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The Power of a Tie

The Power of a Tie

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Published by donaldquixote
Power ties are a source of pride for many men. They have certain ties they safe for special occasions like
job interviews.
Power ties are a source of pride for many men. They have certain ties they safe for special occasions like
job interviews.

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Published by: donaldquixote on Jun 10, 2013
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The Power of a Tie

Power ties are a source of pride for many men. They have certain ties they safe for special occasions like job interviews. They are used when, and only when, they are interviewed for a job. Why?

The Amazing Tie
These ties make an impression. The color, style, and pattern generally match the person and their personality so well that they can’t help but make a good impression in it. Every interviewing man should have one. Go get one if you don’t already. That said there are a few exceptions when men can wear a power tie the wrong way. The following are a few tips to help your power tie work with your outfit, rather than detract from it. Stripped ties are dangerous with stripped shirts and a pinstripe suit. There’s just too much going on there. Stripes are shooting in every which direction, diverting and hurting your interviewer’s eyes. Keep stripes to a bare minimum if possible. Have them on your tie, on your shirt, or on your suit (in the form of pinstripes). If you must put a striped tie with a striped shirt, make sure the stripes are different sizes. The contrast of stripe thickness will stand out enough to offset the confusing pattern. This can sometimes look good, but if you’re not sure if your combination works, try a different pattern combination to be safe.

Fashion vs. Practicality
Be careful with your tie width as well. Currently, the style is to keep them thin. The fashionable ties of today are so thin that they barely cover the button line of your shirt. As trendy as this may look, it’s dangerous to walk into an interview wearing that style. Having no idea who will be conducting the interview, your thin tie could either work really well for his or her personality, or throw him or her off completely. To offset the potential bad, wear a moderately thick tie.

If you absolutely hate the wide base, then keep the button latched as much as possible. The thick base hides safely out of sight, preserving a thinner tie style. Speaking of fashionable influence, in some circles, knots are moving away from the classic style. Instead of hiding all of the twists and folds you make in your knot, people are showing them off. People like it because it’s something different, like a way to stick out from the rest of the world. In the business world though, it’s not looked highly upon. Even good networking in Colorado Springs won’t save your image if you come walking in with one of those knots. That’s all your interviewer will be able to think about. Like the tie width phenomenon, it could either really work for you, or really not. Keep the knot simple and standard to be safe. Finally, your tie color should either complement or contrast the rest of your apparel. Have a friend with an eye for color check out your outfit to see if the colors match. Some colors complement (even if they contrast), but others just clash. Make sure your colors don’t clash because no amount of networking in Colorado Springs will cover up for a bad red and orange combo. Be careful with your power tie. It can do a lot of good for you, if you follow these tips and wear them the right way.

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