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THE SOUR SOP Annona muricata Linn. (Order: Annotmceae).

Annona, for the derivation of the word look under the previous species. Muricata in allusion to the spiny surface of the fruit. Description: A small evergreen tree with dark green shining foliage reaching 20 to 25 ft. high. Leaves 3 to 7 in. long by 2.25 to 3.25 wide, broadly elliptic or obovate, tip suddenly narrowed into an acute point, base narrowed into the petiole, sometimes slightly unequal. Flowers somewhat large with a thick, ridged, pendant corolla, on a short stalk from the ends of the branches or from the old wood; sepals 3, inconspicuous; petals in two series of 3 each, the outer three thick, heartshaped, the inner shorter, broadly ovate, concave; stamens and stigmas forming a miniature fruit in appearance. Fruit large, 5 to 8 in. long and 3 to 5 inches in diameter, covered with prickles. Distribution: A native of Tropical America, but now cultivated throughout the tropics. Not as commonly met with as the other two Annonas. Gardening: Propagated by seed and from buds. It begins to bear at a very early age. Uses: A drink is made from the juice of the fruit and the pulp is used in making jellies and other preserves. Note: The flowers are highly scented. The tree flowers throughout the greater part of the year, but the proper period appears to be from August to January.