HVDC- III Assignment questions 1. 2. 3. 4. With a neat diagram explain reactive power sources at a converter bus.

Describe Thyristor controlled reactor and Thyristor switched capacitor. Explain reactive power control during transients. What are Multiterminal DC systems? Specify any three potential applications of MTDC system. 5. What are the different methods of controlling the MTDC system? Explain two ACR methods. 6. With a neat circuit explain series and parallel MTDC system. 7. Mention the advantages of static VAR compensator over other methods. Explain any one static var system. 8. Give brief comparison of series and parallel MTDC system. 9. Write a note on MTDC system. 10.Explain current margin method of control of MTDC system. 11.Write a note on protection of MTDC sytem. 12.What are the different solution methodologies of AC/DC power flow? Write a flowchart describing each blocks. 13.What are the types of MTDC system? Compare them.

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