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Hello and very good morning to all judges, teachers and all my friend here. Before I begin I would like you to know what the title of my story today. Oh ya...Today I as a contester would like to tell a story the title is... KING MODAS AND THE GOLDEN TOUCH Once upon a time, there was a kind-hearted king called Midas. Who rule is country well. All the people in his country respected him very much. One day as he walked around in the garden of his castle. He saw a worker sleeping under a tree. He just walked away without punishing him. Suddenly a fairy appeared before him, Youre a good king. I would like to grant you a wish. What would you like. Asked the Fairy. The sudden appearance of the fairy startled the king. A few moments later. Can the thing I touch turn to gold The king asked politely. Certainly your majesty. Replied the fairy. Then it disappeared into the thin air. The King become anxious and wanted to try out his golden touch. So, he walked to same flowers nearby, he touches the flowers. Then... The flower turned to gold immediately. The king was excited over his new gift, he went on touching thing in and around his castle. So everything he touched turned to hold. He be extremely happy and sing with joy. ( sing ler apa-apa lagu...hentam aje ler ) After that, he felt hungry and wanted something to eat. He sat at the royal dining table with plenty of foods. When his hand touches the food it became to gold. Then he begin to felt upset and he realized that he cant eat anymore without turning the food to gold.

At the moment, his little daughter came to dining room. She was happy to see the king. So she run towards the King to give him a hug. The King wanted to stop her but it was too late. The little princess was turned into gold. The King was extremely sad and did not know what to do but to look for the fairy in the garden. Fortunely, the fairy appeared before him again. Please turn my daughter back to normal, please take away my golden touch. Pleaded the King. The fairy granted King Midas his wish. The King was glad to have his daughter back and he promised not to be greedy next time. That is the end of my story. The moral value we get from this story is we must always satisfied what we have and what we belonging. When we remember these principals, we can be a better person and know how to thankful to our creator. Thank you and see you next time.