PDF Xpansion Reader for Windows RT - First Program in New Generation of PDF Solu tions Soft Xpansion has

launched the PDF Xpansion Reader for Windows RT in order to en able users to read, print and comment on PDF files on tablet PCs and other devic es with ARM architecture. Bochum, Germany, June 11, 2013 -- Soft Xpansion has launched the PDF Xpansion Re ader for Windows RT. Available for users of Windows RT and of Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit versions), the app can be downloaded for free in MicrosoftŽs Windows Store. On all ARM-based Windows RT devices (for example Tablet PCs), the program enables u sers to view and print PDF files, read comments, fill and print PDF forms or sea rch through PDFs. The current language versions are English, German and Russian. The PDF Xpansion Reader has been made with the most recent version of Soft Xpans ionŽs PDF software development kit - PDF Xpansion SDK 10. The SDK can be used in al most every Windows development environment and comes with modules for various pr ogramming languages. It is ready for development projects for all current Window s versions from XP to RT. With the PDF functionality implemented in software app lications, end users do not need any extra programs to create, edit and view PDF or PDF/A files and forms. PDF XPANSION READER FUNCTIONALITY Quickly open non-secured and password protected PDF documents alike Print PDF documents all pages or selected page range, filled forms Provide different layout modes and page rotation Provide different fit and zoom tools Navigate in large documents with Semantic Zoom (a special technique for touch us er interfaces that displays large amounts of data or content in a single view an d enables users to navigate) Navigation (links and bookmarks) Search in text Fill in and print PDF forms Read comments Display document properties MORE SOFTWARE: PDF XPANSION INSIDE Soft XpansionŽs freeware applications like the PDF Xpansion Reader have been develo ped with the SDK in order to demonstrate some basic functionality of the librari es. The technology is used by a large amount of partners and customers to implem ent PDF features into their applications. Moreover, Soft Xpansion has implemente d the technology into its own Perfect PDF & Print 8 product family. About Soft Xpansion: Soft Xpansion is made up of globally active, international teams of software aut hors, developers, screen designers, software engineers and product managers. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Bochum, Germany. In the pas t 18 years, more than 200 software products have been published in more than 200 different editions. The product range includes solutions (standard software, de veloper libraries, software development kits, individual programming) in the cor e areas PDF technology and document management. Localized versions of Soft Xpans ion products are sold in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, USA, the Benelux countries, the Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Australia and Turkey. Soft Xpa nsion is a full member of the PDF Association, http://www.pdfa.org.

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