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CLASS : 5 ROSA TIME : 10:35 -11.35 A.

M SUBJECT : ENGLISH LANGUANGE Theme: World of Knowledge Topic: Glorious Food Skills: Reading and Writing Focus: Compare and contrast food cooking methods Learning outcome: 5.0 Use singular and plural form Specification : 4.4.2 Construct simple sentences and compound sentences based on given stimulus Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to : 1. Fill up the table of how the cooking methods differ before and now. Resources/ Teaching aids : Textbook, exercise book Stages Pre-Read Activities 1. Teacher asks students to name a few of traditional and modern food. 2. Teacher asks students which one of the two foods that they like the most. 1. Student being asked to differentiate between old cooking method and the new ones. 2. Students named a few differences that they know. 3. Students draw the table in their exercise book. 1. Teacher draws the same table on the board. 2. Some students write their answers on the board. 3. Teacher marks students work. 4. Students do correction for errors made.