Inside The Right-Wing Inner Circle

How a Democratic Operative Got On the Payroll of a Republican Gubernatorial Hopeful

Patrick Allen

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Introduction ….......................................................................................... 3 Background ….......................................................................................... 4 How The Project Groundwork Was Layed … ........................................ 5 Mellow Yellow Project Becomes Official …........................................... 7
Notable Aside [1] … ...........................................................................................9 Notable Aside [2] … .........................................................................................11

Points of Interest and / or Investigation ….......................................... 14
Constituent and Contributor Betrayal ...............................................................14 Privitization of Frederick County Positions and / or Services ...........................14 Sale of Montevue and Citizens Senior Living Centers .....................................15 Inappropriate and / or Illegal Access to County Records .................................15 Inappropriate and / or Illegal Use of Political Funds .........................................16 Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages : On-Air Radio Show .............................16

Communications Messaging Artifacts................................................. 17
Project Funding Payments By Third Party .......................................................17 Campaign Workbooks : Stump Speech Data ...................................................18 The Basketball Diaries Blogging ......................................................................18 Frederick Magazine Cover Letters to Legislators and Clubs ............................18 Assumptions ................................................................................................19 Message to Republican / GOP Clubs ..........................................................20 Message to Maryland State Republican Senators and Delegates...............21 Message to Congressman Andy Harris .......................................................22

Imaged Artifacts ..................................................................................... 23

Introduction …
As a Democratic Activist and Operative, sometimes you have to search for a political project and at other times they fall into your lap. Fundamentally, it is my job to identify bad actors across the political spectrum, and then perform opposition research to exploit negative findings against the target elected official, candidate and / or political personality. Typically and most often, my work is done behind the scenes, in the shadows, out of sight, no fingerprints. Not unlike any sting operation. However, there have been several occasions when the only method of achieving a successful objective has required me to publicly expose my participation in a project. This has turned out to be one of those occasions. I had no choice since this project simply fell into my lap. It began innocently enough as a benign relationship, then over a twelve month period unfolded into an “Is this for real?” opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. I did not expect or anticipate to be invited into the inner circle of such a controversial elected public official and political opposition leader ... the ultimate black bag victory!
Blaine Young received this private FB message and sent it to me as an FYI. He wanted to make sure I was aware of what his Republican constituents were saying.


Background …
Following a successful political operations career in Virginia, I moved to Frederick County, Maryland, in the late Nineties, locating in a small village at the far west side of the county. At first glance and with a bit of due diligence I found that the Democratic Party in Maryland, and specifically Frederick County, was not the same Democratic Party I was familiar with. Some Frederick County, Maryland Democrats, organizationally as well as individually, have taken to the courts, social media and newspapers to execute their strategies. Seeing these approaches result in limited-to-no success, I take a more private, confidential approach in executing plans to achieve desired objectives for my projects. On several occasions my tactics, although successful, have been questioned by members of the local Democratic leadership. We share sameparty registration; however our missions are drastically different. The Frederick County Democratic Party, broadly speaking, demonstrates weak, reactive leadership by taking a passive political role in candidate selection, endorsement and support. To the contrary, I have chosen to proactively identify bad actors, regardless of political party, then devise and execute plans to cause the demise of their political aspirations. The Frederick County Democratic Central Committee and I will simply have to agree to disagree. We have differing motivations and missions. ______________________

NOTE : To my non-Democratic political friends and acquaintances, if your name does not appear in this report, you can breath a sigh of relief - you are not on my active radar screen.


How The Project Groundwork Was Layed …
From a political operative’s perspective, opposition research projects fall into two categories: ƒ ƒ Those which the operative has identified in advance, and Those which simply fall into the operative’s lap by accident

Most political operatives spend the majority of their time working on identifying their targets, and then once identified, execute a plan to achieve the intended objective and / or result. As is sometimes the case, however, a political operative doesn’t realize that a project is in hand until a series of situations, circumstances and events have taken place. This is exactly what happened for this project.
Project Name : Official Start Date : Official End Date : Project Target : Mellow Yellow Friday, October 19, 2012 Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Blaine Young : Co-Owner of Yellow Cab Co. Frederick County BOCC President Drive-time WFMD Radio Show Personality Self-proclaimed Good Ole Boy Controversial Frederick County Political Figure 2014 Maryland Republican Gubernatorial hopeful 2014 Frederick County Charter Executive hopeful Future Maryland Sixth Congressional District hopeful

With this project, a series of situations, circumstances and events took place long before the official project start date, with each leading to the next and concluding with a eureka moment on the start date for the project. Regarding Blaine Young, he is a very polarizing personality ... you either like him or you don't. Plain and simple. Black and white. Numerous organizations and individuals have been chipping away at the margins with limited-to-no success.

However, in the wacky world of politics, when someone in Blaine Young’s position invites an opposition activist into his inner circle, it's a political operative’s dream come true. Blaine and I began our relationship in March during the 2012 political Primary season, teaming up each Friday for a political week-in-review radio program on Frederick’s WFMD Mid-Maryland Live drive time program. As often happened throughout the Friday radio shows, we conducted ad hoc conversations during breaks in the program. The political analysis and cross-fire format was continued throughout the 2012 General election cycle using the same week-in-review Friday format.


Mellow Yellow Project Becomes Official …
On Friday, October 19, 2012, while participating in a remote WFMD radio broadcast from the Jekyll & Hyde restaurant on East Street in Frederick City, I hit pay dirt. The hook was set, now I only needed to reel him into the boat. Jekyll & Hyde … how apropos !! During one of the Jekyll & Hyde show breaks, Blaine leaned over and asked me if I was available to provide him with political advice. I said I would think about it, but it would not be free of charge. I made sure he understood - if anyone found out, it would damage his political career much more that it would hurt me as a political strategist. Being a key advisor to Mr Young would make me look like a genius for infiltrating the political opposition camp and he would have some explaining to do to his Republican supporters, financial contributors and posse for an apparent betrayal to his own political party affiliation. He acknowledged the personal, professional and political risks, then asked me to work up the costs, which I did over the next few days. Blaine clearly wanted access to my opposition research experience, contacts and methods. He also wanted information regarding other Republican gubernatorial candidates, sought advice on strategy and tactics and communication text. Additionally, he wanted me to provide investigative findings regarding prospective candidates running for the 2014 Frederick County Charter Government Executive position. The following Friday, October 26th, back in the radio studio, Blaine asked me if I had worked out the numbers and what was the amount. I said yes, but I didn't want to discuss it at the radio station. He slid a piece of paper and a pen across the desk and I wrote down the numbers to cover consulting, food, gas and lodging. Lodging would have to be expensed in case I had to stay overnight somewhere in Maryland. He looked at the numbers and said it was doable for him. We agreed that a payment method and time table would need to be worked out. I told him that I preferred cash payments to keep my name off his political financial bookkeeping records. He said he would come up with a plan to

make sure my involvement with him as a paid political adviser would remain hidden from public scrutiny. To mitigate the risk of anyone finding out that Blaine had hired a Democratic strategist as a close political adviser, we decided that having me on his radio show at least once a week would provide good cover. In case anyone saw us together during the week or chatting at a social function, we could simply say that we were talking about topics to discuss on the radio. Two weeks after the Jekyll & Hyde remote broadcast, we relaxed during the live election night show with a few adult drinks while calling the race results over the air. Given that we used opaque cups, I'm certain that none of the WFMD staff knew we were sipping Crown Royal during live studio broadcast. The Presidential race was called early and the live broadcast was over by 11:00pm. With a small buzz starting and plenty of time left for nighttime activities, we went out for a few more drinks and laughs. Over drinks at a restaurant near Carroll Creek, I realized that if it was going to happen, then this would be the point in time for me to launch a political opposition plan to expose Blaine Young and put it into action. Following the election, Blaine and I continued our radio relationship when Blaine invited me to keep coming back for Friday wrap-up shows. During breaks in the live broadcast for news, weather and traffic, we would discuss his gubernatorial and other political aspirations. I made it clear to Blaine that winning the Governor’s race was out of reach for a Republican, although there was a tiny sliver of hope as long as the planets aligned correctly – the Erlich v. Kennedy gubernatorial race. He was advised that if he fully intended to run for Maryland’s top job, his focus should be on winning the Republican Primary in order to punch his political ticket. Taking second place or worse in the Primary would be political suicide. I didn’t discuss with him the Democratic Primary or potential Democratic General election cycle candidates in order to keep him focused on his own race.

Notable Aside [1] … It's important to note that Blaine is a talker. He likes to talk about how much money he has raised and can raise ... as well as insider info on notable persons and BOCC activities. In one conversation he described how Frederick County Privatization was a ruse. It was intended to focus people's attention in one direction as he worked on other plans that he wanted to keep from public view. I wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or not, but the smile on his face was convincing enough. Several weeks passed without any payments to me so I confronted him at the radio station following one of our Fun Fact Friday shows and told him he had me handcuffed for free ... not good and not acceptable. By January, 2013, he had worked out a plan to channel payments from his political contribution / campaign account to a Frederick County commercial business owner, who would then pay me on a weekly basis. Of note, we agreed to revisit his political career decision(s) in September, 2013, when he would either double my weekly rate to advise him as he ran for Governor or Frederick County Executive ... or he would pay me $5,000 as walk away money. We also agreed to meet privately at Blaine’s Yellow Cab company office each Monday at 1:30 pm. With the terms and conditions out of the way, I began advising him in earnest and constructing his gubernatorial campaign workbooks – three ring binders filled with vital information to be studied and used when traveling and speaking across the state. On January 14th, the following facebook private message exchange took place between Blaine and me:

Blaine Young Working on getting you a check today - will call you later today - headed to Mark Hoke funeral Blaine



Patrick Allen Are we still scheduled to execute the transaction at 1:30p (Yellow Cab HQ)?
I am asking Blaine if he was making progress to provide funds from his political account to the commercial business to support my payments.

Blaine Young Yes

When I arrived at Yellow Cab, Blaine drove the two of us, using one of his cabs, over to the commercial business location. I waited in the cab as Blaine went inside to meet with the owner of the business – an envelope in his hand. Upon his return to the car, he said that everything was in place to begin the payments the following day. The next afternoon, Tuesday, January 15th, I went to the payment location, knocked on the locked front door and went inside to sign a 1099 form and receive my first payment sealed in an envelope. Later that afternoon the following facebook private message exchange took place between Blaine and me: 4:21pm Blaine Young Where you successful
Blaine is asking if I was successful in getting the payment check from the commercial business.

Patrick Allen At getting a date with Sarah Palin? ... fuck no!! ... I'm left with that cardboard cutout. But I think I can make it work !! Yes...I stopped by the shop at 2:45 and everything went fine.
NOTE: Blaine Young has a life-size cardboard cutout of Sarah Palin in his Yellow Cab office.


Blaine Young

I am letting Blaine know that I was able to pick up the payment check from the commercial business … he aplogies for the delay.

lol sorry it to so long to get you it

With payment methodology and a relaxed relationship in place, it was time to get down to executing the opposition research plan. First things first, we had to work on his appearance package. That included, but was not limited to: ƒ ƒ Make sure that he keeps a fuller head of hair, especially on the sides, to make him look a couple of years older. Get rid of the pointy handkerchief and replace it with a square handkerchief (don't look like a pimp). It's ironic to note that on January 27, 2013, Mr. Steve Bruns, a Frederick County progressive Democrat and populist with a keen eye for detail, put out an email with the following text: "Anybody know when it was, that Blaine stopped using his trademark, four-point pocket protector?" This was significant because it demonstrated to Blaine that the advice he was getting was on target. ƒ Additionally, I advised him to stop wearing so much jewelry (the whole pimp thing) and change his cufflinks to Maryland Flags. The cufflinks would be subtly noticed and remembered ... more gubernatorial in appearance.

He followed the advice like a good candidate should. I had already conveyed to him that any candidate who tries to run their own show will run it into the ground. At the time, even with his contolling personality, he appeared to accept my input and recommendations. For a while, at least, he soaked up the advice he was being given without any argument. I would show up on Mondays for our private meeting ... pick up my check from the commercial business location on Tuesdays ... then, wander into WFMD once a week for our Fun Fact Fridays radio show. Notable Aside [2] … Regarding the weekly payments, I don't believe that the front office secretaries or the company accountant knew the details of what was going on. The secretaries would meet me at the door and hand me an envelope with my name on it, we would occasionally exchange small talk ... then I would turn and walk away.

It is important to note that I would be listed as a "consultant" on the books at the commercial company, but I never did any consulting to them nor did I turn in any invoices to reconcile each weekly payment. During the only conversation I had with the company accountant, it seemed like she only knew that funds arrived from an unknown external source, to be assigned a specific Ledger ID, and those funds would be doled out to me on a weekly basis. Blaine wanted investigative intelligence on gubernatorial candidates as well as possible Frederick County Executive candidates should he decide to skip the Governor’s race and focus on running to become Frederick County's first Charter Government Executive. He was especially interested in former Democratic BOCC President, Jan Gardner - her previous relations, liaisons and / or separations - letting me know that he could obtain normally inaccessible documents from the courthouse if I needed them. Quite frankly, I wasn’t interested in Jan Gardner’s personal life, nor did I take any actions to delve into it. I wanted to see if Blaine Young could or would use his political position and influence to pull private documents from County Courthouse records. During direct conversations to mask the obvious, we always referred to her as January Gardening. As a political operative, at this point I could only sit back and prop my feet up on the ottoman as he kept delivering the goods. Keeping Blaine Young on a short leash, as many already know, is a challenge. He is determined to do it his way, come hell or high water, and in many cases to hell with the consequences. On more than one occasion he was advised by me that the "good ole boy" persona he has created on his local radio show might sell to a few, but would not carry him through the Republican gubernatorial Primary in 2014. He would need to move more toward the political center. Further, I repeatedly advised him to stop going off half-cocked with defensive facebook postings, blog articles, radio sound-offs, OpEds and LTEs … i.e., the Basketball Diaries. However, his street thug stubbornness overrode common sense and he simply plowed forward like a bull in a china closet.

By early-to-mid April, 2013, I could see that an emerging disconnect between us was beginning to affect his position as the candidate and my services as an adviser / consultant. It became clear to me that Blaine, over the last month or so, began going down a road of political self destruction. His personal comments to me clearly demonstrated that he had no intentions to run for Governor, citing his reluctance to challenge Dan Bongino in the 2014 Republican Primary. He would instead, strongly consider changing his focus and attentions toward running for Frederick County Charter Government Executive or use his contributor provided campaign war chest to be a king maker in other political races. On Tuesday, April 23rd, we met privately at Blaine’s Yellow Cab company office where he told me he was suspending his gubernatorial activities. He said that he would revisit his political options in September and depending on his decision at that time, he would either re-invoke the agreed upon payment schedule and amount or provide a $5,000 lump sum walk away payment. As I sat there, I wondered if anyone other than myself knew about his gubernatorial suspension decision, or would he continue soliciting contributions to build up a war chest for the 2014 Frederick County Charter Government Executive race ... or perhaps use the money as a king maker for other candidates in their races. The meeting lasted about five minutes. Blaine Young’s decision to suspend and / or cease gubernatorial activities created the most logical end point for me to terminate this opposition project.


Points of Interest and / or Investigation …

Constituent and Contributor Betrayal Category : Point of Interest Well beyond the shadow of a doubt, Blaine Young has betrayed his Republican base and Conservative constituency contributors by selecting and paying a Democratic Strategist to provide him with strategic and tactical political advice, counseling and guidance. Constituents and contributors deserve a full and complete disclosure of Mr. Young’s intended political interests and aspirations. In the absence of full disclosure, contributors should request a refund of donation amounts, which has already begun to occur with some of his initial supporters.

Privitization of Frederick County Positions and / or Services Category : Investigation As presented in Notable Aside [1] on page 9 of this document, ad hoc discussion(s) and comments referring to the privatization of County positions and services raises a number of questions regarding use / abuse of Mr. Young’s position as BOCC President and possible inappropriate and unethical use / abuse of County resources to deceive the citizens of Frederick County. This should be investigated to determine why Mr. Young would refer to this as a “ruse” and to what extent it was used as a BOCC diversion to obfuscate other actions and / or activities by Mr. Young and / or additional County Commissioners.


Sale of Montevue and Citizens Senior Living Centers Category : Investigation Comments made by Mr. Young during several conversations and ad hoc discussions suggested that he had a private deal in place with someone from Prince George’s County to purchase the properties for thirty-five million dollars. In Mr. Young’s words, “Thirty-five million is one third of a high school”. This needs to be thoroughly investigated to determine if Mr. Young abused his position as BOCC President, acting alone or in concert with additional Frederick County Commissioners to create a sweetheart deal in advance, outside of regulatory obligations and required governmental processes. Inappropriate and / or Illegal Access to County Records Category : Investigation As noted on page 12 of this document, Mr. Young made several references that he could / will use his position and influence to obtain normally inaccessible documents and records, regarding a private citizen and / or potential political challenger, from the Frederick County Courthouse. This needs to be thoroughly investigated to determine if any documents and / or records, specific to Jan Gardner or other citizens, have been acquired or are in the process of being acquired by Mr. Young from inside sources at the Frederick County Courthouse. The investigation should also probe into whether this problem is systemic among and between members of the Board of County Commissioners. Advisory Note : Given the questionable relationship and alliance between Blaine Young, Frederick County BOCC President and John S. Mathias, Frederick County Attorney, any investigation into unethical and highly probable illegal conduct by Mr. Young and others should originate from the Maryland State Attorney General’s office in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. John Mathias, Mr. J. Charles Smith III as well as members of the Frederick County Ethics Commission, should be recused from this investigation and denied access to any and all investigative materials until the probe and investigation have been completed.

Inappropriate and / or Illegal Use of Political Funds Category : Investigation As noted on pages 9 – 11 of this document, Mr. Young used an establishhed Frederick City commercial business enterprise to channel hidden payments for the purposes of engaging in political activities and politically motivated personal investigations. This needs to be thoroughly investigated to determine if Mr. Young has violated any election law statutes and / or regulations as well as an investigation into the payment partnership between Mr. Young and the participating Frederick City based commercial business enterprise. By using the power of Subpeona, the Maryland State Attorney General should obtain all electronic communications among and between Blaine Young, the commercial business owner and the commercial business accountant to determine how this payment plan was designed and implemented … to include personal and professional email, facebook private messages, phone texts, etc. Further, the Maryland State AG should subpoena these records going back to the last BOCC election cycle. The ease with which this money laundering scheme was put into place for me to conduct political activities on behalf of Mr. Young, leads me to believe the same approach has been executed one or more times in the past.

Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages : On-Air Radio Show Category : Investigation As noted on page 8 of this document, alchoholic beverages were consumed during several live on-air radio broadcasts. This needs to be investigated to determine if drinking alcoholic beverages during an on-air radio broadcast violates FCC Rules and Regulations.


Communications Messaging Artifacts
Project Funding Payments By Third Party As noted on pages 9 – 11 of this document, payments were made through a commercial business enterprise to support political activities. The original plan was to seed the payment account with a specific amount, then refresh the account when the level of available funds reached a certain amount. The threshold was reached during April, 2013, whereby the commercial company accountant recommended I send her an email, regarding receipts, which she could forward to her boss … triggering a phone call to Blaine Young for additional funds. The following email text reflects that communication with the company accountant.
-------- Original Message -------Subject:Receipt Reimbursement Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 10:11:48 -0500 From: Patrick Allen <> To: rosie@[name removed].com Rosie, Hello. It was good chatting with you last Tuesday regarding receipts that I have submitted for reimbursement. Aside from the weekly check which I pick up on site at [name removed], I will occasionally submit receipts for the following items: 1. Gas 2. Food 3. Lodging (this item will be submitted only if I need to stay overnight somewhere in Maryland, but I expect that it will be infrequent, if at all). Currently, I believe I have submitted approximately $30 in receipts and will be submitting another receipt next Tuesday for $44. Can you forward this email to [name removed] so that he can get the necessary approval? Regards, Patrick Allen

Campaign Workbooks : Stump Speech Data As noted in this document, two leather bound three-ring binders were constructed to be used as campaign workbooks for Mr. Young. The workbooks contained significant data regarding demograhics for each county in Maryland as well as referential materials reflecting county and regional issues to be addressed during speaking engagements at socials, civic organizations and / or Reublican Clubs.

The Basketball Diaries Blogging Fake email accounts were created by me in order to blog on Mr. Young’s behalf while obfuscating myself as the blogger. This was especially important to Mr. Young during the period of time commonly referred to as the basketball diaries … also known publicly as Blaine Young’s confrontation with a teenaged basketball referee. The tone of comments submitted against Frederick News-Post Editorials, Opinions and LTEs was generic in nature, worded in a manner to tamp down the discussion as opposed to supporting Mr. Young’s actions.

Frederick Magazine Cover Letters to Legislators and Clubs In addition to the referential campaign workbooks mentioned above, two significant communications activities were undertaken on Mr. Young’s behalf: The March 2013 publication of Frederick Magazine contained a lengthy article written about Mr. Young. Blaine purchased several boxes of the magazine, planning to send a copy to each Maryland Republican State Legislator, Republican Congressman Andy Harris (MD CD1) and Maryland based Republican Clubs. Each copy of the magazine would include a cover letter (see Imaged Artifacts, pg. 24, for Magazine cover). I was tasked with writing the text for each cover letter, which would be printed on Blaine Young For Governor stationary. The following email exchange presents the text and confirmation of the cover letter message.

-------- Original Message -------Subject:RE: First Draft At Messaging... Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 13:50:46 +0000 From: Blaine Young <> To: Patrick Allen <>, "" <> Looks good I can not meet at 1:30pm because of a county issue and meeting. I can do at noon or after my show? The MACo book is on my desk at the cab company. Please advise, Blaine

NOTE: The above comments from Mr. Young is the response he provided to the following messaging I had written for him to send to Legislators, Republican Clubs and my suggestion that he write a personal note, himself, to Republican Congressman Andy Harris. The next three (3) pages contain the content, unedited, of the email artifact.

From: Patrick Allen [] Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2013 4:15 PM To: Subject: Fwd: First Draft At Messaging...

Assumptions The letters will be printed and distributed on Blaine Young For Governor letterhead stationary. With this assumption in place, there is no need to say, “I’m running for Governor” in the text of the messages. Edit as you see fit … but allow me a voice before you put this to bed. The text from each section below can be copied and pasted into MSWD and adjusted on the page to provide an aesthetic format with your Governor letterhead.

Message to Republican / GOP Clubs RE : A Conservative Vision For Maryland Maryland Republican / GOP Clubs are the backbone of Maryland’s conservative voice. Each Club is unique in its own right, representing the conservative fabric of their communities and counties. There is a growing movement across Maryland, following eight years of tax and spend Democratic control (as of 2014) to return our State to divided verses divisive rule. A Republican has sat behind the Governor’s desk prior to Martin O’Malley and the time has arrived for a Republican to sit behind that desk again. As you may be aware, I am seriously exploring a run for Governor and to that extent, I have been traveling across Maryland to meet and talk with individuals, groups and organizations regarding the important issues facing our Counties, Regions and the State as a whole. To date, I have exceeded fundraising expectations and goals, which is a positive sign that Marylanders are ready to get behind and support a common sense, conservative voice for the people. I welcome and encourage the opportunity to meet with your membership and present a conservative vision for Maryland governance. But, more than just presenting my views on Maryland’s dwindling economy and loss of working family jobs under a Democratic controlled Governor and State Legislature, I want to listen to your views and opinions. Please contact me at your soonest to schedule a Club Meeting date and give me the opportunity to introduce myself to your membership, to present the economic successes I have brought to Frederick County as a Frederick City Alderman and the President of the Board of County Commissioners and to sit with your membership to listen to their concerns for building a successful Maryland. Please contact me at : < give the contact info >


Message to Maryland State Republican Senators and Delegates RE : A Conservative Vision For Maryland With eight years (by 2014) of tax and spend Democratic control of the Governor’s office and Maryland State legislature, with thousands of jobs exiting the State, Maryland is clearly positioned to put a conservative voice behind the Governor’s desk and realize a divided government instead of a divisive government. A Republican Governor in Maryland is not an anomaly, but should be considered routine. Robert Erlich accomplished this task prior to Martin O’Malley and it can be done again. As you may be aware, I am seriously exploring a run for Governor and to that extent, I have been traveling across Maryland to meet and talk with individuals, groups and organizations regarding the important issues facing our Counties, Regions and the State as a whole. To date, I have exceeded fundraising expectations and goals, which is a positive sign that Marylanders are ready to get behind and support a common sense, conservative voice for the people. I welcome and encourage the opportunity to meet with you one-on-one or with your regional GOP delegation to discuss the important issues of our time and how we can work together to once again put a conservative voice of reason behind the desk in the Governor’s office. Please contact me at your soonest to schedule a date / time for us to meet and discuss how we can once again put a Republican conservative voice in the Governor’s office, working together with conservative Senators and Delegates to work with both Democrats and Republicans to benefit Maryland. With the current legislative session in order and in Annapolis, I can meet with you personally or with your delegation to both introduce myself and to discuss the important issues that we face today and tomorrow. Please contact me at : < give the contact info >


Message to Congressman Andy Harris I’m leaving this one to you … not knowing how personal you might want to be. However, you may be able to draw from text used in the other messages as part of your correspondence to Andy.

[For Reuse] -> As you may be aware, I am seriously exploring a run for Governor and to that extent, I have been traveling across Maryland to meet and talk with individuals, groups and organizations regarding the important issues facing our Counties, Regions and the State as a whole. To date, I have exceeded fundraising expectations and goals, which is a positive sign that Marylanders are ready to get behind and support a common sense, conservative voice for the people.


Imaged Artifacts
Sarah Palin …

Life-Size Cardboard Sarah Palin Standing Guard in Blaine Young’s Yellow Cab Office

Mellow Yellow Project Payments …

This check stub represents one of fourteen “consulting” payments. Pages 9-11 of this document describe payment plan methodology. The company paid me on a weekly basis with no invoices, work orders or work product to reconcile the payments on their ledger.


The Two Sides of Blaine Young … The March, 2013 edition of Frederick Magazine featured a multi-page article about Blaine Young. He provided me a courtesy copy, with a note thanking me for running damage control on his behalf.

While the magazine article showed one side of Mr. Young, I was working with the side that never made it to print.


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