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User Manual FA Txns

User Manual FA Txns

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Published by Lawal Mobolaji M
User Manual FA Txns
User Manual FA Txns

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Published by: Lawal Mobolaji M on Jun 11, 2013
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To transfer an asset between employees, expense accounts,
and locations:

1. Choose Asset:Asset Workbench from the Navigator window.
2. Find the asset you want to transfer between employees,
expense accounts, and/or locations.

Suggestion: For best performance, query by asset
number or tag number since they are unique values.

3. Choose Assignments.
4. Optionally update the Transfer Date.

Note: If you transfer an asset during the period in which it
was added, the Transfer Date automatically defaults to the
asset's date placed in service and you cannot change it.

5. In the Units Change field, enter a negative number for the
assignment line from which you want to transfer the asset.

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6. Create one or more new lines, entering a positive number in
the Units Change field for the assignment lines to which you
want to transfer the asset.
7. Enter the new Employee Name, Expense Account, and/or
Location for the new distribution.
8. Save your changes.

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