10 GROUP S-1


All buildings and structures occupied for aerosol storage must be classified as Group S-1, and again, must meet the requirements of the International Fire Code. The storage of black powder, smokeless propellant, and small arms primers in Groups M and R-3 and special industrial explosive devices in Groups B, F, M, and S must conform to the quantity limits and the International Fire Code.

Institutional Group I occupancy is the use of a building or structure in which people are cared for. This can also be a live-in supervised environment as well. People who qualify for this group have physical limitations due to health or age. Some may need medical treatment or other care. Institutional occupancies are classified as Group I-1, I-2, I-3, or I-4. Qualifications for Group I are housing of more than 16 people on a 24-hour basis, including those receiving personal care because of age, mental disability, or other reasons, but capable of responding to an emergency situation with physical assistance from staff. These residencies include, but may not be limited to, the following:

Residential board and care facilities Assisted living facilities Halfway houses Group homes Congregate care facilities Social rehabilitation facilities Alcohol and drug centers Convalescent facilities.

If any of the facilities above have five or fewer residents, then the facility must be classified at a Group R-3 and must comply with the International Residential Code. If one of the facilities above has at least six, but not more

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