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Chapter 001

Chapter 001

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Nursing Research in an Evidence-Based Practice Environment

TOOLKIT FOR CHAPTER 1 Questions for a Preliminary Overview of a Research Report (Box 1.1 of the Textbook) 1. How relevant is the research problem to the actual practice of nursing? Does the study focus on a topic that is considered a priority area for nursing research? 2. Is the research quantitative or qualitative? 3. What is the underlying purpose (or purposes) of the study—identification, description, exploration prediction/control, or explanation? Does the purpose correspond to an EBP focus such as treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, harm and etiology, or meaning? 4. What might be some clinical implications of this research? To what type of people and settings is the research most relevant? If the findings are accurate, how might the results of this study be used by me?

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