Foil Sim Practice

Foil Sim Practice Using the power point link or

html. 1. Click on the “Flight Test” button. 2. Set speed to “125 mph”. 3. Click on the “Shape” button. • Set “Camber” to 4% • Set “Thickness” to 12% 4. Move the “Angle-deg” slider bar and observe the airfoil changing its AOA. 5. Click the “Show Geom” button and note the data that appears in the bottom portion of the window. (Note: In order to view the correct data, the “Show Geom” button must be clicked each time one of the variables is changed.) Questions: 1. What is the AoA that produces approximately zero lift? 2. Note the upper and lower surface pressure patterns at zero lift. 3. What is the difference between the leading edge upper and lower pressures with these parameters set and zero lift? 4. Where on the x coordinate is the point of maximum pressure (least suction)? 6. Click on the “Flight Test” button and increase the speed to 200 mph. Take note of how the pressure patterns have changed. Click on “Show Geom”. Set the AoA to 5 degrees. Click on “Show Geom”. 5. Read how much lift is being produced? 6. Note which direction has the forward stagnation point moved when compared to its location at zero lift AoA? Now set the AoA to 10 degrees. Click on “Show Geom”. 7. How much lift is being produced? 8. Approximately what is the maximum coefficient of lift at 10 degrees AoA

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