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Past Medical History When Mrs Guillermo was 5 years old she was diagnosed of appendicitis and was

operated then followed by total hysterectomy in 1982 because of profuse bleeding every time she had a menstrual period and an ordinary pad is not effective it needs something improvised that is thicker. In the year of 1988 together with her son and nephew they got involved in an accident which lead to the fracture of her left thigh and almost amputated and undergone laparotomy but nothing was injured in the abdomen, according to her until now she still feel the pain of her past injury but she said she was already used to it. She was diagnosed of hypertension and accompanied by diabetes mellitus at St. Luke Hospital last 2000.Then after 5 years they found out that she had cataract and was suspected of glaucoma and underwent many examinations but it was only cataract.