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5, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter in strong recommendation of Amy Matias. Amy is a graduate of the University of Michigan Undergraduate Program in Elementary Education. I was Amys professor for two literacy methods courses, Literacy Methods for Early Elementary Aged Students (ED 401) in fall 2011, and Literacy Methods for Upper Elementary and Middle School Aged Students (ED 403) in winter 2012. I was also her instructor for two modules of a course titled Education in a Multicultural Society (ED 392) during the 2011-12 academic year. Through my work with Amy in these courses, I became familiar with her work in multiple field settings, as well as in the university setting. For all the courses that I taught, every assignment Amy turned in was well thought out, argued and presented. Amy thoughtfully planned each of her lessons and reflected on that teaching in a highly attentive and detailed manner. In addition to Amys ability to plan thoughtful and rigorous lessons, I was also consistently impressed with Amys reflective stance as an educator and her marked dedication to her students and chosen profession. Amy has a quality of enthusiasm for her work as a teacher that distinguishes her from her peers. For every class session that I taught, I noticed that she arrived refreshed and ready to participate in class discussions. I appreciated the attentive and thoughtful disposition that she had in class. I also observed Amys work in the field with children. In Education 401, I had the opportunity to view and respond to multiple videos that Amy submitted that captured her teaching young children. She was very committed to this work and her teaching exhibited this commitment. I remember being particularly struck by one of her initial interactive read aloud videos where it was early in the program, yet Amy had already developed a strong sense of classroom management as well as an ability to actively include many children in the discussion. At the time, this was a very promising indicator of her continued success in our program. During Education 403 also, I observed Amy directly as she worked very enthusiastically with a group of eighth graders as she led them to think deeply about a science fiction text. During book club meetings, Amy appeared to relish this work and welcomed the challenge of motivating adolescent students to engage deeply with a text. I am very, very confident that Amy will excel as a teacher. She will take the time to design instruction that is engaging, exciting and effective. But her work will not end with 1

the design and delivery of instruction. Amy is the kind of teacher who will be consistently reflective upon her work, always seeking opportunities for continued growth as an educator. She has my strong recommendation. Sincerely, Debi Khasnabis, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor of Education University of Michigan, School of Education 610 East University, Room 1302E Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1259