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Government of the District of Columbia

June 11, 2013 GENERAL MEETING AGENDA 100 42nd Street, NE Time: 6:30pm 6:30 PM CALL TO ORDER: Commissioner Donna R. Muhammad, Chairperson 6:35 PM Commissioner Roll Call ACTION ITEMS MOTIONS: Adopt ANC 7D General Meeting Agenda, June 11, 2013 Adopt ANC 7D General Minutes, May 14, 2013 Presenters 6:40 PM 6:50 PM 7:10 PM 7:20 PM 7:35 PM 7:50 PM 8:00 PM 8:10 PM UDC (Food Handlers License Class) (Ms. Jennifer Smith) Johnson Consulting Services (Tiffani Johnson) D C Street Car (Ms. Malia Salaam) Art Program (Anthony Muhammad) Arcadia Market (Ms. Bartley) Family Matters and MedStar (Mr. Xion Lester) Mayor and Council Member-Community Engagement Representatives Treasurer Report (Commissioner Black)


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Motion to Pay Verizon Telephone/Internet Bill ($1,035.29) Motion to increase budget adding telephone/internet funds ($2,000.00) Motion to Pay Computer Technician ($278.00) Motion to Pay Copier Bill ($298.00 per month plus copies) Motion to Pay Commissioner Black $5.21 reimbursement Motion to Pay Commissioner Hazel $241.32 reimbursement Motion to Pay Rent $1,417.46 Motion to Pay $374.00 for Web domains Motion to Order Business Cards cost $500.00

* Motion to Hire two (2) Office workers to assist Summer Workers * Motion to increase budget to pay $1,000.00 to be more for the two (2) Office workers. Budget is presently $5,000.00 will increase to $6,000.00. Entire cost for workers will be $10,000. * Motion to increase budget 3,760.57 for items for new employees and summer Employees.

Public Concerns and Announcements

Adjourn 8:30

Contact Information for Current ANC 7D Elected Officials:

ANC SMD 7D01 Mrs. Lisa White (Vice Chairperson/Secretary) ANC SMD 7D02 Vacant (TBD) ANC SMD 7D03 Mrs. Donna R. Muhammad (Chairperson) ANC SMD 7D04 Mrs. JoAnne Prue (Sargent of Arms) ANC SMD 7D05 Ms. Janis Hazel ANC SMD 7D06 Mrs. Ericka S. Black (Treasurer) ANC SMD 7D07 Mr. Willie Woods *Note: If you would like to be on the agenda please contact us by 25th of each month. Please keep in mind Commissioners must still vote for persons selected. *Note: ANC 7D will be in recess July and August. We will resume in September 9, 2013.