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Qu comen en el resto del mundo?

Por: Pedro Menzel

What the world eats, By: Peter Menzel
Paso 1: Think about what your family typically eats and drinks in one week, list the foods in Venn Diagram (En espaol por favor!) Paso 2: Investigate what families around the world eat in an average week using the website:,29307,1626519,00.html. Specifically, find a family that lives in a Spanish speaking country. Paso 3: Fill in the Venn Diagram with the typical foods a Latino family eats. Move foods & drinks from your list to the center of the Venn Diagram if both your family & the Latino family eat/drink that item. (En espaol por favor!) Paso 4: Answer the questions on the second page of this sheet.

Comidas y bebidas tpicas de una familia

Mi familia El Cereal El Refresco El Pizza El Pollo Frutas Papitos La Leche Jugo de Uvas Jugo de Naranja Pan tostado Los Espaguetis Pescado Pan Hamburguesas Las Quesadillas Tocino La familia de Alem Tocino Papas Pescado Pizza Salchichas Cerveza Jugo de Naranja Leche Frutas

Las dos familias Tocino Papas Pescado Pizza Jugo de Naranja Leche Frutas

Preguntas en espaolContesta en espaol (Hint: Answer in Spanish) 1. Cmo son las comidas y bebidas de tu familia similares a la familia Alemn? Nosotros comemos pescado. 2. Cmo son las comidas y bebidas de tu familia diferentes a la familia Alemn? Mi familia comemos mucho espaguetis. La familia Alemn comemos muchas salchichas. 3. Cul familia come ms? Mi familia come mas. 4. Cul familia come ms comidas sanas (healthy)? Mi familia come mas comidas sanas. 5. En tu opinin, cul familia come comidas sabrosas (tasty)? Mi familia come comidas sabrosas. Preguntas en inglsContesta en ingls (Hint: Answer in English) 1. Compare your family to the American families on the website. How are your eating habits similar & different? My families eating habits are similar to both families from the US. 2. What factors might influence what a family eats and drinks every day? (Make a list of as many as you can think of) What we had the night before, where my sports are, how much homework I have, and how hungry I am. 3. Why do you think families around the world eat so differently? The people around the world eat differently because they are all from a different culture and they all have a different cooking style. What religion they are also factors what they eat. 4. What do you think families from around the world might have in common when it comes to meals & mealtimes? I think most families (except for some Mexican families) eat around 6-7 oclock. I think that you can get American food pretty much anywhere now. 5. Any additional observations, questions, or comments? I dont have any additional observations, questions, or comments.