Step 1.:- Right click on the BSC Function,then go to set system Control Parameter.

Then ope the TAB Excchange parameter of SD and select the parameter value as define

Note:- here TCH to SDCCH limit is 4,so for AT test atleast 4 TCH/F as Dynamic should be configured

Step 2:- Now from Cell configuration table,select Service Process Additional Parameter,And select Dynamic SD configuration as yes.

Step 3. Check How Many SDCCH channel it is showing 15,that’s mean we have configure 1 SDCCH+CBCH and 1 SDCCH+SACCH channel.

STEP4, Now Block the 2 SDCCH channel and make sure all SDCCH channel are block.

STEP5. Now check in Dynamic we can see that the same sector SDCCH configuration become 23 so that (23-15=8) means one TCH/F channel become SDCCH channel.

STEP 6 Roll back the block SDCCH to Unblock state.

STEP7. Now Again check that SDCCH configured count become again 15.

IN THAT WAY WE CAN TEST Dynamic SD configuration

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