himself and GENUINELY, not superficially, repents. Most churches are too “nice” to publicly expose a so-called believer who steals someone else’s wife, defrauds somebody else of wages INTENTIONALLY, or does something else to hurt a member of My own precious body. About the only time believers get named and shamed in the congregation is for withholding “tithes” from wolves in sheep’s clothing who rob the poor. Even if the saint sinned against has to bear lasting repercussions alone, without any effort made by the offender to repent or make proper restitution, the victim is expected to keep his mouth shut about it and suffer in silence “for the glory of god”. The only time most believers get indignant about sin is when somebody else complains about being a victim of it. The victim is turned into the offender for allegedly harboring so-called “bitterness” just because he knows deep inside that as long as the sinning brother or sister still hangs onto their sin and refuses to repent of it, there can be no true fellowship or relationship between them ever again. You can no more turn a blind eye to a SERIOUS, DELIBERATE sin committed by a so-called Christian than you could ignore your wife or husband committing adultery. And even if you could muster up the will power to just “wipe the slate clean” and pretend that brother didn’t sin against you and all is well, it just isn’t so. That’s a work of self-deception, not a manifestation of My love and grace. In all their eagerness to prematurely absolve the worst sinners of all guilt, believers forget that the primary person sinned against is always ME, the Lord (Psalms 51: 4). David stole Uriah the Hittite’s wife Bathsheba and had her husband murdered to cover the dirty deed up. Yet in his confession, David doesn’t once mention Uriah’s name. He says he’s sinned AGAINST THE LORD. Some smug Christians are eager to “forgive” a serious offender on behalf of his hurting victim. But how can they dare to “forgive” that person on MY

behalf for what he/she has done against ME? Have I ever saved a single soul, or restored a single backslider, unless they repented? A thousand times, NO! Whatever you do to the LEAST esteemed in the church, you also do to me, whether it’s something good or bad (Matt.25:40). If you steal some other Christian’s wages, you’ve also defrauded Me. If you evict some starving Christian widow who’s too sick to keep up with the rent, you forfeit your own home in heaven because the evil you sow you’ll surely reap (Gal.6:7). When you abuse the weak and helpless in your midst you also abuse Me, their Maker and their Savior. Unless you deal mercifully with the weakest, most vulnerable souls around you, you will NOT be dealt with mercifully by the Lord (Matt.5:7). Away, away with your insincere songs and juvenile hopping and dancing! It’s all done for show, to make others think you’re more spiritual than the rest of the unwashed clones around you. Unwashed? That’s exactly what I mean. You modern-day hypocrites might bathe daily in water, douse yourself with the sweetest scents, and look as neat as a manicured lawn when you show up in your congregations. But you steadfastly refuse to come to Me to be washed from your sins of pride, arrogance, materialism and idolatry. Instead of conforming to the image of My beloved Son, you conform to this world while still claiming to be separate from it. Instead of confessing your sins against God and man, you call them “human weaknesses”. You say you hate your brother because you “can’t connect” with him as a person. You’re happy enough with the way things are in your church, so you don’t need stray people wandering in to try to penetrate your exclusive cliques. Any brother or sister who treats other Christians like dirt lacks the love of God, and if you don’t walk in My love you’re walking in sin and rebellion. You’re nothing but a clanging cymbal (I Cor.13:1), just a big noise-maker who boasts an empty profession of faith in a Jesus Whose love you want no part of. If you don’t love your brother you don’t love Me either (I John 4:20-21). You’re only deceiving yourself and are not truly abiding in Me (John 15; 2 Cor.13:5). I know you get weary from the ebb and flow of daily life and your zeal towards Me varies from one day to the next. But beware of turning away from Me to the point where you’re sick of My ways, tired of having to love someone in the church who isn’t exactly like yourself. DANGER! Don’t skate too close to the edge of the hole in the ice. And the ice is your coldness, your lack of love, the way you operate in your

daily life. I am gracious and extend grace unto My children. But beware of alienating Me by your meanness and your petty jealousies and strife. Keep your heart humble before Me (I Pet.5:5), and never forget how close you came to having to go to a devil’s hell for your own sins when you feel like picking at some woman for wearing the wrong colors to church! Over the centuries I have observed a general hardening of attitudes toward poor believers, and toward the poor in general. No, it is not always due to “laziness” that a man finds himself lined up for Food Stamps or welfare. It is because the rich are getting fatter financially and sucking the life blood of the poor, as they slash benefits and cut wages while lengthening work hours. Sometimes limited human strength can’t keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living. The math just doesn’t add up, and the poor can’t make ends meet. The rich are getting richer and materially fatter at the expense of the poor. Yet instead of renouncing the crass greed and injustice in society, the church is IMITATING the ways of the world and sanctifying them. Such wayward Christians whose primary goal in life is to get as rich as possible ignore Christ’s own warnings about the love of money. To support their crooked “greed is goØd” doctrine, predatory preachers must appeal mostly to (and twist) Old Testament scriptures yanked out of context. Under the Old Covenant, material wealth, lofty social position, perfect health, and a huge family were all held to be indicators of My blessing which allegedly reflected the degree of saintliness of a particular individual. Job was demonized by his so-called “friends” for being sick and suffering devastating trials and the loss of all earthly blessings. Job was accused of secret sin in his life. Instead of spiritual support he got blame heaped on him. When Christians need prayer support the most, that’s when it seems to be in shortest supply. Christians don’t want to hang around so-called “losers”. They, like the worldly sinners they try to convert, are far more impressed by wealth, status, and personal charisma than they are with godliness (and spiritual blessings) as defined by the apostles of the New Testament. The Old Covenant focuses on the OUTWARD. The New Covenant focuses on the hidden man of the spirit of Christ doing its wondrous work of redemption within the heart of the believer (I Pet.3:3-4). In the Old Testament, there was much written about the outward jewels worn by godly women of faith. In the New Testament, you hardly ever see any reference to a person’s outward appearance. Peter doesn’t seem much impressed by outward display of personal beauty and

wealth. Instead, he writes under the inspiration of My Spirit that a meek and quiet spirit is of much greater value in a woman than fancy hairdos, gold, and costly clothes. But what do I see in big mega (beg-a) churches today but women being “anointed” for carnal ministries based on their looks, their professionally coiffed hair, their sleek figures, their worldly attire, their worldly mannerisms? These are the ladies who entertain the sleeping saints in Zion with their airbrushed, hypnotizing, soothing solos. They sing about the “love” of Jesus which expects nothing and overlooks everything, a “love” which never warns of the eternal consequences of sin which come where there is no heartfelt repentance. One area of pride Christians have trouble with is claiming that they’re the only ones in the church who’s right and anyone else who disagrees on vague questionable, borderline issues of doctrine is a vile sinner who ought to be shunned. That is petty meanness and the party faction mindset at work, contrary to I Cor.3:3. Sometimes only PRAYERFUL study will clarify the meaning of disputable passages. It helps to have access to a GOOD concordance which helps clarify the original translation of the Greek or Hebrew word in any given passage. Other times, the entire context must be studied as a unit to ascertain the true message conveyed by the section of scripture. In the meantime, don’t RUSH to disfellowship or cut each other down over issues which have nothing to do with teachings on salvation, true holiness or the atonement of Christ. My church must never be an exclusive club which pampers the sinful egos of individuals who puff themselves up and despise with other people’s spirituality and selfesteem. Carnal Bible commentators have made a big mess of My original message to the church, the way they add annotations and disclaimers on the sides of the Bible, the way whole verses are bracketed to indicate they may not even be authentic. Over the centuries, men have tampered with My holy Word so much that it takes real discernment to differentiate between a false message and a message from the heart of the Father to His children. So be patient with other believers who don’t read the same version of the Bible as yourself. I am well able to clear up confusion in the minds of Christians who genuinely seek to walk in My ways, and if they’re reading a badly translated version, I must be the one to convince their heart of that. Walk in love, relying ONLY on the finished work of Christ to make you acceptable in My sight. Whatever you would have others do to you, do also to them. You are not all at the same level of maturity in My family

of faith, and I have to lead each person toward perfection in Christ from the place where they are. So tread carefully before you claim you’re in possession of all truth and everybody else who loves Jesus is a heretic in their belief system. So be patient with other believers who don’t read the same version of the Bible as yourself. I am well able to clear up confusion in the minds of Christians who genuinely seek to walk in My ways, and if they’re reading the wrong version, I must be the one to convince their heart of that. Walk in love, relying ONLY on the finished work of Christ to make you acceptable in My sight. Even the most astute Bible scholar might not be faithful to carefully apply what he knows and may even be a loveless hypocrites whose life denies that he even knows Me! Whatever you would have others do to you, do also to them. You are not all at the same level of maturity in My family of faith, and I have to lead each person toward perfection in Christ from the place where they are. Beware of spiritual pride which comes from comparing your own alleged spiritual stature with somebody else’s. That’s just as worldly as a vain woman who loves to stand next to a heavyset lady to make herself feel slimmer! I watch over a lot of so-called “Bible studies” where the “awkward” passages about hell, sin, and the power of God manifested in miracles and spiritual gifts is snipped out and skipped over. The impending doom of the sinner in a fiery hell is softened to mean merely “eternal separation from God”. And once-saved-always-saved (OSAS) is pushed as a valid doctrine to the point where most Christians believe they can be raptured off a bed of adultery at My coming for My church! Know ye not, My people, how I abhor sin in the world and in the church? To lightly dismiss sin as a “temporary moral lapse” which you can just forget about with no repentance, that is an attitude from beneath. Such a heresy makes light of My unspeakable purity and holiness. It is like saying that Jesus didn’t really need to come and give up His own precious life to save you. If you truly believe in UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS WITHOUT REPENTANCE, then why did I bother to send Christ to earth to endure the unimaginable horrors He went through? If I were not a Holy God, I could have just issued a blanket general pardon to all the world and turned a blind eye to it as they continued to sin. ALL unatoned-for sin will keep you out of heaven, but no two sins are alike in seriousness or the bad repercussions they leave. Some believers commit terrible sins against other believers. Christians

commit adultery. Christians defame and cheat one another, play crooked games behind each other’s back. But instead of confronting unrepentant sinners in My church, church leaders turn a blind eye so they won’t alienate “tithe-payers” or offend some major big shot in church. If sin is taken notice of at all in My church, more often than not, Christians will immediately blame the victim for causing the perpetrator to want to hurt him/her. The victim will be cut down for failure to immediately “forgive” the one who wounded them. Christians who blame the victim and RUSH to comfort and reassure the unrepentant sinner that he’s okay are doing him no favor. It’s the blind leading the blind and both shall fall into the ditch of eternal perdition (Luke 6:39). I see the world stumbling in gross darkness. Many are looking for the light elsewhere because it’s been extinguished behind the STAINED glass windows of the so-called church. Stained with deception of every color which filters out My light which shows up sin and error. Sin isn’t a petty peccadillo I can easily overlook. Sin had to be punished, so I sent My only Son to die a criminal’s bloody death on the Cross of Calvary. If I overlooked sin without sending Him to die, that would make a mockery of My infinite holiness. If there is a flicker of light still within you, fan it back into life. Seek to remain filled up with the Oil of My Spirit. Read My Word and apply it to your life. Don’t be a hearer of the Word only, but a DOER of the Word (James 1:22). Feed the hungry among you. Visit the widows and fatherless in their affliction (James 1:27). Rebuke the unrepentant sinner who brings reproach upon the Lord Jesus through his adultery, theft, blasphemy, and idolatry (ICor.5). Love the friendless among you, lest they leave and search for acceptance elsewhere. Where love and holiness are absent, I also am absent, saith the Lord.

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